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  1. I couldn't tolerate pristiq despite being on effexor for about 11 years (at the time) - the dr thought as it was a 'cleaner' drug, maybe i wouldn't have the side effects from E. on the 4th day of pristiq i had the worst anxiety i had every experienced - not sure if it was from swapping out effexor or the start up of pristiq, but it just kept getting worse
  2. i used to get insane bruises when on effexor - even on low doses. My doc didn't think it was a side effect, but i always knew it was. Now i am on lexapro and don't get bruises - even with my frequent bumping into things in my haste to get from A to B
  3. i got really agitated on Trintillex, - i swapped over from effexor - went from 5 to 10 to 20, then back to 15. I started out OK - but that may have been the effexor still having some effect on my mood - 6 weeks after being totally off effexor and on 20mg Trintellix i was really unwell. Tried 15mg for a week, but ended up swapping over to Lexapro which suits me better (but not as good as my first 17 years on effexor)
  4. i also take agomelatine - it's a melatonergic AD that isn't available in the US -I am not sure it's doing much -it isn't great as a standalone apparently, but augments some people well. - my doc suggested increasing the lexapro before adding in something else. I see her in another week. We talked about SNRI to add to the lexapro because i used to be on effexor which worked well for 18 years before quitting on me. I don't really want to completely change to something else because I was really unwell for ages at the beginning of the year after swapping from effexor - first to Trintillex, then
  5. at least you should tell your psych doctor - he isn't going to judge you - but he does need to know all the facts to help you get better.
  6. Started on 10mg for 4 weeks, then up to 20mg 3months ago - i would say i am depression free, but feel no motivation to do much. My psych doc suggested increasing me to 30mg but i thought 20mg was the most usual maximum dose - we also discussed trying an augment - not sure which way to go....
  7. Thanks B, but i was on 20mg, but reduced back to 15mg on 16 Jan - so had been on 15mg for almost 3 weeks when I started to slip - i went up to the 20mg again 4 days ago. I am really hoping that the way I am feeling is not because of effexor withdrawal and Brintellix failure ( it is 5 weeks since my last effexor dose) - surely this would have shown up before now? My Dr suggested augmenting with Valdoxan (meltatonin modulating antidepressant) which i started last night. I don't feel quite as bad today, but i did take 5mg diazepam to take the edge off this morning.
  8. for the last 6 days i have been feeling more unwell - thoughts of doom/gloom back and anxiety - I bumped up from 15 to 20mg 4 days ago - I have another call booked in with my dr to discuss options - I am feeling a little bummed
  9. I am pretty sure Trintillex is working for me. I was on 20mg, but went down to 15mg as I wondered if it may have made me feel little 'activated' - certainly no anxiety, but a little 'keyed up' So, it's been 11 days since i went down to 15mg. It is silly for me to have doubts really because I feel well - my 'dependence' on effexor though was entrenched. So far, it is better than Effexor for me - no constipation, i wake up feeling refreshed, not groggy and I sleep better. I thought initially that my libido was returning, but alas, that is not the case. I have regained motivati
  10. Hey Laney, It's worth a try! I had a very smooth transition - i and definitely sleeping MUCH better - not that i really had a problem before, but if i woke during the night i might be awake for an hour or so, now i barely wake!
  11. Hey Bowri, i went to see my local doc yesterday and it is apparently available in 15mg here in Australia, but she recommended staying with 20 if i am tolerating it - particularly on the back of coming off long term 150mg effexor.... it's so confusing. I see my Pdoc next week, so will discuss it further there. How long do you normally notice dose changes?
  12. Thanks Bowri, I don't really think i have bipolar - i have never had any hint of hypomanic episodes. I am also extremely stable when well - my cycles really have only ever been euthymic to depressed - not going over the normal level for me, which is not crazy busy. I genuinely believe that Effexor (or maybe any drug would have done it) has made be more prone to be tripped into depression with little to no stimuli - the kindling phenomena. I think 17 years of stability on one drug only is pretty good re 'poop out' statistically. Anyway, i do agree that maybe i could drop to 15mg - b
  13. I have had a long history with intermittent depression - episodes would seemingly appear out of nowhere, escalate to paralysing, tortuous levels and then dissipate within the course of 6-8 long months. I had about 6 of them between the ages of 23 and 40 - i probably had a few episodes of high level anxiety as a child that was also self limiting. These episodes were all without medication, and all of them got progressively worse - i tended to try and exercise my way through them but that became exhausting - I had to take leaves of absences from jobs and NEVER told anyone what was going on in m
  14. Thanks everyone... I came down to 150mg and was hoping to move down to then transition to another medication - however I became quite anxious and depressed again and with my Dr we decided to go back up to 225 , stabilise (hopefully ) and then move down again with a clear plan to change - this last time it was just something that we talked about fleetingly in a session. Has anyone got any insight into depression emerging whilst coming off effexor - is it withdrawal that will resolve with going up in the antidepressant - will I respond to another antidepressant? I seem to have this dysfu
  15. Hi everyone, I have been on effexor for about 15 years - up and down between 75 and 225. I thing it has done it's course - i have no motivation and don't get that 'well being ' feeling that i had before meds and when i first started E. I have tried to come off a few times and get slammed with anxiety and depression in an increasingly short period of time - the last time it was 2 weeks off. I am a little worried it is withdrawal from E rather than return of depression - i could never understand why it was happening in shorter periods every time i came off. Last visit when i talked
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