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  1. I don't know how high I will go. I will be on 2mg for 4 weeks till I see my doc again. I'm hoping that this dosage will be enough for positive symptom control. I am feeling pretty good today, no paranoid feelings. I think in a week I will know if it is working or not.
  2. Took 2mg for the first time this morning. I woke up feeling paranoid and in about an hour it was gone. 2mg is making me a little tired. It's strange how this med works. .5mg made me tired, 1mg was energizing, and now 2mg is a little sedating. But it's better to be a little tired than to be paranoid all the time. Really glad the new dosage is working, hope it continues. I was kinda thinking I might have to go back to vraylar. But now I am not worried about it.
  3. I had my blood tested yesterday and my total and free testosterone is really low. This might explain my low libido, and lack of energy and rapid weight gain this past winter. Anyway my doctor is putting me on androgel. Anyone else on testosterone therapy?
  4. @Wonderful.Cheese How's it going on vraylar? Haven't heard anything in a while. Hope you are feeling better.
  5. Saw the doc today and she increased rexulti to 2mg. Hopefully this will do the trick regarding paranoia. The good thing being off vraylar is that my appetite has returned to its regular state. I've lost ten pounds since coming off of it. My blood pressure was a little high, don't know if that is from rexulti or just being in a nervous state from paranoia.
  6. I'd rather stay on rexulti, it's really helping with depression. I'm trying to hold it together. I think I can make it till Friday. I've been worse off than this before.
  7. I should have called yesterday. She's only in the office I go to on Friday. I guess she is semi retired. Unfortunately I will have to wait.
  8. Whew! I am really starting to have positive symptoms the longer I am off of vraylar. I really hope an increase of rexulti at my next appointment will do the trick. I don't like the thoughts that are going through my head. I made a big mistake of going to the store at night. Just glad I made it home safe.
  9. Cold and raining. Complete opposite of yesterday.
  10. I wonder if this might explain the constant lack of energy I've felt pretty much my whole life? I know that depression plays a part in that but I feel pretty good now on rexulti and I still need a stim for energy.
  11. I had to pay full price for dexedrine this month. I called my Dr's assistant and she put the paperwork through again to the insurance company. Today they approved the generic dexedrine. It took three weeks and two tries to get it approved. But at least it's covered now.
  12. I try to take breaks from dexedrine every couple of weeks so it works better. Usually I feel really depressed the first day, no focus, just want to sleep. The day after I am usually OK. Sometimes when I take it, it makes me hyper focused on different things. I also tend to jump from task sometimes. I think this is due to extreme boredom possibly. When I took Ritalin I would do the same thing for hours. Reading, watching, drawing, whatever. I didn't like that feeling. Plus over time it just made me really angry.
  13. I've been on the pink actavis brand since that is what my pharmacy supplies. It works well for me. Sorry so many are having trouble without the Teva brand. I've never really felt a difference between one brand or the other.
  14. I started it in the morning due to abilify being so stimulating. I couldn't sleep on abilify and was worried rexulti might be the same. At .5mg rexulti was sedating, so I probably could have taken it at night. At 1mg it is mildly stimulating. But I have found that taking it in the am I sleep better than ever. I think that has to do with the antidepressant effect rexulti has on me.
  15. I had a really good day. Everything that could go wrong went right. Accomplished a lot. Got approved for a refinance on the car. God is good.
  16. I gained a lot of weight on Zyprexa as well. I think I was on 10mg for about 5 months. Big mistake asking to try that. Didn't really stop my symptoms. I couldn't tolerate abilify either. I didn't sleep pretty much the whole 2 months on it. Anxiety was through the roof. Begged to get off of it. Anyone who says rexulti is a patent extender is highly misinformed. It's a completely different drug. There is no comparison whatsoever in its effect. I'm really glad I asked to try it. Best med I've ever been on. Thanks for recommending it in another thread.
  17. Yes, I'm not on a very high dose and I would say they make me a little bit high. I'll only be on it till I get it fixed, which is late next week.
  18. So have you gained weight? I am trying to lose right now. I did gain quite a bit of weight while on Vraylar, but I can't put all the blame on the med. This winter I was completely out of it. Just sleeping and eating. I'm not sure about the dosage increase. I guess I'll see how I feel in the next week, and see what the doctor thinks. I have periods of paranoia and some delusions, but it comes and goes. I think it's just the Vraylar exiting my system. I'm a pretty big guy so I usually have required larger doses of meds. I had to do that with Vraylar to calm my positive symptoms. Your lucky that you were able to find this a couple of years ago. I had a different doctor then and unfortunately she never mentioned it. I wish I would have found it earlier. The antidepressant effect is like you said. I haven't felt this good in years. It feels like I'm in a different reality. Hope all is well. Thanks for chatting with me, it really helps me out.
  19. If you're having palpitations you should contact your pdoc or physician. It appears to be a somewhat common side effect.
  20. I slipped a disc last week. I'm on lyrica for pain, my regular doctor doesn't prescribe pain meds. I don't know if it's addictive. I don't feel a need to take more than I'm prescribed I really feel relaxed. Honestly it's better than the klonopin I take. It also seems to have an antidepressant effect while it's working. I don't know why it's not approved for gad in the US. It should be.
  21. What dosage are you on now, and what did you come down from? I got off klonopin for a period once years ago and I was definitely depressed. I think it might be part of the process the brain goes through to correct itself when the medication is taken away. But I may be wrong.
  22. Yeah I'm doing ok. I have some periods when I notice some symptoms returning. But it seems to be brief. I really like rexulti so far. No side effects whatsoever. Hope you are doing well on it.
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