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  1. Became so painful and unbearable that I reduced dosage. Much better but mind you I’m only at 50mg so going to need to add something else as it appears I can’t tolerate high doses of Lamictal. Three attempts (years apart) to go up to 75/100 with severe headaches, cognitive issues and muscle aches even 2 months after titration up. Strange on such a low dose. Now back on the merry go round trying to find something effective for anxiety that doesn’t also send me hypo...
  2. Yeah rubbish news, from first hand experience offers instant relief from depths of depression. Was always uncertain about it being used as a long term thing though based on acquaintances with addiction issues and clear side effects from long term use on cognition, memory and even emotional processing...
  3. The headaches usually are accompanied by significant issues with cognition, a kind of feeling that my neck muscles are losing strength (a kinda droopy neck drifting off feeling) and often tingling at extremities, as well as severe depersonalisation/déréalisation (there anyways but worsened). Keep in mind the cognition issues, mood issues, anxiety, tinnitus and low level headaches are always there just worsen during these bursts of head things (not sure what to call them anymore tbh). Im concerned too. Pdoc is treating it as migraine, so far unsuccessfully, have been waiting over 4 months
  4. I have had basic inspections at optometrists who have checked for retinal things etc in the past when headache symptoms were an issue and it appears all was fine. I have 20/20 vision. Thyroid check has always been one of those things I’ve meant to do over the years but never did, probably thinking “ah it’s just mental health”. More importantly, doctors have never suggested...
  5. Anyone have any thoughts on this predicament? Alongside the headaches I have severe cognitive issues that seem to come in waves and accompany an aura or head pain. Lowering Lamictal dose helped with headaches and cognition, but strange as on such a low dose, and still haven’t subsided entirely...
  6. Since upping my lamictal dose (only to 75) I gradually noticed increading strange muscular pains and cramps, akin to what I imagine arthritis to be like. I obviously have noticed that lamictal side effects tend to dissipate after a while after a dosage change, and of course had much more intense pains, headaches and other such things around the increase time howhever these particular ones appeared after the initial S/E subsided and have progressively worsened. These are focused on my legs, primarily my calf and knee joints, and have affected my gait. Alongside this I've notices strange muscula
  7. Am pretty much housebound due to the pain and agorophobia at this stage so any changes are probably a good change. Keep in mind I was what I thought was relatively stable approx 4 months ago.
  8. Agree with argh on this one, a good dawn simulator could really help, alongside things like leaving curtains open and setting loud alarms away from your bed. Unfortunately even on 100 mg my mind was so slow that everything felt in slow motion and I felt incredibly stupid (like forgetting words and peoples names I learnt seconds before)... I have tried raising dose up to 100 several times over the years but always couldn't tolerate it. So am back down on 75 mg which I know is pretty sub-therapeutic, and am about a month in taking vortioxetine alongside it which is having a clear ant
  9. New member here. My dx have been GAD and Panic disorder with what my Pdoc calls a "light mood disorder". More importantly my GAD and Panic Disorder started alongside depersonalisation and derealisation (dissociation) & depression approximately 10 years ago following a lengthy periods of ocassional drug use (primarily Cannabis but also MDMA and Salvia several times). I have a suspicion that this light mood disorder is BPII as my father is BPII (has had several psychotic episodes but is primarily depressive/anxious/agitated) and retrospectively, attempts to treat the GAD/Panic/Anxiety/D
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