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  1. Vyvanse is much better than adderal (sp) as far as my experience and others I’ve read here...also many others here have noted it helped their depression more than others. Viibryd is not a stimulant. It is a stimulating AD though. Good luck on your increased Ritalin!
  2. It’s too bad you can’t try Vyvanse. 😐 I never even get a crash time with it and it helps my depression as well as everything else. Have you thought of asking doc?
  3. I didn’t see this somehow until now...how scary and uncomfortable that must be! Do you think you should call the doc and at least let them know that it’s happening? Not sure if they can do anything, but maybe..maybe? They could prescribe oxygen for you?
  4. Our walk began at 530 again today, and it was still ridiculous out there at 77° and 87 humidity! Thought I’d pass out...soon it’s going to be in the 80’s at that time and I’m not sure I’ll be able to do that! Thunderstorms to look forward to today though! Yay for that!
  5. Awwwwww! And I’m very much a dog person, but they are so so sweet!
  6. @CrazyRedhead If the doc writes DAW, will the insurance cover it if it’s the name brand? Or will it just be oop?
  7. Slept 9 hours again! What’s crazy is, this good sleep started after a few days of increasing Viibryd by 5 mg and you’d think it’d worsen my insomnia, but jeez I’m sleeping better than in years?! The only negative is that I keep sleeping past the coolest part of the morning for our walks, before the sun hits! But I’ll just have to suffer in the heat, cause this sleep is doing wonders for my mood! Anxiety was much worse for the initial few days after the increase, but now it’s gone way down! Yayay! Feeling calm and content.
  8. 84% humidity... 🤮 and it’ll get up to 86ish but at least we get a one day reprieve of less than 90 something.
  9. Ten freaking hours of sleep again! Ecstatic! Increased Viibryd from 15 to 20 as my pdoc has been trying to get me to do for months now...the gi stuff was keeping me from doing that BUT I started taking iron for the past few weeks and it’s mostly controlled that! And instead of worsening insomnia I’m getting more sleep...unless that’s the Imodium I still have to take before bedtime. And, my depression is lifting some! It’s like when I first got on Viibryd, I think! But there’s also placebo...which would suck donkeys. But I’m pretty sure it’s real. Yay!
  10. I hope you get better soon...those are so painful.
  11. Amazing today. Thoooough I did finally sleep for ten hours but I’m pretty sure that only happened cause I had to take mass quantities of Imodium to make it safe to sleep with such bad gi issues yesterday. I did increase my Viibryd about 3-4 days ago...hoping that’s what it is, cause I need this to stick around. So badly.
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