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  1. Thanks everyone. I honestly cant remember which SSRIs and SNRIs i have tried, but all of them raised my anxiety. I think zoloft was in there and lexapro. and i dont remember the names of the SNRIs. every med except benzos and buspar raises my anxiety, but ive developed a tolerance to benzos and buspar seems to not do much at all for my particular chemistry. I did try hydroxyzine as well but like buspar it seemed to be pretty inert for me. I have done some DBT but the therapist referred me for EMDR instead. I may return to DBT eventually but for some reason they thought it had become a dead end for the moment.
  2. Does anyone else relate to this? Is this PTSD related or is this just my personality? I got this illness at a really young age so sometimes I don't know the difference. Why do i NEED to get answers for everything from other people? I want someone to tell me the answer to everything. Politics, religion, personal issues, you name it. I'm constantly trying to get people to answer questions and they seem to think I'm manipulating them or something but that's not what it is. I need answers and i don't trust myself to provide them. I don't trust most people either, just a few and i drive these few people crazy with relentless "yes or no" or "this or that" questions trying to get them to tell me what this life is all about. It could even be something as simple as "is this dress blue or green" and if they won't give me a distinct answer it will drive me crazy until they do. More often it's bigger questions about the nature of good and evil, if i am a good person, if i am safe (in the event of a panic attack) etc. People are really reluctant to give answers for some reason. It's always a maybe and not a yes or a no. I don't feel safe without having a Yes or a No to every question that crosses my mind, but i have no faith in my own answers or answers from most other sources. They have to come from one of the few people i feel i can trust. How do i do anything about this? i dont feel like i could ever trust myself to know anything.
  3. Seems I've tried everything. SSRIs, SNRIs, antipsychotics, buspar...none of it helps. I find Ambien really effective for sleep, and benzos are helpful but I also like them....well, a little TOO much. But nothing helps with the depression and daytime panic. Is there anything else left to try? I have been Dx with PTSD, depression, possible psychotic depression, anxiety and panic, and who knows what else.
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