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  1. Nomadiclife


    I’m very grateful that everyone posts their experiences here. I don’t post a lot, but I do check in from time to time and read about medications, family situations and coping techniques. Have a good evening all and enjoy the rest of the summer.
  2. I have used promethazine in the past, it works well for sleep. It’s not a controlled substance, a provider may prescribe it for you. In fact it is dispensed by pharmacists in the U.K. for sleep. Good luck with your doctor visit.
  3. The Prince of Egypt (based on the Disney animated film) opens on the London stage in March 2020. Would love to see this show!
  4. Thanks for cheering me tonight Marty. RFDTV each and every Saturday night, great program.
  5. Hi Brian. I try to get good rest, get up and shower, eat breakfast and then walk to the gym. Exercise helps a lot. Making plans to do fun things like concerts, sports events also helps. Believe it or not watching the Presidential funeral this morning focused my mind on a greater purpose and a life lived to the best of one’s abilities. Hope that you find some strategies that work for you.
  6. Meds worked o.k. last night for sleep. I may need to find another mental health care provider if the depression, agitation, anger, and anxiety continue during the daytime. I’m trying to get through this rough period without making any changes to my medications.
  7. Thank you everyone for the responses, I really do appreciate your thoughts. Dinner at the restaurant went well, but I made the mistake of going back to my brother and his wife’s motel room to extend the visit. The discussion inevitably turned to health care, end of life care and money. It’s really sad that my brother is focused on my wallet and how much money may or may not be left for him. He’s a grown man who can take care of himself and his family. It’s times like these when I’m glad to have the psych meds available to ease me through the pain and anxiety of the family visit.
  8. My brother arrives in three days for a family dinner. I moved to the desert to escape interaction with him, but now he has found me and wants to have dinner with me. I agreed to meet with him in order to maintain a “truce.” It’s a truce on my part, but he feels free to attack, belittle and manipulate me. Of course he plans to dine in a nice restaurant, so once he starts asking me intrusive questions I will have to raise my voice in order to maintain my sense of self. When I stand up to him it appears to others as if I am the problem, when in fact it is the other way around. I am older than him, this time I plan to remind him of that fact. Why do relatives always choose the holidays to start arguments?
  9. I’m leaving on Tuesday for my winter residence. It will be good to see snowbirds and senior citizen friends in the desert. No SAD this winter, yay!
  10. It sounds as if you are on some effective medications. What interests you? Do you enjoy exercise, reading, spirituality, religion, music, travel? I find that my interests serve to envelop my mind in meaningful or pleasurable pursuits. Of course I get depressed from time to time, but I never lose hope. Faith has been a big part of my life, prayer can lift our spirits and offer hope for the future.
  11. Cheese can you take your medication after your husband gets home? It would help to have him with you before going to the ER.
  12. We served food to 500 homeless people today. So many hungry people coming through the line in need of food. I wish that I had more time to chat with the people that I served, unfortunately the line was so busy that I dealt with people abruptly instead of in a more friendly way. I need to work on the friendliness instead of rushing people. People do appreciate a kind word.
  13. One Hour on the treadmill. Now settle in for two hour country music extravaganza, RFDTV. Small town Saturday night.
  14. Lawrence in Arabia by Scott Anderson. “War, Deceit, Imperial Folly and the making of the Modern Middle East.” Highly engaging account of events leading up to WWI in Europe and the near east. Good read for history buffs or anyone who wants a better understanding of today’s issues.
  15. Yes Iceberg the fioricet is habit forming, I only take 1/2 - 1 tablet fioricet with 25 mg. of doxylamine. I had bronchitis last year, and the ear nose and throat specialist warned me away from the butalbital, but I will have to continue at a low dosage in order to maintain my quality of life.
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