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  1. Honestly, suicidal. I was treated poorly here at this shit hotel, and it was only getting worse, I complained to Hilton on twitter cause the mgr here is the highest mgr here, and now they’re all treating me like scum. HE treated me like a pos. I cannot be here another 1.5 months with this! I can’t deal with this. I don’t want to leave my room and I want to disappear.
  2. Thanks for the LOVELY support everyone! Obviously can’t stick around NOW! Bye. 

    1. coraline


      I truly hope that you are ok..

  3. My thyroid dipped a minute but pdoc took me off it immediately and have tested normal since.
  4. Ok. I have just puked up salmon. 3oz. Worst fucking taste/texture the second time around, EVER. That, and I cannot stop shaking! I don’t know what to do! Called neurologist for the 3rd time in a week for a refill on my zofran but noooo...lazy fucking nurse 🤬🖕

    1. Gearhead


      That sounds ghastly. But it reminds me that the last time I took care of my friend K’s cats, the day I served them salmon in gravy canned food, they managed, between the two of them, to throw up five times. 

      I hope you feel better. Max and Blue commiserate.

    2. DammitJanet


      Thanks a lot. Y’all keep me hanging on here. 🙏 

  5. I’ve had some decent sections of the past several days, but puking and nausea, and other issues addressed in blog, I’m starting to go downhill again I think. I’ve needed to do laundry for several days now...to the point of having to go commando ha, tmi sorry...and just can’t get myself to go do one load. Needed to go to the store desperately yesterday, couldn’t do it. Though I have managed to force myself to get Abby to the park or guilt eats me alive. Tdoc finally called and got me into a cancellation tomorrow. Thank goodness.
  6. Have been puking off and on for 3 days now. Nonstop nausea. Now I’m feeling feverish. But, NO DOCTOR! Oh...and stomach so bloated I look pregnant!

  7. Worthless, inconsequential, dispirited, ostracized.
  8. This is from January. My doc isn’t anti-benzo. Like I said she warned me from the beginning she’d never increase xanax past 1mg. I knew that going in. I’m now on 1.5. If my doc were anti-benzo, I wouldn’t be able to explain why. Docs all have their things.
  9. Welcome. I hope you find everything you’re looking for and get the support you need . 💕
  10. That’s sort of why I deleted my reply. Not really helpful, but was trying to be. Heh.
  11.  I give. Black sheep. Yet again. 

  12. No idea. Was just giving my experience with dx and same symptoms.
  13. That’s what my initial reply was. It sounds exactly like what I’ve just been dx’d with-avoidant personality disorder.
  14. Nm just another one of my stupid pointless replies. Sorry!
  15. Slept well for 2 nights in a row. 🎉 yay! I think Tramadol might be messing with my mood a bit since it affects S and N and I’m already on 2 AD’s. Didn’t take it last night, and feel better today. If you’re on SSDI payment should be in your bank account today. Yay! Took Abby on her walk and swam for an hour...thank goodness cause I cannot stop eating. Still feeling stressed out over a couple of medium sized issues but once I force myself to deal with them I’ll finally be nearly stress free. More yay.
  16. Anxious, can barely inhale. Oodles of painful memories came out of nowhere most of the day. And a bad, bad stomach ache to boot.
  17. It was from twitter but I copied the link not sure what happened! Glad you liked it as much as I died laughing. The guy’s a genius.
  18. Thanks for responding! No bathtub, no hot tub. Can’t take any nsaids because of gastric bypass. 😐 I do take very hot showers, believe me. Long, long ones. 😂 no round doorknobs, only the lever type here. But I’m about to try one of Abby’s balls. I do press the knots I can get to, but some of them hurt too much to reach to. She did call in some baclofen? I think that’s what it’s called. I’ll get that tomorrow. Fortunately I’ve paid enough copays for the year so the rest are free for the rest of the year! I do go in the pool for an hour each morning, but that’s mainly for stretching and it helps a lot to relax. Thanks for such a thoughtful reply.
  19. Thank you for your input. If there were any other decent docs that took my insurance I’d switch in a heartbeat. I just cannot get over how *ill* she made me feel when she’s supposed to be a pretty good doctor. But I’m hungry 24/7 from my medication and I have to watch closely or I’ll be 30# heavier. Grr. Thank you for the suggestions on how to approach it.
  20. My dog has a couple of balls. Can’t afford to pay more than a buck at the dollar store.
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