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  1. That's not the concern. The concern is that your username and password are being sent over the internet in plaintext where they can be intercepted by just about anyone who cares to try. The information they can get by logging into your CB account is probably not, by itself, all that life-altering, but the primary vulnerability with this kind of thing is a password-reuse attack. The vast majority of internet users use the same password on multiple sites, often in conjunction with a common username or email address. The CB accounts of the people who use the site are not all that important in the grand scheme, but if someone can log in here, they can get an email address and a password, and in a lot of cases that can get them access to bank accounts, email addresses (used for various kinds of important authentication), health information, paypal accounts, basically almost any internet service where someone might set their own password. I use a CB-specific password for just this reason, but I would be willing to bet that a majority of the users here don't. It's a widely accepted thing among just about anyone who works with computers or the internet professionally that it's a big risk to log in anywhere that doesn't use SSL. If the CB crew doesn't want to use SSL because it's a pain in the ass or they just don't care or whatever, I can totally understand that, but I don't think this mocking tone in response to a reasonable question about a very basic part of information security is entirely necessary. Rosie's tone was not mocking. She responded after several responses that continued to debate what is a moot point [which I explain further on down]. if you choose to see this as mocking, you need to ease off a little and maybe take a break. There was likely a bit of sarcasm but i would actually inquire at the admin desk. I hear it is open Tuesdays and Thursdays 130-215 and every 3rd Sunday if they feel like it for one random hour. Individual's mismanagement of their passwords in regards to other sites they use is not CB's responsibility- even though implementing it and a crap load of other reasons probably play into it, there is a very basic fact that it isn't CBs responsibility to pick up the slack of everyone else for sucking at managing personal password security. I have like 800 passwords because if I had the same one for every site I'd be screwed. i change them fairly frequently as well. These are two very basic tenants of internet security and if you use anything on the internet you run into these recommendations frequently. In my mind- the logistics of implementing any of this don't even matter because it simply is not CBs responsibility. What Rosie said was perfectly legitimate- there is nothing that requires usage of the site worthy to encrypt, so CB has no responsibility whatsoever to do this. And, seriously? If you can't take a little bit of snark, sarcasm or slight of attitude, what attracts you to this site?
  2. ...I don't think you meant it like this, and I don't want to try to speak for mel. But I'm just going to say this: In her situation, being on court-mandated treatment would be but one slice of my FRUSTRATED AS FUCK pie that I get served every day. And to have someone say "I also get that you're frustrated about being on court-mandated treatment"... would mean, to me, were I in similar situation, that they don't really get the frustrations I experience []and frustrations would honestly not be at all the appropriate word, because i don't think there is a word] or why I experience them,nor how they manifest. That is, if I were to be in a similar situation. <sarcasm> which is ludicrous. Obviously mel and I are NOTHING alike, right?</sarcasm> --- That being said, I'm not terribly active here, but to make a general thread like this kind of sucks. addressing each situation and each poster individually is appropriate and I've certainly been aggressive and protective on that front at times- and not at others, depending on the individual situation. But to make a general thread, so many people are alienated with one sweep- even people who might be open to a conversation where one says to the other "Look you make me feel like shit when you try to enforce your ideas on me"... and that could be coming from either side of this, yes? Was the point to alienate people? Or was it just because there was anger and someone felt crappy? I get the latter, but not really the former.
  3. I've done the following: -reassess the goal of treatment. -reassess methods treatment [different meds/approach to therapy/diet. Subtracting specific stressors, adding relaxing elements/activities, utilizing different coping techniques, etc]. -reassess whether your provider is a good fit. I have for the most part avoided medstacking, personally, because there have been times when I have been on a very large number of medications for various reasons- if I had such side effects from those medications that we started stacking, I could get to a truly ridiculous number quite easily. I do think it is at times necessary though.
  4. That's BCBS listing disorders as classified according to legal definition ["The law defines the following conditions as a serious mental illness:"] I had trouble finding legal definition [on BCBS or generally] but I have seen the terms elsewhere. Looking over the list, it appears that the classification may be made [at least in part] by how much/how many/how intensive/how costly typical interventions can be for each given disorder.
  5. In response to OP: I would be interested the timing of all the food and then how quickly/slowly you started to feel irritable. [Did you also notice anything else going on? Physical/mental energy, anything else?] Depending on how you changed your diet, and if you had reduced the intensity of normal sugar peaks and valleys you experience, then you ate drastically OUT of this new habit it is possibly you may have experienced plummeting sugar and resulting affects from that. If you add caffeine to that it will certainly also be a factor. Hard to say with any more certainty with out testing out any of these theories though.
  6. Like I should have just stayed under my desk that one week I didn't do much else.
  7. After reading the second link posted in this thread- where he posted something on his blog- I then responded a second time. It made more sense that he responded how he did. I also said he probably felt pretty awful. He mentioned he recieved a lot of letters and he must have received a lot of letters from the assumption that he had no idea what it is like to feel depression personally. Given such a heated, provocative subject, and his equal original statement/opinion... I can only think that it must have felt pretty fucking shitty to read those letters from the people who had that assumption. Part of his entry:
  8. *sees many people actually stealing directly from said individual's mouth*
  9. "dancing banana advisory" Oh. Wow. This will now be added into my general phraseology [<--- totally a thing, right?]. Thank you so much for that saddest! haha
  10. I have a personal policy not to give any fucks, but to demonstrate good fucks by example.
  11. I am on disability and have been for nearly a decade. In that time I have repeatedly tried to get off of disability only to fail [and had a couple regularly scheduled reviews]. I am at the point where I can't even work at all. I was approved with no lawyer in about six months. My father is also on disability. He was recently approved [early fall of last year], after being denied twice and winning in appeal with a lawyer. I mention this because he actually understands the entire process, how complex it is and how difficult it is to be approved. He is also aware of the review process. I discussed with him earlier this year about the issue of my poor dental health and how I really am trying to figure out a way to pay for some serious dental care I need. I have various options, none of them really great, and I was seeking his advice. His advice: "Get a job." This was several months ago. It still really fucking stings. I'm not sure it's going to stop any time soon.
  12. I feel good about my Facebook. I think people have the potential to make me feel bad, [myself included at times]. That said, like 60-70% of the people on my Facebook I actually know through here. I don't stay away from Facebook, but I take measures to steer clear of people who make me feel like crap. There are alternatives to simply shutting down.
  13. I have such a high amount of respect for myself [and even for you though it's really an undeserved gift at this point], that even though I am a whole 31 years your younger I don't resort to making fun of you. I said you were being a dick for very specific behaviors you demonstrated, and even gave you pass- assuming that you were behaving so as a one off and suggested you maybe step away and take a few breaths. I'm not sure why, if you are coming here for support, you are choosing to attack and attempt to demean someone who actually was giving you the benefit of the doubt. If you reread my post to you, yes it was full of correction and yes I swore, but at no point was it as low as what you have written here. You may not be able to help being dyslexic, but you can help whether you try to tear others down and you can certainly help what you claim as fact or not. Personal experience is helpful, but studies and trials will always hold over that in terms of what can b expected for side effects. If you bothered to look at any of the PI sheets- which actually show the side effects that you claim metformin has- they show the percentages of how often the side effects occur in the population, and in population subsets. [And that's quite confusing, you are familiar with the huge number of possible side effects of one medication but seem completely ignorant of the concept of frequency or percentage of side effects in general?] Regardless, maybe you should actually step back as suggested. [i'm going to do the same at this point.] Oh, and stop sending rude PMs. That would be nice too.
  14. First: Second: Not all anti-psychotics are the same. There are "typical" and "atypical" antipsychotics. Seroquel is not Abilify is not Haldol. Third: Fine, you are dyslexic. If your tone was slightly better in combination with the caps- that is you didn't imply everyone was out right lying, perhaps you might not have gotten the negative response that you did. But you used a bunch of caps and basically said that everyone was wrong about everything. Also, if you actually read what anyone else wrote, you'd see that others noted the GI side effects. And yeah, an admin [not member] does have a sex toy for an avatar. So fucking what? That doesn't mean you should be an outright dick and blatantly cite misinformation. Not ALL meds promote weight gain. Not ALL antipsychotics are the same. many medications can list hundreds and hundreds of possible side effects- but many of these "side effects" are listed because it is difficult to tease out whether they are by correlation or causation and some are listed after market. They could be due to demographic/cohort factors OR medication factors but it is very difficult to tell. Maybe take a few breaths and start over here.
  15. I don't know about anyone else on this thread, but that is what i actually read, as I followed the links to the original, and that's what I was responding to. Maybe he did reveal in there that he does suffer from depression, so maybe I just missed it, but I didn't think he did. What he wrote didn't make sense to me because it was repetitive but seemed to say different things using the same situation. It was bizarre and confusing. One of the reasons was, as i said, that I kept thinking he must be crazy, but he never said so... unless he stated so obviously and I missed it? [and I'm not being facetious, but it's entirely possible] He respects peoples' decisions, but they no longer exist. Their struggles are real, but only real enough to tell them "life is what you make it". He goes on this spiel about a friend who took her own life, talking about when she was "in her deepest misery", and that the hardest part was knowing there was nothing you could do to help... and then decries that decision she made... even though he himself has stated "THERE WAS NOTHING YOU COULD DO TO HELP". Yeah, it was ranty and confusing and a bit crazy. It may have also, at the same time been eloquent and well written and made some good points... but when you made a bunch of opposing points in the same piece and recycle the examples? ...It can end up like a confusing, slightly crazed rant. It's no wonder even the most open people may have been taken aback by it, without a lot of background knowledge of the author. One shouldn't have to do research to understand the point. ETA: On another note? Agree that uproxx should generally take a moment out of each day to fuck itself.
  16. I feel bad for the guy actually. I can imagine what some of those letters must have said, but not all. And I bet a good number of them were under the assumption that he had absolutely no idea what it was like to be depressed. So, reading a letter like that, knowing [apparently- so he has now said] what it feels like to feel that low must have felt pretty fucking bad. But it explains why his rant was so... ranty and confused and all over the place, and why he seemed to have a touch of the crazy in it [to me anyway- or maybe I just want everyone to be nuts]... if that is indeed what he's saying in the link you just posted, Tammy.
  17. Lark, it sounds like you have really thought out your plan and it's really great you started this thread and shared your thought process about all of it- it could be really really helpful for so many reading this. Great job with your success so far!
  18. I don't know a lot about Henry Rollins, so this is actually a serious question... Is he certifiable? I'm actually curious at this point. Some of the things he says in what he wrote here make me wonder if he's a crazy and in denial, or he knows and doesn't want to deal with it in a "main stream" way [his choice], or... door number three? I mean, I am legitimately questioning his personal experience with sanity or lack thereof at this point. Part of it is due to the emotionally charged way he can't seem to pick what he actually thinks, and part of it is how he seems to know what he's talking about... but doesn't? Or maybe he kinda does. Doesn't. What? --- To respond to what may possibly be his thesis statement [not sure]... What is the proposed solution he has to offer here? If a person isn't getting treatment/care that is actually effective, and they are at a point that they are suicidal or are constantly intensely depressed because of it... most often they don't receive the support they need which could help in many many OTHER WAYS, because they get told such things as "life is what you make it"... I mean that's just one of several responses at this point.
  19. Are you absolutely sure some one is going to watch you? I've been tested a bunch of times for jobs and no one has ever actually watched me. ETA: By that I mean no one has been in the room, nor have there been any cameras.
  20. I know this is a waaaay weird question for CB, but I'm not sure where else to ask [other than Facebook and I'll probably ask there too]: Is there anyone who can give an opinion on using a Japanese suribachi [picture below] vs other kinds of more typical mortar and pestle implements? I have wanted a mortar and pestle for the kitchen for a while but had a couple thoughts: I was thinking marble would be better than something like ceramic because I was afraid of chipping the pestle [the bit you hold], but then someone brought up that would be really heavy. So that's out. I don't really want wood because I'm worried the whole thing will really soak up a lot of the seasonings, plus I don't feel like wood can stand up to time, etc for long. So that's a double no. I also am a little skeptical in the first place about the whole thing because of arthritic issues- though I have better and worse days. Then I came upon the suribachi, which has a grooved inside- from what I understand the grinding is actually a bit easier because of this and you grind things a bit differently, using the grooves and indentations, so you apply a bit less pressure than other similar tools. The "pestle" or surikogi, though it's wood, is narrower, not heavy and also seems a bit longer- it seems it might be easier to manipulate. The over all negatives would be that it is a bit pourous so it would soak up flavors. But the pestle part is wood, so I wouldn't have to worry about breaking it, it is most often very hard wood so wouldn't break down, the set is really not very expensive so I could purchase a couple and have one for say garlic or another very strong flavor [fish paste, etc]. They also come in very large sizes. UH. Yeah omg so long. Anyway I was most interested if anyone noticed it was a little bit easier in terms of physical exertion or not. I can go check them out, but unless they let me actually use one, I'm not really sure. THANKS for dealing with my random!
  21. To start, I'm kind of in this camp regarding these discussions: I'm not atheist, and I'm not sure how to align my belief system but it's not mainstream and I've often revisited agnostic so let's just say that [if you are more curious feel free to PM me because it's probably special snowflake bullshit and I don't want to totally derail the thread]. I would actually think that being atheist might give one more of a "point" in a lot of situations. If you have a finite time, one shot, you might have more of a motivation, more aim, be more driven? If you don't actually know... might you find it more difficult to find a drive or motivation, may it be possible that could contribute to a feeling of purposelessness? I don't think either of these situations are absolute, but in the context of the question, I would think more likely. For myself, I actually generally just live to make myself happy. But, in that: Making myself happy conveniently involves seeing other people happy and fulfilled, and not generally doing terrible things. So it works in the society we live in often enough. My purpose is to fulfill my desires, but conveniently most of my desires are acceptable [to some degree] as virtuous, or postive, or productive by at least some demographic of the society I live in. I actually wonder: if those who live with religion answered this question unhibited- what would the core of their answers be? Some may live to serve their god... but is that to please the god or to please themselves because they are serving the god? [shit I wasn't going to get off track, right?] Anyway, in regards to discussions of is/purpose/universe/God/A God... all that? I also often end up thinking this of people I converse with: Which is how, as someone who has not gone to church in over half her life and who has not prayed in at least that long ends up on a friend of a friend's page on Facebook, defending the Catholics and their beliefs, demonstrating how they make way more sense than anything anyone else is putting forth at the time. Frequently. --- also RE: Probably my favorite Futurama quote: "Our decisions do matter. The fact that they're predetermined makes them no less important."
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