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  1. Hi Janet,

    I hope everything is okay.  We miss you!


  2. Thinking good thoughts about you, I miss you being around here! I hope you're ok. {{Hugs}}

  3. Worried about you, DJ. 💗

    1. Fluent In Silence

      Fluent In Silence

      Been a while DJ. Hope you're OK. Keep fighting the good fight, or fight dirty and just kick them in the balls because they're probably fucking arseholes anyway. I'm sorry that you often seem so unhappy, but a lot of us are unhappy too and you aren't alone.

  4. Thinking about you DJ


  5. Where you at, girl?

  6. Plus, I had to go from 50 to 100 to 200 all within a few months. I think I’ll at least try going back to 100 to see if I can get by on it. 😆
  7. Because I just read pages of horrific stories of coming off it. I just can’t even imagine having to go through the stuff they went through...a good couple hundred.
  8. The higher dose not more than a couple of months. I think I’m already somewhat addicted though...didn’t take it last night, didn’t sleep as well, was very weak this morning until I took it again...took it right after the last post here though to feel better and I’m just feeling kinda “nice”? Very, very relaxed. Going back to 100 tomorrow. I hope you’re right. Oh. And was a LOT hungrier today before taking it. 😐
  9. Thanks. I really hope you’re right. I read a huge amount of reviews at drugs.com and all were nightmare scenarios with all complaining of the same problems. The extreme insomnia, depression, and anxiety have me scared shitless. Still gonna go back down to the 100 ER instead of the 200’s she recently prescribed. Scared to death. The last thing I need is my illness x2. Hope you’re right. Thanks again.
  10. Crap. I’m now panicking. Looked up more information on Tramadol...seems it could be contributing to better sleep and lower appetite, but then looked up getting off of it and it sounds like it’s gonna be hell. I’m gonna start trying to get off it now before I get to that point. Severe insomnia, depression, severe anxiety, night sweats, pain, no way. Have to stop it NOW. Back to being anxious! crap. This explains so much now...the shit days with shit sleep and mood, and the weakness this morning. Fml.
  11. Physically weak today for some reason. Bored. Not very anxious for a change. Eating too much. Did I mention bored?
  12. Anxious. The apartment manager asked me when I’d be around today because she’s meeting everyone individually between the two hotels we’re all staying at for...who knows what? I have a suspicion that we may be getting told that we have to stay longer at the hotel longer than the initial October 31st that was given to us. I can’t think of what else it could be. 1) if she’s simply giving us the dates we’re going back home, seems she’d just give us all a letter so we could plan accordingly. 2) she just had a meeting with me, relocation specialist, general manager here at the hotel to address his mistreatment of me and the issue about the very uncomfortable mattress that I’ve been dealing with for 2 months while begging for a switch the entire time without any change. It seems if we were leaving as planned, she wouldn’t have fought so hard for a switch. I dunno. Had a biopsy done on an oozing nodule on my ear for about two months and I’m anxious about that too cause I’ve already been on 3 different antibiotics with no results... and it hurts just to put my phone on it and wakes me up when I end up sleeping on that side. More rambling.
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