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  1. hello I am dealing with something similar to you i dunno would you be able to give me advice or anything please message me so we could talk i would really like that if you wouldnt mind htat is
  2. persoanlly i am not sure about how it is treated outside of phychosis but paranoia is more intense its like no it is going to happen you cant convience me otherwise and anxiety is less intense its more like what if this happens i dont want to go kinda i hope this helped
  3. I have had ADHD ever since i can remember I am ALYWAYS moving even if i look still im wriggling my toes or mving my tongue I cant listen very well I forget things easily I am depressed/anxious but when i wasnt i was very hyper literally climbing on the walls and even now i can have those moments I find it hard to concentrate I am always thinking my mind is going 24/7 I have been on tablets for years however and it does help me i know ive been off them for times but i honestly cant remeber a time i havent taken medications for it i take hte concerta 36mg i think thats hte right unit of measure not sure but i cant still have hte above symptoms, ADHD can be hard to spot sometimes some facts about it too females tend to be less hyper but harder to concerntrate while males are more hyper (not a sexist thing just something that tends to be more present in the specfic genders) however can easily be both ways trust me the tblets work and if htey arent you may need a higher dosage hope this helps
  4. hello I keep reposting the same stuff but i know two people who suffer from ptsd and i want help these poeple have had these things happen to them (not both have had them) sexual abuse physical abuse mental abuse private information handed out rumours been with the wrong people etc please help me out
  5. I want help i know two freidns of mine suffering from pts what can i do to help them? (please tell me if i need to describe what has happened etc) please I want to help htem they wont see a therapist please.
  6. so I have sadi this before but i have had many many mnay hallucinations over my whole life time they have been there since i can think such as this thing i used to see when i was 4-7 years old they have gotten more intense over the years there on and off they can last for months or weeks (longest being 6months) and im starting to question things like i thought i saw dead people or did i hallucinate them and its only starting to happening but its hard to explain anything and i feel so numb and i cant access my thoughts can someone please give me reasons why i could be hvaing these hallucinations
  7. I have in some cases theres times when ive felt the persence of a person (like there invisble opened up a door adn then walk out) but i feel them there and i just get thsir adnom information in my head (sounds fake but i promise its not) and I have seen people and things moving and had ablsoute terror run in me and scare me so i have gotten vibes off of hallucinations but not all of them
  8. paranoia is more intense its like not it is going/happening you cant conveince me otherwise and while anxiety isnt as intense and more like what if im in an accident i dont want to go I highly suggest talking to a therapist for the possibltily of taking medication if it gets really bad (to the point it interfers with your daily life) and if they suggets it then go to your gp and get perscirbed some dont forget that you have to consider if the tablets interfer with anything and your age also is added into it ether way talk to a terapist about it possibly get perscirbed some meds and keep going to therapy to overocome it i think you have bad anxiety (i suffer from it im agoraphobic and im on medication)
  9. hey im 14yrs old and I have been doing quite a lot of research into some things I am experiencing and im just not sure if im getting anywhere and would like others opinion also I am sorry this is so long. so cutting down to the point, It was only recently that I moved into my new house (we lived in our old one for 7 years) and I started to hallucinate things (we have been in this house for about six weeks) now it wasn't the first time I have had hallucinations but I thought I should look into it. ive been having hallucinations every since I was young (like 4+) when I was really young I remember when I used to visit my dad (saw him during the school holidays) sometimes I would see something in a tree at the front I used to play in it was a boy a dead one really pale but the odd thing about him was he sometimes would have like tentacles instead of a body (so a head and tentacles or sometimes he had a full body) and I always got really scared and ran inside those rarely happened but I remember in year one (we had moved from my old place and somewhere new and I didn't have any friends) I would sit in this corner and cry but one day I saw a girl once again she was a dead girl she was old fashioned night gown that had blood on it not heaps just a bit and was soaking wet I dont know why but I wasn't ever scared I told her to get out of my corner and she said no anyways I became friends with her and im pretty sure she died from drowning she fell from somewhere hit her head (hence the blood) and drowned (why she was wet) and I vaguely remember these dreams that we went on her and I we saved a town or something It was weird I dont remember her name I know it was something with an A I think Annabelle sounds something close to it but I cant remember her name anyways one day she disappeared and I never saw her again and it made me upset but oddly I forgot about her until year 6 when I had one of those dreams again but she was older and it was weird and all my memories came back, I have many times seen dead people on the street they had like this glowing aurora around them that as how I knew they were dead that and no one else saw them (I just knew that couldn't) I have waved to them smiled etc. I also felt the presence of a person like someone opens a door and I just get this random information like John was his name 37 a wife two kids a smoker died in a car accident (made that up but it happened it hasn't happened since year six) I also have seen shadows moving Turing into things and ive seen things I cant really explain them like people sometimes there not and they move around I have heard things like whispers underneath my bed and footsteps scratches music playing etc ive also felt things I remember when I was younger I climbed on my mums perfectly made bed (you would see a if there was something underneath the blankets) and I climbed on it to get something from her bedside table and I felt a leg and heard hissing I ran away and when I came back nothing was there I cant say the exact age but I was around 7-9 years old and I got it really bad everynight for 6months I remember it was horrible I would see things (even in plain daylight) hear things feel things it was scary and I still get these hallucinations there on and off they can last a month, weeks a few days usually if I have a nightmare they come or if I talk about them but they do just randomly happen. I used to think I saw dead people but now im just questioning if I hallucinated it all or if it was real I know its not but im lost at the moment I cant tell if it is or if it isnt. also I go numb a lot I cant feel anything im like an empty shell and I have so many thoughts running around in my head but I just can't get to them its like a wall blocks them and when I do feel something its everything negative and I cry and cry. I think a lot I have so many ideas in my head ones that ive been told are not what a 14 year old my age think about that its deeper and I like to think in all honesty I cant turn it off even if I wanted to. I also have this thing it started with me wanting to become an author but I look at every detail like when I look at a person I look at like the liens on there face the colours in there eyes the movement of there mouth and I have periods where I zone out and Im numb but I cant stop I look at my hand and its weird I know its mine but its different it doesn't feel like it should be and then I cant stop looking at everything in detail I think I just have a really active imagination but I wanted to see others opinions im super concerned about the hallucinations I just want to know what they are. I also wanted to add in that i have ADHD, depression , and high anxiety (and to add it in agoraphobia) also ive always had trouble sleeping at night thank you for reading please reply i need some advice opinons.
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