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  1. probably in the lowest point in my life right now,, :') theres probably some rule somewhere that says i cant tell you i want to kill myself but i do

  2. im not on any meds but i take melatonin to sleep sometimes. thats usually what i try to do usually
  3. i dont know if this is the righ board to post this on but it seemed like the best so sorry if this isnt appropriate. Every time i see someone on the internet talk about intrusive thoughts they always make jokes about "eating sand" or having song lyrics stuck in their head. Sometimes this makes me feel really weird and isolated because mine are often about rape, incest, swallowing tacks and pins, swerving off the road or jumping off of tall buildings. Am i the only one who has intrusive thoughts like this? Sometimes they get so bad they effect me physically , wherein i can feel my jo
  4. some background. I grew up poor and most of my memories are from the housing crash of 2008. So i grew up eating meager meals in a crappy neighborhood and wearing clothes until they wore out. After the housing crisis and i was in middleschool my parents got divorced and i lived with my mom. We were even more poor, so much so that we couldnt pay utilities sometimes. My dad was so poor that he was homeless for a year and lived with a friend for another year before he got a duplex apartment. Now my mom is married to a rich man with a rich mom and a rich family and im living in a nice middle class
  5. uhh so during summer i have nothing to do except draw and play videogames all day so i stay up all night smoking weed and watching netflix and youtube and i go to bed at like 5-6 in the morning and its terrible for me. I just woke up and its 4:25 in the afternoon and i cant get myself out of bed to go eat or brush my teeth. I feel like im made of stone or something. Even grabbing my laptop to write this felt like a challenge. I sound like a pussy lmao. Uhhh i just want to feel like im not empty and i can do things without feeling like shit about it. also school starts really soon and i cant ke
  6. this is kind of confusing lolĀ 

  7. one sentience redacted because it violated the guidelines
  8. I kind of made this account on a whim at 3 in the morning on a thursday but i guess i just want to rant Ive been clean for about two years no sometimes i did little things to hurt myself but nothing i never considered that """self harm""" i guess because i couldnt get in trouble for it// I relapsed for real last weekend and while i was doing it i liked it and it "took me back" i guess// But now i regret it so much, the florida summer is not forgiving and ive been wearing thick crewnecks every day// i forgot how much the aftermath sucked but i still want to do it again// Ive been seeking
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