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  1. These Doctors are just a little too lackadaisical in that area. No big deal, only human lives at stake here.
  2. I wish just reissued Wellbutrin after getting “stabilized” on Depakote first for a couple of weeks or so. I am trying to only take the latter at night— as it gives me massive fog head during the daytime— but if I don’t take them together, I find myself experiencing the same symptoms... and worse. for example: doing violent squat-thrusts on my neighbor’s lawn at 3 AM, and then accusing him of being a hybrid Alien when he awoke from his slumber and confronted me. (Psssssst. Just between us... I still think he is and plan to fucking PROVE IT.) otherwise: Wellbutrin 300 XL was the only drug to get me out of bed after a severe 3-year tussle with clinical depression. I wasn’t well groomed then... homeless now, and I am better groomed. I couldn’t even bring myself to brush my teeth but once or twice a week. goddamn that was a long post response... Sorry, it’s the WB. Took it sans Depakote this AM with a couple of 400 MG Neurontin... Prior to checking-in on my account, I was just doing bare-knuckle push-ups on the playground concrete, much to the horror of the surrounding parents. Fuck them— I cannot afford a gym membership. not sure how any of this nonsense relates to your post outside of Wellbutrin... but good luck!
  3. So the Aliens don’t come while I’m sleeping and steal my dreams so they can sell them to Hollywood as script ideas. But mainly so I can stay functional, etc....
  4. I’m trying to respond to you, gb84... but apparently I’m too retarded to do so properly without merging with the other comment. nonetheless— appreciate the read and the comment.
  5. I am too ignorant to know how to delete this post.
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