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  1. Wow, this is all so fascinating!!! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!
  2. Thank you so much @browri, this is super helpful and also very interesting! I love that you have all this knowledge. I'm curious about lamictal's similarity to ketamine in terms of being glutamatergic - lamictal is one of the drugs that also appears as being contra-indicated for ketamine treatments (infusions, or in the case of the clinic I'll be going to, sublingual). Is that because it would just cause an overflow of glutamate? I don't take lamotrigine but it's one I've been curious about for a while, interested in to what extent it's going to work similarly to the ketamine treatments. Again, thanks so much!
  3. Hey thanks @Iceberg , after reading as much as I can find, I have decided to wait. The thing is there's not a ton of research about it, so since it's safe they just say it might affect the ketamine's effectiveness, but they don't really know to what extent, and since it's safe they just say go ahead with it or not take the klonopin 24 hours before, but I can't really do that right now. I don't have a regular pdoc, I live in Canada, where psychiatrists are really hard to get access to, I have a GP who works with a psychiatrist as part of their network, but it's impossible to actually talk to him, always have to go through my GP.
  4. I've talked to the clinic about it, but my point of contact there is a psychotherapist and nurse, I had a screen with the pdoc last month. To be clear, it's absolutely safe to take these meds together - that's confirmed by all literature, the pdoc, the nurse. But they all also say that taking benzos concurrently might mean I don't get the full effects of the ketamine. I'm trying to figure out the science behind this, and how significant it is. The treatments are $600 each and they recommend six of them, and this isn't really something I can afford to have a do over with. So I'm just trying to figure out of I should wait or not. Not concerned about safety, as that's all clear. Thanks for your replies
  5. Hi, I'm looking for some insight into the interaction between ketamine and benzos, specifically clonazepam. I am on a clonazepam taper right now, currently at .75mg/day down from 1.5mg. I have read that benzos can dampen the affects of ketamine (for depression), but most of the websites as well as the clinic where I'm set to go next week say it's "not that big a deal" and that it's better to still come than not, while on the benzos. I'm wondering to what extent this is true - ketamine therapy is of course extremely expensive, and I don't want to waste it if it's not going to work - or work significantly less well - bc of the clonazepam. I know this all has something to do with glutamate, but I can't really figure out the science, let alone how significant it is, and if I should wait until my taper is lower, or over altogether, to try the ketamine treatment. Or if it's still worth it to go ahead with it now. Additionally, any chance the ketamine could make this taper any less awful? Looking in the direction of @mikl_pls , @browri & anyone else who might be able to shed some neurotransmitter-genius light on this for me. Thanks!!! ❤️
  6. @Sync thank you so much - would you be open to me messaging you about this (SSRI + buproprion and SSE)? Everyone else: interestingly, I'm on 150mg wellbutrin now and I actually can't feel it at all and am considering trying 300mg. I am also taking 25mg buspar, which I think might be helping with the bruxism/slightly anxious edge wellbutrin has given me in the past. I experienced *day* bruxism, kind of like a tic, and I'm really glad it's not bothering me this time (yet). Wondering though if the buspar is dampening the beneficial effects of the wellb. Going to talk to my MD tomorrow. Thanks so much for all of your help
  7. Thanks @notloki this is helpful ---- just to say that no matter what the manufacturer says, 150xl is strong for *me* ... I'm super sensitive to meds generally and often have gotten effects from sub therapeutic doses, go figure. Anyway I'm going to give 150 a try again for now, it's been a couple years. All the best
  8. @mikl_pls thank you so much for taking the time and care to answer this. I'm having a phone call with my GP later this morning to talk about meds. Right now they've put me back on wellbutrin 150xl, 15mg buspar (so far doesn't do anything..) & .5 mg clonazepam prn (helpful but would prefer to transition away from relying on benzos. The pdoc that works with my GP recommended Lyrica/pregabalin for anxiety. I'm also thinking about asking to try Lamictal, I've never been on it before but have a lot of friends who have had success for unipolar depression/anxiety. You are clearly very very knowledgeable - any info / insight on either of these? Thank you & hope you're well....very difficult times right now ❤️
  9. Thanks @saintalto! I def am not planning on doing anything without doctor's guidance, (except maybeee cutting tablets in half) - I don't have any of these meds atm so would need to get new rx's anyway.
  10. Hi there, hope everyone is doing okay, this is truly a challenging time for mental health, basically been working for the past 10 years on *not* self isolating. I used to take Wellbutrin 150XL, and it worked well but caused bruxism and a bit of increased anxiety. I also liked Trintellix but it caused sexual side effects (not as much as other ssri's but still more than I wanted to tolerate). What I want to try is taking a low dose of Trin (like 5mg) w a low does of Wellb (75?) Covid 19 is giving me a major upsurge in anxiety and depression symptoms, and I am wondering if anyone has any advice on how to take a lower dose of wellbutrin. I know the governing logic says not to cut XL tabs in half, but I also read somewhere that the extended release for these particular tablets isn't due to the coating, but is distributed throughout the pill. But it was just something I read on one reddit thread so...grain of salt. But if anyone has anecdotal experience with this I'd hear it! Or - IR tabs? SR? Thanks everyone & stay safe ❤️
  11. Hi all, I am new to posting so bear with me, but I've been reading these boards forever and been helped by them so much, so thanks to all of you. I have been taking Wellbutrin XL 150 off and on for a couple years. I went off for a couple months in the summer bc I was doing well, but then went back on in around September. Around November I started to notice jaw pain and tension, so I figured I was clenching during the night (I've always had TMJ problems so this wasn't that surprising). What was surprising was then I started to grind my teeth even when I was awake, or even just kinda open my mouth. If I really thought about it I could stop, but when I started thinking about something else I would find myself doing it again, so creepy! So finally after reading other Welly-bruxism experiences, I went off it, only to become depressed again. The thing that was so weird, was in 2017 I took the med for like ~8 months solid without any bruxism. So recently I tried going back on Wellb, thinking maybe those side effects were a fluke...but they seem to be back, which is terrible bc Wellb works for me in every other way. I am trying it now with added Buspar, 20mg a day, but so far (like 10 days in) it's not helping the jaw movements/grinding. Has anyone else had this, especially the day grinding? Did anything help? Aplenzin has been coming up on this board a bit, could the different salt make the difference, do you think? My doctor wants to try me on Fetzima if the Wellbutrin grinding doesn't go away...but its reviews are soooo mixed/mostly terrible. SSRI's don't work for me, the only SNRI I've tried was Effexor over 10 years ago and it was crappy. Any ideas either Wellbutrin alternatives or bruxism combating add-ons would be super helpful! Thanks
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