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  1. is my lifespan 74? Assuming I don't have an accident or get some freak disease before then, am I going to live to 74 and then croak out? Just a little thought. It's funny how you think about these things when you get older. The young have no clue.
  2. 37 year old male internist here. Had depression in 2001, 2007, and now again, with panic attacks at night, insomnia, and I've realized how much time I've wasted. America is crazy and will make you crazy. I've learned to accept this. I may move within the country and change jobs, I may move out altogether, what can you do. Currently managing with cocktail of supplements, teas, foods, and changing my habits. Have some klonopin but haven't taken yet. I've also tried online therapy. Let's see where this goes. Thanks everyone and best of luck!
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