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  1. The doctor just offered to call it in, thank goodness. I just need to get some pain relief, anything. And be able to check my freakin blind spot when driving! Thank you. She just called it in so I’m hoping it helps at least some. I can’t even check my blind spot right now!
  2. Yes, I think that’s the one she mentioned! I’m wondering if that one would be less likely to mess up my mood. Yes, pretty sure that was it! Does it work well?
  3. Meh. Well, maybe if the muscle med works well enough I won’t need the Tramadol. I hope.
  4. Very good to know. She brought up one that I think started with a B. But I was scared to ty another. But now that 200 Tramadol isn’t doing it, something needs to give.
  5. Yes, I need something pretty strong. She felt my neck and said it feels like ropes on both sides. I’ve never heard of soma. I’ll ask her about it. Is it ok on moods?
  6. Thank you!!! See? Where the fuck does she get off diagnosing an eating disorder simply off the fact that I’m strictly aiming for a weight of 185?, 🤬🤬🤬 Thank you so much! I mean, ffs I’m still in plus size jeans! Size 16! Is there anything wrong with aiming for 14 just to get out of plus size clothes? I worked fucking hard to lose 200#! It didn’t come easily, I had to work out fora good couple hours a day.
  7. Do you think 165 is unreasonable for 6’2”? Not that it matters cause I’ll probably feel fat forever due to all the horrible skin. 😢
  8. So I have severe muscular pain from my neck down to my traps. 200 Tramadol isn’t doing enough, and flexeril and methocarbomal both screwed my mood up terribly. Are there any muscle relaxers that won’t mess with my mood so much? Desperate.
  9. Thank you thank you. You’re right...I need to prove to her I’m not what she’s trying to shove me into: a nutcase.
  10. Thanks, I like that. Did you see my addendum? Maybe I should edit my original post.
  11. Fucking hotel fire alarm won’t stop!!!  

  12. Thanks. I just emailed her about a different muscle relaxer that she’d mentioned, so I have to wait until that issue is solved. Then I really want to say something to her. 🤬
  13. Ok. So I haven’t been able to stop picking the skin in my ear I think since I started either Viibryd or vyvanse. Not sure which. So over a year of constant picking. To the point of drawing blood sometimes. Then I started having pain from a sore on my upper ear where the cartilage is and it’s oozing bloody drainage on my pillowcase. I also went in to see doctor for severe muscle pain in my neck, shoulders and trap areas. So she talks with me about both...and of course she had to go there and connect the muscle pain to mental illness...NOTHING to do with the shit mattress here. I told her when I was exercising the pain wasn’t as bad and she somehow had to fucking turn that into an eating disorder!? She asked why I’m still trying to lose weight. First of all, nunya fucking business! When people catch me off guard like that, I suddenly can’t think clearly to make my case well. I said I just wanna get back down to 185...185. An eating disorder?? I did lose 200 lbs 10 years ago with the help of gastric bypass, so I have very loose skin. She told me I have a good 20 lbs of skin that will never come off. I shouldn’t have had to explain myself but I was so gd insulted. I told her I am more comfortable at 185 because I don’t ever want to be near 200 again, and I’ve been working for months now trying to lose what I gained from Seroquel. Again. So I started at 208. I also told her I don’t want to be in an xl anymore either. That’s only one size from plus size and I don’t want to regain a bunch of weight ! She wasn’t having it. I wanted to spit at her. I’ve had anorexia a couple of times in my life, and I’m nowhere near that right now! She kept telling me how being so hung up on 185 was an indicator of an eating disorder!?! I’ve known a bazillion people in my life that had a goal weight and/or their comfortable weight. I also want a little leeway in case I gain some again from a medication. Am I being overly sensitive? Was she out of line? Because boy do I feel like she was! Also, I badly want to email her about what she did... If you were going to do that, what would you say? Or how would you approach it? So, to sum it up, I’m 6’2”. I currently weigh 193, and then minus 20 lbs of skin. So 173. So if I get down to 185 and minus the 20 in skin, 165. Is that freakin bad?? As I took Abby out potty just now, I did realize how self conscious I was about my skin jiggling around, and also thought about how ugly and fat I feel even if it is just skin. I look like a monster
  14. The 80’s were great while they lasted. Beginning tomorrow we’re back into the 90’s. For days. This morning was great at the dog park at 7 am. Pure heaven.
  15. It just seems like one thing after another... but, I did sleep good enough last night. I’m in a constant fuming mode right now, which I’ll make a new thread about in healthcare system sucks forum. I’m feeling anxious almost all day everyday for the past few weeks or so. I don’t typically need to take Xanax until evening, but have been needing to take it around noon now, which is throwing any effects of vyvanse out the window. Ugh. At least I guess I’m not super depressed right now so that’s a positive...the anxiety though, is starting to make me feel more down.
  16. Well be glad you can do without it. 😋
  17. .


    1. Gearhead


      Thanks, DJ. Your timing is good. Needed to hear it today. ❤️

    2. DammitJanet


      I’m glad! 🤗💗 sweet dreams 

  18. Same. No sun for two days and rain all day yesterday. Fortunately, the highs are now in the 80’s. No more 90’s. And the lows may actually start feeling downright chilly! They were in the mid-70’s forever but it’s about to get down to 59°. So things are starting to feel better all around today. Oh and sunny for the next several days. Yay
  19. I’m not sure how I’m feeling. A lot of things. My place in line for housing voucher is suddenly at 150 from 450 just a week ago! 😮 This means I get to move out of the hell hole most likely before I’m done with this hotel stay. In disbelief. But I’m really worried too that I won’t be able to afford the movers. Estrogen plummeted on my last blood draw a week ago from 150-160 down to 68. So no wonder I’ve been so irritable. She mentioned a NP that does compound scripts but I doubt it’ll be covered by insurance. Took extra estrogen yesterday and finally slept again...11 freakin hours! Longest I’ve slept in decades, but I’m still exhausted today after trying to take half of my Geodon in the am. Enough babbling.
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