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  1. Thanks for you ur concern, but I'm feeling better now. I just write what I feel and that's what I was feeling.
  2. Hey mom, I'll address you first I'm sorry I wasn't who we wanted me to be I'm sorry you want me to "loose" your number I wish you could have known the real me It's shitty you threaten to block my number I don't understand how I pushed you away Was is the abortion you wanted that tore us apart Mom, I wish Jerenmiah could have stayed Speaking of Jeremiah, this parts for you I'm sorry I wasn't ready to keep you Grandma rushed me to hurry then your dad left And I didn't know I had a choice to give birth to you Now this one's
  3. Two minds so different Two minds I own One lifts people up One leaves me all alone At times I'm so optimistic At times I wanna die Two minds in one head Neither one all the way right My heart is full of love My body is full of rage I can't control these feelings Some people think it's staged Two minds making me crazy I wanna feel normal like you If you had these to minds You wouldn't know what to do Two minds at one time Causing me so much stress A million miles a minute I want these minds to rest
  4. [specific detail removed] I've one this over 30 times, probably more than 50. It's embarrassing but the scratches heal and makeup helps. When I do it I'm usually extremely mad and feel a sort of "disassociation", and the reality that I jst ripped through the skin on a part of me that everyone will see, "wakes me up", so that I can calm down and not hurt myself or other people in a way that maybe wouldn't heal. I think it's to punish myself over things I've done or not being "good enough". I can control it if I'm left alone, it's usually when i feel overwhelmed by someone bitching at me. Someti
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