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  1. Holy shit I forgot about my tdoc appt. last week with this hotel shit!

    I never miss and am without fail at least 10 minutes early every week 

    I think I’m more stressed than I realized...


    1. deeschmee


      It sounds like it's been very stressful. Hopefully you can call and explain tomorrow? 

    2. echolocation


      i think your tdoc will understand given the circumstances. i would tend to agree that it probably indicates a lot of stress, though, especially given how reliable you usually are! it'll give you another thing to talk about when you have your next session, for sure.

    3. DammitJanet


      I actually see her tomorrow 😂 so it’s been a week! You can’t really call your tdoc at this place...that I know of. Just relay a message. But yes echo...definitely have things to talk about. Really feeling like I could use twice a week tbh!

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