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  1. OTC unisom has helped me since adding it to my other three sleep meds 😂 not the diphenhydramine one, but the succinate one. It’s a strong antihistamine.
  2. I think that’s a really good idea. I think it would be a little scary going so high, in the case you ever have to come off of it for whatever reason. It’d be one less mg of agony. Just my take.
  3. You may get more replies if you post this under antipsychotics. You may get more replies if you post this under antipsychotics. Or just under depression.
  4. Very anxious...tstorms (I typically love) making the power cut off repeatedly. Too hot for no a/c. So glad hotel supplies breakfast...the only way I’ll eat this month now.
  5. They’ve already been working on it for a good 45 minutes. 😐
  6. Nope. Said it’ll show up in a few months after this repair if it is leaking.
  7. Yep. It is on the lift. He’s getting a shit review.
  8. The smoke went away right after they cleaned out the flooded spark plugs, which is when they said it was the valve cover and plugs. Which was last week.
  9. He showed me. But there was another place he said had oil on it and cannot be sure where it’s coming from...convenient. I mean...how would he dx that with ANYONE else?! Sigh. So I guess I’m also feeling very freakin vulnerable and scared.
  10. I’ve only used him once before...for the car accident damage and yet another oil leak at the time. The one who sent me home with no coolant at all. The main reason I decided to try again is cause he’s the least expensive, and has a lot of good reviews on yelp. Now he’s saying he can’t tell if there’s another leak cause there’s oil all over something...so he’s probably going to do something to make that leak soon...😡
  11. Ineffably apoplectic 🤬🤬🤬 I'm at the mechanic right now and he’s being a complete asshole!! I had showed him what another mechanic quoted me and dx’d my car with. So he says that’s all he’s doing right now... but said if it turns out to be something else, then it would be a whole new job. I said, can’t you look at it first and dx it yourself so we are positive that is what is wrong??? So he shakes his head and says he’s just going to do what the other mechanic said...but if it ends up being something else, it’d be a whole new job. Am I being unreasonable asking for him to fucking dx it himself FIRST??? Cause he treated me like absolute dog shit for my requesting that!!!!! He is gonna get a shit review once this is done. Oh. And someone on Twitter offered to send new parts for free to the mechanic to help with costs...he refused to use them. This is the rest of my money for the fucking rest of the month. 😡
  12. Going up that quickly could be what’s making you feel sick.
  13. Unfortunately, the very side effects you’re trying to diminish by switching to lithium, are also side effects with lithium. 😐 give it a good try first...meds always take a bit to adjust to. If it’s still the same in a week, I’d consider something else. There’s also anticonvulsants, and other aap’s such as geodon, latuda, and Vraylar that are all less severe than lithium and Abilify’s side effects. Everyone’s different of course.
  14. Irritable as hell. Ended up in a mixed episode.
  15. So god damned frustrated. 🤬 a guy on twitter works at a parts yard, and he bought the parts needed for my car, and he also already had paid for shipping...and the mechanic now refuses to use any parts from somewhere else! Can one thing f%*#@ go right?? This is all too much. I’m a wreck phew. One more person donated $5 dollars, bringing it up to $30! This helps so so much...now if I can just get my laundry done...out of undies as of today! TMI, yep.
  16. Ouch...I don’t like driving distances anymore...used to love it! But now with arthritis in my knees it’s getting painful even after my 2 hour drive to my neurologist. No fun! I hope you can make your drive without a huge amount of pain. 🤗
  17. Yikes! Glad you’re ok too!
  18. Well gd...hotel mgr had my mattress flipped yesterday, I slept an unreal 10 hours 😲 and wtf does IDIOT me do?? Accidentally take my Trazadone this morning instead of Lamictal!! Yes, they’re always pill boxes to avoid this, but last night got too tired to refill them and was going to do it this morning. Totally exhausted...woke up incredibly refreshed. Fuck.
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