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  1. That's actually really reassuring. We haven't talked as much about my anxiety over my depression but I do feel better knowing it's good for helping with that. Is the 600mg a more standard dose? Right now I'm on the 100mg at bedtime but I'm assuming she's just starting low and will increase.
  2. Is it? I didn't see anything suggesting that. Still seems odd if its not a mainline treatment. There's no specific symptom I don't think, maybe trouble sleeping? The bottle does say I can take multiple to help with insomnia. Although I told her that I fall asleep without much trouble but I can be out for 10 hours and wake up with no energy. Just seemed like a strange med choice.
  3. I'm looking for some insight into a change my psychiatrist recently made. I've been on 300mg ER Bupropion and 50mg Doxepin for a while now and recently expressed to my doc that I'd like to try something else, feeling like the current ones haven't been feeling like they've done anything to help. She said alright, we can try something new. She reduced my Bupropion to 150mg ER, which makes sense to me, to taper off. But she also said to go ahead and stop the Doxepin and she prescribed me a new med: Gabapentin at 100mg. I did what I always do and googled Gabapentin and found that its an anti-seizure med, I couldn't find any information about it being used to treat MDD or anxiety or anything we've talked about. I've never had a seizure in my life. I asked the pharmacist when I picked it up and he said that he's never heard of using it for depression either. Do any of you have any insight into why she would give me this? It just doesn't seem relevant at all. I plan to ask her when I talk to her again in a week or so unless someone has a better suggestion.
  4. My school is a little community college in rural texas, they don't offer anything like that.
  5. No, not at the time. I reached out and started going to a doctor about 2 years ago and it turned out to be a horrible experience where she skipped first-line meds, went straight to expensive brand-name stuff I could barely afford, and kept changing it drastically each time I visited, I talked about some of that experience on here in my old posts. It all ended with her putting me on Aripiprazole at 15mg, basically schizo strength and it had me completely out of my own head. Right now I'm starting to consider attempting again but that first experience was so bad that the idea scares me again. Not to mention I'm a broke college student who has no financial support in America which as we know has a wonderful healthcare system for my kind.
  6. No, not really. Unless my cat counts. This isn't the kind of stuff I'm comfortable going to "friends" about.
  7. I haven't posted here for a while and I don't know if I should put this here or in the depression board or what but I've been having a total Chernobyl meltdown for almost 4 days now, I haven't eaten more than scraps, none of my normal coping methods have helped, I almost feel totally disassociated from myself and don't even know who I am anymore. I'm losing my mind and I don't even know why or what's exactly triggered this. I'm scared and don't know what to do.
  8. Worse in what way? Are you saying that this is somehow a sign of something more? I already take 20mg trintellix and 200mg trazodone. I've been on this combination for about 1-2 months now but am still really iffy on how I feel with it. I do have an doc appointment Friday but is this stupid feeling of mine really worth mentioning? I don't think I'd go that far.
  9. I don't know, it's hard to explain but it's been a growing feeling for a while but especially lately. I can be literally just laying in my bed reading something or watching a TV show and suddenly the only thing I can think is "I want to go home." I've casually mentioned the feeling to my friends but they just laugh it off as "weird" and can't relate. It's such a bad feeling I can't shake and it feels like it sends me into a depressive spiral even to the point of tears. Can anyone here relate to this or have any ideas how to make it stop? It's driving me crazy feeling like a stranger in my own apartment surrounded by my own stuff.
  10. Yeah but with how absolutly shitty the side effects are making me feel I'm not sure I want to deal with the increase. Furthermore I feel like the meds aren't doing anything for my anxiety, and maybe not even my depression at this point. I donno, a few weeks ago I felt pretty nice but now i'm very "eh" feeling worse than before I started the the lamictal. Maybe my mental state just isn't feeling good because of the physical side effects I'm suffering? All this is making me pretty miserable and stressed.
  11. I guess I owe you guys an update: I've been on the 20mg Trintellix since my original post, it gave me another bad week of depressive and anxiety episodes as my body adjusted. A week later I went back to the pharmacy and asked out my Lamictal prescription, they gave me the 25mg tablets, not the ER capsules that were originally listed. I did express some concerns about the side effects and asked about the starting dosage, the woman was very nice and understanding about my questions and told me to start it slow, taking only one 25mg pill for a week before ramping it up to the prescribed 50mg, she was very surprised when I told her my doctor didn't warn me about the rash side effect or anything but said I should be okay if I start it slowly and to stop immediately if I start getting a rash or other serious side effects. I took her advice a step farther, too. I waited another week to start the new med to make sure my new Trintellix dose was behaving and then started taking the Lamictal at only 12.5mg for six days, I cut three of the pills in half and took those one per night. I didn't really feel any change with it and then after those 6 days I started taking the full 25mg tablet about 4 days ago now. I'm still not feeling much better, actually had an anxiety attack over the weekend, but am also now getting the minor side effects of the Lamictal, most prominently an upset stomach and throwing up in my mouth, almost like acid reflux: just burping up gross bile and the constant feeling of acid eating at my throat. I guess the 12.5mg wasn't enough to cause this but the jump to 25mg suddenly did? So yeah, that's where I'm at now, I'm still taking the 25mg Lamictal at night and the 20mg Trintellix in the morning, not sure when or if I'll increase my dosage to the 50mg, my plan is more or less to just settle into the 25mg and see how I feel before deciding if I wanna justify the full 50mg, after the way the first increase is treating my body I'm not sure I wanna deal with that but I'm still taking the meds hoping they work. I can't get over my anxiety enough to find the guts to seek a second opinion or anything, I'm sorry, I just can't find it in myself to deal with the stress, especially knowing that none of the good docs around here are taking new patients. I have another follow up with my doc on the 24th.
  12. I can try I guess, you're right that that does sound unbearably stressful and I really, really don't wanna deal with it. Wouldn't it take ages to get in if I'm a new patient though? Or am i not making an actual appointment? I think I've tried calling almost every single doctor in my network nearby and this one is the only one who would take me since no one is accepting patients. If my doc knows I got another opinion wouldn't that just be telling her I don't trust her? What is the easiest, least stressful way to go about doing this?
  13. Okay, I'm trying to stay positive and am liking how the Trintellix has been treating me and hope that the increase to 20mg once I can make sure I have an affordable source of it will help even more, maybe even bring down my anxiety. My biggest concern as of lately is this Lamictal, which the more I talk to people about it, the more it seems like it's a bad choice. But I donno, I'll talk to the pharmacist monday. Sorry, bad choice of phrase, but i do know that docs get 'kickbacks' from pharma companies for pushing certain drugs. And when she originally told me about it it sounds more like a sales pitch than anything the way she said it is "Non addictive" and "Won't show up on a tox screen" and "Won't cause issues with other meds" etc. That first visit I left with 3 weeks of samples, a coupon for it, and a 3 month prescription; after two weeks on the med I decided I would keep giving it a shot so i dropped it off at the pharmacy only to find out that my insurance won't cover it and even with the coupon she gave me it would be $400/month. I called the office in a panic, freaking out because at this rate I would run out of the med two weeks before I went in to see her again for the follow up, they said they would give me more samples to make sure they last until my next appointment, when I went in to pick those up I also brought an application for an assistance program from the manufacturer. This last friday I went in for my follow-up and they told me I was approved for the assistance program and should actually be able to get my prescription free of cost, but they didn't seem to know much of anything about how that would happen, supposedly the manufacturer would mail it to me each month and I should have gotten one already but have gotten nothing, so I need to call them monday, too to figure it out, but in the meantime the office has given me another 5 weeks worth of samples.
  14. All this stuff is just so new to me, I'm trying to do everything right, it was hard enough to go to a doctor and ask for help, I've been taking my meds, following up, all of that. But the more I talk about what's going on, the more it sounds like my doc isn't doing the right thing for me. I'm certain the reason she has me on Trintellix to start with is she was paid by the pharma to push it, she has a ton of these free samples at her office that she gave to me to try. And I'm okay with that, and feel like it's been helping for my depression, I've been enjoying doing things like going out again, not spending my days off at home in bed moping about and feeling just generally worthless. So I guess it's working and I told her all that, but also that I've still been feeling really anxious and 'on-edge', even told her that I had a panic attack at work so bad that I had to be sent home about 3 weeks into the med. Told her about my ups and down, showed her my Dayilo. That's when she told me she was going to give me the Lamictal to help stabilize me. All of this is really stressing me out more than I'd like.
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