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  1. Xanax to me, works the best for that in that it acts really fast and doesn’t stay in your system for long.
  2. Oh shit! I’m in agony for you! Having to try sleeping through that sends chills down my spine. I’m so sorry.
  3. That’s more like it...🤢 <—-envious face. Yeah...gross.
  4. Omg....starting tomorrow we move to 90° and it’s just going up from there for the next 10 days. 😮 up to 96°! Tf happened to spring!? This is all not to mention the humidity that will come along with it! May go well above 100° heat index. 😟
  5. I’m getting very lucky with sleep the last couple of nights. 8 hours again last night! srill having racing thoughts and pressured speech and intense desire to spend and really wanting to drive to California to visit my father’s grave (never have and didn’t get to go to his funeral) and want to leave a long letter there with all of the things he did that killed my ability to have any kind of meaningful relationship with a man. Other than that, I’m a little less motivated to do stuff...want to restart krill oil but don’t want to get worse but jesus did I get a lot done while on that stuff. Groggy from Seroquel and pissed I’m not losing more weight because of being on it with TONS of effort and counting every calorie. Ok done rambling.
  6. Was beautiful flying over it on my way to Sweden.
  7. thanks Geek! All are covered that are the most important! yay any idea if there's a way to check certain doctors names?
  8. I’ll try Yeah that needs adobe, iPad isn’t capable it seems. Will try laptop.
  9. Thank you! Definitely switching to Humana if they at least cover vyvanse and Viibryd. Crap...the search button is just sitting there when I tap it. Oh well for that I guess. Maybe it needs to be done with a laptop.
  10. So I’m confused yet hopeful...looked her up, it says she only takes 4 Insurances, yet even my current one is not on there...so it must be out of date, or current patients they bend for. I’ll wait til the switch then I’ll spring it on them and if she doesn’t take it I’ll quickly switch back to the one I’m on now.
  11. That’ll be so upsetting if not. But I’m hoping a google search alleviates that. Will google it now.
  12. Yeah I must’ve miscommunicated, I meant to say hopefully my current doctors all take it I sure hope you’re right. Tell me about it! I absolutely cannot lose the pdoc I have! I’ll be so upset if not... going to try googling around today to see if I can find which ones she takes.
  13. Finally! Slept 8.5 hours! Sill grouchy and racing thoughts and pressured speech and dying to go on a spending spree with my new credit card since it just got here yesterday! also lost another lb that I’ve been working very hard on. So despite the grouchiness, some good things happened today. Also was cloudy and windy today to walk Abby, albeit still on the warm side but it was very pleasant til towards the end, yay! feeling hopeful, relieved, grateful. Edit: I also switched back to the old AD regiment as clearly higher Lexapro was seemingly making my temper and motivation go down the drain! Unless that was temporary due to titration off the Viibryd. But if I’m not suicidal (typically), and was feeling quite motivated (though that could’ve been the small scale mania...actually don’t know the scale until someone tells me after the fact! But I'm definitely feeling more ok today. The sleep helps immensely! pressured speech and racing thoughts and dying to spend money are still huge issues. So...for now, as much as I loathe the drug, I’ll continue the Seroquel. 😐
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