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  1. But I like you! <3 simba. My dog, Balto, follows me around everywhere. He makes it harder to purge. He just full of cuddles and love! Do you have a dog?
  2. Lithium can affect your thyroid levels and cause them to decrease. Have you had blood work recently? One of hypothyroidism's symptoms is hair loss (alopecia).
  3. Hi! Welcome! For me, I've kinda always had panic attacks even in middle school, I just didnt know how to describe them. My chest gets tight, heart pounds so hard it feels like its skipping beats or losing rhythm, feel as if gravity may not hold me down, and every time I breathe, my heart hurts worse. I've found that gently holding my breath in increasing duration segments, that it helps stop or lessen the reaction. My medications stop them from occurring altogether. I would also talk to a MD or OD about medication treatment if talk/DBT does not fully resolve it. Counseling is a definitively helpful. I guess for now, practice breathing mindfully by raising stomach instead of your chest and concentrate on that. You can also practice closing your eyes and imagining your favorite place. You could try some relaxing teas with valerian root. Exercise as much as you can tolerate. Practice one self care activity per day, example: getting a good haircut, finding a new addictive TV series, going for a walk, asking girlfriend for a foot/back massage with aromatherapy oils, or scalp massage, etc. I hope I offered something you can implement in the meantime. Hang in there! RR
  4. Well I guess I'm alone. Going to watch them perform tomorrow, then join in next week. Here goes nothing! ?
  5. Never forget, we are all animals.

    1. Teh Gaben

      Teh Gaben

      Some are just higher up the food chain than others.

  6. How do you go on and have motivation or sleep like regular people. And be normal. A deeper thought, mental breakdown. Described the steps or stages? His long does it kazt? I want a hug and a friend who may not know the answers but is loyal and patient to figure it out with me
  7. How do you go on and have motivation or sleep like regular people. And be normal. A deeper thought, mental breakdown. Described the steps or stages? His long does it kazt?
  8. Is the same Animals that sing House of the Rising Sun?! Interesting, I'll check it out!
  9. I'll start. Try not post anything triggering (encourages self harm or hurting others). I enjoy just about any thing and love new music!!! Dont listen to song below if you are sad.
  10. Ativan can definitively affect people differently. I would be hesitant personally if I were you to try Klonopin because you could suffer for much longer. Those medications, Xanax, Ativan, Klonopin are not first line generally for anxiety. Have you tried SSRI's or SNRI's or even Vistaril/Atarax/hydroxyine? The SSRI/SNRIs are for prevention of anxiety as a whole, Vistaril/Atarax/hydroxyzine are used for short term relief. Propranolol, a beta blocker, non-stimulating, can help decrease physical manifestations of anxiety (facial flushing, racing heart beat, twitching). It also is used for performance anxiety (speech giving, test taking). It can make you drowsy at first and has the potential to worsen existing depression since the medication is lipophillic can can cross the blood brain barrier (FYI if you like dets). It is taken 20 to 40 min before anticipation of anxiety inducing event. It is also good for comorbid migraines. It should NOT be used in those with a history of asthma. People with a diagnosis of PTSD can also have atypical reactions to benzodiazepines (Ativan/Xanax, Klonopin), including increased agitation/anger. Do you have the same reaction with alcohol or Benadryl? (It works on the same receptor as alcohol and as for the Benadryl, I just ask out of curiosity. I wanted to help introduce you to some other therapeutic medications used under the same umbrella of anxiety treatment. The other ones I listed are nonaddictive. SSRI/SNRIs are stimulatory in the first week or two for most people. If you have a history of mania, you should NOT use them (unless under very close supervision) because it can trigger mania and severe insomnia. Best wishes! As long as you stay positive and patient with finding the right regimen with your doctor, you will get through this just fine. V/R, RR
  11. I have thought about this for a long time but have never signed up. I have bad social anxiety and some attention issues/going mentally blank from anxiety. 1. Has anyone done this for therapetic reasons? 2. Anyone brave enough to make a contract between us, if I do it, you will too? It would mean the world to me to have a buddy.
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