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    Oh and one of my favorite past times is actually, instead of having legitimate feelings, reactions, thoughts, ideas and expressing those, to just be completely batshit all the time. So actually, like anytime anyone disagrees with me- it's because I'm being fucking crazy. Not because we have dramatically differing opinions, just that what I think is fucking insane. clearly.

    [oh wait i'm making drama again. oops. talk amongst yourselves. CDE!!!]

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  1. That's not the concern. The concern is that your username and password are being sent over the internet in plaintext where they can be intercepted by just about anyone who cares to try. The information they can get by logging into your CB account is probably not, by itself, all that life-altering, but the primary vulnerability with this kind of thing is a password-reuse attack. The vast majority of internet users use the same password on multiple sites, often in conjunction with a common username or email address. The CB accounts of the people who use the site are not all that important in the
  2. ...I don't think you meant it like this, and I don't want to try to speak for mel. But I'm just going to say this: In her situation, being on court-mandated treatment would be but one slice of my FRUSTRATED AS FUCK pie that I get served every day. And to have someone say "I also get that you're frustrated about being on court-mandated treatment"... would mean, to me, were I in similar situation, that they don't really get the frustrations I experience []and frustrations would honestly not be at all the appropriate word, because i don't think there is a word] or why I experience them,nor h
  3. I've done the following: -reassess the goal of treatment. -reassess methods treatment [different meds/approach to therapy/diet. Subtracting specific stressors, adding relaxing elements/activities, utilizing different coping techniques, etc]. -reassess whether your provider is a good fit. I have for the most part avoided medstacking, personally, because there have been times when I have been on a very large number of medications for various reasons- if I had such side effects from those medications that we started stacking, I could get to a truly ridiculous number quite easily. I
  4. That's BCBS listing disorders as classified according to legal definition ["The law defines the following conditions as a serious mental illness:"] I had trouble finding legal definition [on BCBS or generally] but I have seen the terms elsewhere. Looking over the list, it appears that the classification may be made [at least in part] by how much/how many/how intensive/how costly typical interventions can be for each given disorder.
  5. In response to OP: I would be interested the timing of all the food and then how quickly/slowly you started to feel irritable. [Did you also notice anything else going on? Physical/mental energy, anything else?] Depending on how you changed your diet, and if you had reduced the intensity of normal sugar peaks and valleys you experience, then you ate drastically OUT of this new habit it is possibly you may have experienced plummeting sugar and resulting affects from that. If you add caffeine to that it will certainly also be a factor. Hard to say with any more certainty with out testing
  6. Like I should have just stayed under my desk that one week I didn't do much else.
  7. After reading the second link posted in this thread- where he posted something on his blog- I then responded a second time. It made more sense that he responded how he did. I also said he probably felt pretty awful. He mentioned he recieved a lot of letters and he must have received a lot of letters from the assumption that he had no idea what it is like to feel depression personally. Given such a heated, provocative subject, and his equal original statement/opinion... I can only think that it must have felt pretty fucking shitty to read those letters from the people who had that assumptio
  8. *sees many people actually stealing directly from said individual's mouth*
  9. "dancing banana advisory" Oh. Wow. This will now be added into my general phraseology [<--- totally a thing, right?]. Thank you so much for that saddest! haha
  10. I have a personal policy not to give any fucks, but to demonstrate good fucks by example.
  11. I am on disability and have been for nearly a decade. In that time I have repeatedly tried to get off of disability only to fail [and had a couple regularly scheduled reviews]. I am at the point where I can't even work at all. I was approved with no lawyer in about six months. My father is also on disability. He was recently approved [early fall of last year], after being denied twice and winning in appeal with a lawyer. I mention this because he actually understands the entire process, how complex it is and how difficult it is to be approved. He is also aware of the review process. I
  12. I feel good about my Facebook. I think people have the potential to make me feel bad, [myself included at times]. That said, like 60-70% of the people on my Facebook I actually know through here. I don't stay away from Facebook, but I take measures to steer clear of people who make me feel like crap. There are alternatives to simply shutting down.
  13. I have such a high amount of respect for myself [and even for you though it's really an undeserved gift at this point], that even though I am a whole 31 years your younger I don't resort to making fun of you. I said you were being a dick for very specific behaviors you demonstrated, and even gave you pass- assuming that you were behaving so as a one off and suggested you maybe step away and take a few breaths. I'm not sure why, if you are coming here for support, you are choosing to attack and attempt to demean someone who actually was giving you the benefit of the doubt. If you reread my
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