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  1. First Burn - Hamilton (April/May? #Hamildrop) Did I do this right? Edit 1: Nope. How do I may the video show up and not the link? Edit 2 WooHoo
  2. I'm working from home w/o permission today. I had permission yesterday. I figure if I can get one thing done (a presentation for my boss) it will be ok. But back in mid March they were telling me that "sometime" my position was being eliminated so they could hire someone to do the same thing for less. So I don't really feel like being at my crappy job anyway but I am the sole income. My goal on days like that is get one thing done. then be non productive if my brain needs me to be.
  3. Awesome to know. TY! Hopefully I can find another job but of course, there are other issues.
  4. I ended up trying to leave the store with makeup in my purse. I had money to pay for it. I didn't need it. Had no idea why I did it. LP grabbed me before I even left, held me for 2 hours, had a city cop give me a ticket to appear. I've never done this type of stuff before. Ugh. As this is just the cap on top of unusual behavior for me, I went to my GP, who sent me to a Pdoc (I had been without one for like a decade) and he thinks I'm some flavor of Bipolar. Begged family for money to pay a lawyer. I've never been in trouble before so my lawyer is trying to cut a deal to keep this misdemeanor off my record. My court appearance is next week and I'm terrified. Can anyone tell me what to expect?
  5. I took my second dose last night and I got up and walked around my apartment because I was so agitated. I'm only at 20 mg and titrating up. -M
  6. My GeneSight test came back mostly useless. Pdoc gave me a choice of Latuda or Vraylar As I keep telling him, probably losing my insurance soon, but he doesn't want me to worry about cost right now, he will give me samples. Now granted, I am the one that quit Lithium after a week because it wreaked havoc with my migraine meds. -M
  7. TY jt07 If you have time sometime @Velvet Elvis let me know. I know this would be like the 3rd time you've bailed me out of this situation -Mandy
  8. I could only get any effect from Belsomra when my doc paired it with Ambien. It worked, but my doc changed his mind a month later and stopped giving me Belsomra samples.
  9. Can anyone ( @Velvet Elvis or @Cerberus or @crazynotstupid maybe if you remember me) please change this account I just created so I can get HaloGirl66 back as a username and "Inmate Emeritus" title. I don't care about my post count or all that jazz. and I just spent forever trying to set this up. I had spent the other day trying to recover the email for the previous account but i don't think I have that email addy anymore (kresge.org or wayne.org maybe). I tried my hotmail and gmail and that didn't seem to work, But I figured having a dedicated account for this anyway. TIA if anyone can assist. Below is a screengrab of my old profile.
  10. Hello again friends. It has been a few years. I was HaloGirl66. Or IndyMode. I can't remember. But I re-registered because I couldn't recover my old user info. I've had severe insomnia, ADHD, GAD & Migraines for years and am now going through a bipolar diagnosis. So hello again. -Mandy
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