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  1. Let me try from another perspective: has anyone been successful with taking Vraylar (3mg) at night, meaning with no restlessness, or significantly reduced restlessness?
  2. Well, if you do not mind me asking, how was your experience.... subsided quickly , or not?? I took an extra blood pressure pill and that seemed to help.
  3. I am desperate and will take any answers. Yes, it's permanent. No...it will go away, etc. Thanks very much!
  4. Hi - does anyone know whether stopping Lithium can cause withdrawal effects? Especially if taken for many years, decades actually.
  5. Sorry I read through a lot of posts in the middle of last night, but am too restless to read through them again. BUT! I did see some posts related to my concern regarding restlessness as a side effect for Vraylar. I have been taking Vraylar , 1.5fl - 1 wk and 3 fl- 5 days, and am extremely restless. Would someone please let me know whether this will go away on its own, or is it permanent? I just got off lithium which I took for many, many years...
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