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  1. I just wanna know what happened to Spring...
  2. I know...it’s kind of become an addiction. Something happens at least once a day.
  3. While I don’t want to write too much about it because it stirs it up and am on the verge of doing EMDR for it, after that I’ll probably be able to...I suffered with the same thing and still do. And I’m 50 now. While I went on SSDI for Bp1, after first denial, the attorney that helped me 2nd time around shocked me—had looked through my records I guess—in front of judge, asked me only one question: tell us about the birth of your daughter. I lllllost it. Couldn’t stop crying for a few minutes when they finally let me leave the room, and was approved. So yes, it can last a lifetime, cause I’m just now getting EMDR for it. It’s something to think about. Hopefully someday after we’re both in a better place, we can talk more. Peace.
  4. Hmmm...while calm and relaxed, relieved etc, noticing I’m still in a lingering depression with almost no motivation. But I’ll still take it over mixed any day of the week.
  5. I do know Seroquel helped my anxiety in a big way. As far as weight gain, the XR is supposed to be much better for weight gain, but the lowest dose in that is 50.
  6. Calm, I've yearned for this feeling for so long, and finally have it. So relieved and grateful for my medications and doc!
  7. 96F, 80% humidity = 98 heat index afternoon tstorms only gonna bring temps down a few degrees. Yuck.
  8. Actually, Lamictal works really well for both depression and a mood stabilizer in BP. Many people here are on it and swear by it. I’m on it, but seems to have lost its umph over the 20 years I’ve been on it. I’d say worth a try!
  9. Relaxed, calm, and thankfully, un-angry. Yet still a bit on the depressed side. Definitely un-mixed.
  10. Well, no two people are alike, but I've finally found relief with Vraylar mixed with Topamax from a horrible mixed episode that had me a raging madwoman. PS, welcome to CB. ?
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