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  1. Night is always very hard after being lonely all day. 

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    2. DammitJanet


      Stop it. Of course it helps. You helped by saying anything. 🤗 hug

      thank you

    3. jt07


      Sorry, DJ. I hope you can make it through the night and feel better tomorrow.

    4. DammitJanet


      Thank you jt. I hope you feel better soon too. 

  2. Feeling accomplished, relieved, calm, and yes, even peaceful. Oh, and extremely grateful. (Sorry in advance to those offended by that word!)
  3. Thought I’d beat the heat and walk Abby right as the sun was peaking right around 5:30...it was already 72°f*cking degrees with 68° humidity! At 8 it’ll 80°! 🥵 It’s going to get up to 94 and I’m so glad I lucky enough to have a decent working a/c.
  4. Well, Happy Birthday 🎂🎈🎁🎉🎊! I hope you were able to enjoy it some having such horrible circumstances right now. I’m sorry you’re having a rough time with so many things, Jt. Hopefully things start turning up for you soon. 🤗
  5. Ps nm about anxiety meds or antihistamines for me. Back to Xanax, thank goodness. Just hoping I don’t get complete tolerance. I got put back on Xanax instead of klonopin. Phew. But I’ll have to check side effects on these for possible sleep help. They often make me moody and too drowsy though. Thanks for giving me the names.
  6. Construction is til mid July ! 😯 got my Xanax back so hopefully my mood will start fixing itself. Long. Freaking. Day. Yeah earplugs aren’t doing much. Very LOUD banging literally banging the walls down and jackhammering shaking the entire apartment. At least I just got switched back to Xanax. Now I just have to find a way to solve my extreme headache I’ve not been able to alleviate. Even with 100 Tramadol.
  7. Wish I could work for you. I never sleep past five. Most often earlier. Poor thing I hope you get plenty of rest this weekend.
  8. Though I’m very sensitive to AH’s which tend to make me very moody/irritable, I’d like to try a couple more to avoid continuing Seroquel and its side effects. So...which ones have you used? ive just realized klonopin is depressing me again, and Xanax...I just don’t want to have to deal with the tolerance/withdrawals that will eventually happen.
  9. Freaking vet prescribed 100 mg of Trazadone for my 25 lb Abby for her anxiety! I’ve decided, after advice I received here, to start at 25 mg instead, and she’s completely knocked out. Can you just imagine if I gave her the entire 100?! I used to trust this vet but this really has me concerned...he’s a highly rated vet and do not want to try to find yet another vet with excellent customer service and reasonable prices...except the fact that he tried charging me 26 god damned bucks for 15 Trazadone???!  🤬

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    2. mikl_pls


      Yeah, Walmart... If it's not cheap, you can get a GoodRx coupon, or if there's a Publix nearby, you could get 90x for either free or $7.50, can't remember which list it goes on.

    3. DammitJanet


      Yeah Publix is a bit far, the only one cheaper was at Kroger but you need to be a freakin member to get it a dollar cheaper. No way I’m gett a membership I’ve barely got leftover cash ever. 

      Goodrx member that is. 

    4. DammitJanet


      How would you get it free at Publix ?

      that wasn’t on my goodrx list. 

  10. Depressed and severely anxious because I’m anticipating the banging and jackhammering and apartment shaking within the next 20 minutes. But! But but but but. I think I’ve figured out what has me feeling super down now instead of mixed/possibly manic what...a week and a half ago? Switching to klonopin! It has depressed me in the past...up to a very close call (including 8 day coma induced to stop a 6 hour grand mal seizure cause they shot me up with something to counteract any anti seizure meds that I od ‘d on! Idiots) almost ended up in a nursing home for the rest of my life! So anyway I think it’s back to Xanax...but she’s so gd leery of benzo I had to beg to go from 1mg Xanax to 1.5 after not building tolerance for over five years...I went on klonopin because I needed it to be longer acting. So much for that! I want to try Xanax XR but I’ve read it doesn’t work nearly as well... And I think the klonopin was helping me sleep a little longer, but have to take Seroquel anyway so there goes that! I’m sorry I know it’s supposed to be just a couple of words for feelings but I get stuck wanting to get it all out instead of posting all of these multiple issues separately in tons of different forums. I hope this is ok for now, just until things settle down a bit again. Thanks whether you read this or not.
  11. Can’t deal. Nothing is going right. Nothing. No hope left. The stress the noise the insurance the sleep the heat, Abby it’s all too FUCKING much. 

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    2. DammitJanet


      Well crap I’m on Viibryd and Lexapro. I’m desperate though. 😐

    3. mikl_pls


      You could try half a tramadol (if it isn't a capsule) maybe...

    4. DammitJanet


      It’s a 50 tablet...but that doesn’t even help my arthritis anymore. 

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