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  1. Sorry this is so far off from the date of your post. I use Treximet myself, and it has worked wonders for me. I did have a period of time where it lost its effectiveness, or so it seemed. And switched to something else for a bit, but ended up switching back to Treximet. It’s the only thing that helps when they start. If I don’t take it in time, then I have to fall back on my medical marijuana to assist with the pain. The best thing is taking Treximet as soon as you decide it’s a migraine and not a headache
  2. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU I have suffered from migraines since a young girl, and I have MTHFR as well. I will bring this up with my neuro and thank you so much for posting!
  3. I am in the process of being diagnosed as bipolar and I was looking for a forum to get more information. I am so happy I found this one. And thank you for your post. I feel the same exact way. I used to be in the gifted program (not bragging, just to give you an idea of things) at school, and now going through a college course is difficult for me. I can’t focus for shit, can’t remember what I’m learning for more than a week or so, and then I get depressed because I know I’m capable of doing it and learning! It’s a terrible cycle, and knowing there are others out there that feel the same way, I
  4. Hello, I just joined, so I apologize if this has been talked about before... it took me a decent while to find a forum online I felt comfortable being a part of. I must admit, the swear words in your writing made me feel right at home haha Anywho, the idea of having this forum accessible from an easy to use application would be amazing! That way, when we are on the go, it may be easier to flow through the app and respond to others. Just a thought. And of course, I’m a bit manic today, so I just had to let you know thanks!
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