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  1. i'm right there too. i am working and it's taking everything out of me. i come home, feed the cat, curl up on the couch until i can take my meds and go to bed. idk how much is depression, or battle fatigue from this year, or my meds have blunted my affect. at least i am not crying all the time anymore. i am trying my best to not beat myself up for this. i see so any people running around like they have been on vacation since march and i wonder where they get the money, how they can just forget the geopolitical climate and you know, the global pandemic. maybe its just how they cope. but i stru
  2. unfortunately i do not have a pdoc atm, the gabapentin was rx'd by my pcp for pain, so that's a big reason why i want to be prepared for the discussion with some solid information. i did some searching and pfizer recommends a decrease of 300 mg a day every 4 days over no less than a week. so anything less than that, like i was thinking 100 mg/day every 5 days, should be safe, and at my current dosage that would take over a month. hoping to hear back from the PCP monday or tuesday. fingers crossed.
  3. super helpful! i am glad you're ok. what i have been reading painted a tough picture, it's good to know that's not always the case!
  4. hiya! looking for anecdotal experiences on gabapentin tapers. i am/will be/always work with my doctor to establish a taper schedule, but i find doctors are not always infallible and i had a terrible experience coming off of cymbalta bc the pdoc at the time recommended a taper schedule that was too quick, so i like to do my homework. (especially bc my dr apparently had NO idea that the prednisone could cause the mixed state or depressive episodes i experienced while taking it. ) i was put on gabapentin by my pcp july 2019 at 100mg 3x a day, and then increased in august 2019 to 300mg 3x/day
  5. ok now that i have figured that out - i feel miserable and could use someone to talk toÂ đŸ˜¥

    1. saintalto


      You are welcome to message me.

  6. i'm not even sure what this does so let's see

  7. hey! you're making lists! that's a thing as far as i see it. maybe motivation is something we can find later. before i started this job i was in that place where i had no idea when the last time was that i had showered. i would get lost in my own apartment getting up to get a drink of water. i've been very much of the mindset of going easy on myself, but when i really want to get something accomplished i try and tell someone else i am going to do a thing. there's something about that that gives me accountability and helps me motivate more. i was trying to figure the phone thing out the o
  8. i remember when i was in DBT skills group they really stressed how having structure and routine is imperative for people with borderline. i've since proven to *not* have that dx, but it's always stuck with me bc i get completely lost inside my own head without it. it's like the world becomes too big, so i shut down bc i can't deal. when i have to focus on a thing, it makes things better, but when i don't have to do jack? i could wander around in circles for days. the thing that makes me feel so much better in all of this is that neurotypical folks are all screwed up by this. so i figure
  9. so i was going batshit sitting in my apartment. i had been out on disability from august 2019 - february 2020, returned to work in feb to find that my role had been eliminated and i had 30 days to find a new job before i was laid off. found a new job 2 days before separation, but then days later we started going into lockdown and the offer wound up being rescinded. so i took a pt job as an essential employee. this was a very bad decision. my social anxiety does not play well with retail. i thought having somewhere to go would help manage my depression, but it's just stirred up my anxiety inste
  10. QUESTION: is trazodone one of those meds that once it poops out on you, you're SOL?" (and if it's not do you need to wait a certain amount of time after poop out for it to be useful again?) I have taken trazodone successfully in the past, and was on and off of it for years, in combination with benzos. but, both have totally pooped out on me. I'm tapering off diazepam slowly, .5 mg every 3 months, as i was on benzos for sleep for ~15 years. and was down to 50 mg of traz. but in january the trazodone was suddenly stopped because I had surgery and my meds got all screwed up. They put me o
  11. my naturopath put me on estrovera and it seemed to help a lot. https://www.metagenics.com/estrovera previously i had really bad cycle regularity issues, and was put on bc pills for about a year as a very low cost (free), mild, hrt to regulate cycles but once it was apparent i would be menopausal w/o them, we stopped them, and boom, menopause. the estrovera helped a lot with the mood related symptoms. i hope you can find relief.
  12. i seem to have a sensitivity to codeine based pharmaceuticals. years ago i had an episode of suicidal thoughts, bad, very serious, after being sick and prescribed codeine cough syrup. just recently i have been having some health issues causing pain, and my doctor prescribed oxycodone, very low dose, i only took it a couple days around thanksgiving, and then again this past friday night. by saturday morning i was a suicidal mess. i wailed through my entire tdoc session. i was actually able to get myself there bc i was so scared. but i went in my pajamas. i'm only feeling back to normal today.
  13. completely and utterly exhausted ... and yet unable to sleep!!! YAHTZEE!
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