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  1. yes,i took 1200 mgs of gabapentin in the hopes it would have an effect on my OCD for quite a long time.i didn't notice it having any effect on me at all. Thank you for the suggestion and i'm glad it works for you.
  2. Thank you....yes,it really is a shame i can no longer take chlopromazine.It was great for sleep,anxiety and ocd.
  3. Thank you as well for your reply. i had to see a cardiologist after i developed long Q-T and my pdoc is too worried about it to start me back on it, sadly. It is really too bad.It was such a great medication for me. As for loxapine my pdoc never wanted me on anything higher than 100 mgs for fear of extra pyramidral side effects.Of course,nozinan carries the same risk so i don't know. i have little faith that even a higher dose of loxapine would help much though.It seems my brain has blocked it's effectiveness now or something. Sorry for being so negative and difficult.i appreciate your help.
  4. Thank you for your reply, Yes,definitely agitated.i found loxapine very soothing in the beginning,and even when i was in the midst of a full blown panic attack i would hesitate before taking 50 mgs as it would just knock me out.i think it still helps,just not as well anymore.It does little for my panic attacks,and little for my obsessions,but yet i am still worried about stopping it. i did ask my pdoc if i could start back on lorazepam subliniguals,but he refused to do that as he had just started me on temazepam.i don't think clonazepam does much either anymore.
  5. Forgive me in advance as i am going to complain some more. So i have been at 50 mgs of nozinan for a couple of weeks now and have tapered loxapine from 100 mgs to 50 mgs.i had an appointment with my pdoc yesterday and he didn't want to make any changes.Maybe i am being impatient i dunno. He had decided on nozinan versus clopixol which is his other idea for me because i hadn't been sleeping and nozinan is supposed to be more sedating than chlorpromazine.It doesn't help me fall asleep,i need temazepam every night for that.i know i shouldn't be taking the temazepam every night and i am so scared it is going to stop working but i just cannot sleep without it. Chlorpromazine used to knock me out and i would get beautiful sleep while on it,but i am not finding this with the nozinan.It was my pdoc's hope that it would help with my daytime anxiety and my OCD perhaps.But i really don't think it is helping.It is just making me feel so dragged down.i feel so heavy on both nozinan and loxapine.My pdoc told me to hold off on my morning dose of loxapine for a couple of hours to avoid the sedation but i so often really need that morning dose because of a spike in my anxiety. i continue to have paralyzing anxiety and panic attacks and nozinan has a half life of 30 hours,You would think that along with the sedation i would get some relief from my symptoms.Maybe i am just at not high enough a dose.Our target dose was 100 mgs.That would mean getting rid of loxapine altogether i believe,and i am not sure how i feel about that. Again,i think my pdoc wants me to be patient but it is so hard when i just feel so medicated all the while having terrible anxiety and obsessions and compulsions. He had suggested clopixol with the idea that i would eventually be getting long acting injections of it.But i just dunno.i feel like he is being conservative right now,but i trust him implicitly.He is probably just being careful.But in one way or another i am very uncomfortable right now. Chlorpromazine worked and i don't remember feeling this tired on it during the day.Nozinan is a very old medication as well and i can find little information about it.One thing that worries me is that it can cause insulin resistance,and because i am also on rexulti i am afraid of metabolic side effects down the road.But my pdoc said we'll monitor that.It can also cause long Q-T although the risk is less than with chlorpromazine which is why i had to stop taking that. Anyway!' So sorry to ramble on.i am just not sure what to do.i want to give this a fair shot but i dunno it hasn't been very much fun.It is giving me a very dry mouth and i think it is making my maddening tinnitus worse. My pdoc's other idea was stelazine,but he reconsidered that when i told him that my father (who suffered from schizophrenia) developed tardive dyskensia from it. Ugh! Ugh and Ack! It seems like there so few options left for me even though my pdoc says there are a lot of things we haven't tried. Am i asking anything in my irritatingly long winded post? i'm not sure. It is 3:52 AM and i have been awake since around 1:30 AM.i really need consistent sleep and some relief from my anxiety and OCD.i would have to say my mood isn't really so bad but i am very discouraged.Yesterday my pdoc said the way my OCD manifests makes pyschotherapy difficult.i got freaked out for a few moments that he was frustrated with me,that he even might give up on me.But he has reassured me he's not frustrated and he won't fire me. i'm sorry.Probably shouldn't be writing at this hour. i just so want to crash out for a couple of hours and not wake up anxious. i don't know how long to give the nozinan a chance. Ok sorry enough. Thank you for reading if you have and i am sorry if i have repeated myself form my insomnia post. i just feel so desperate.
  6. Passionately apathetic.

  7. Well,just talked to my pdoc and he didn't want to add lorazepam because i only just started the temazepam. My next appointment with him wasn't supposed to be until December 2nd,but he just offered me a cancellation for this coming Monday so i said that i would like the appointment. So well he said we'll "strategize" on Monday.
  8. Near chronic state of anxious desperation.

  9. Well,i was on lorazepam for quite awhile before it stopped working.i did ask my pdoc if i could start taking it again a few months ago and he did refill it,but he didn't think it was such a good idea so i didn't start it again. i think my better bet is to perhaps ask for lorazepam sublinguals,rather than for diazepam which probably won't work for very long. Dunno what my pdoc will want to do though.Maybe he will just want to increase my nozinan which i think may mean my loxapine will have to be reduced. Hm.
  10. That's not a bad idea to consider actually,thank you. Maybe i could ask my pdoc if i could try to go back on lorazepam or diazepam.
  11. Well,sleeping a bit better with the combination of nozinan and temazepam but the nozinan at 50 mgs is not even touching my daytime anxiety which was my pdoc's hope.i woke up basically ok,but it quickly spiked for no apparent reason i can think of.i mean i did have a coffee but i dunno if that triggered it.Always pretty desperately need my coffee in the morning. My pdoc wants me to hold off on my morning loxapine until later on in the morning to avoid the daytime sedation from the combination of the nozinan and my loxapine but i am not sure how much longer i can stand it.Did have my 0.5 mg of clonazepam but this burning in my chest,this feeling that my heart is being crushed,that has not abated at all. i am really wishing i had kept some notes when i first started taking rexulti because i know common side effects are restlessness and anxiety.My pdoc asked me weeks ago if i thought the rexulti was causing my insomnia but i couldn't really say.He took me down to 1 mg from 2 mg anyway. i do think the rexulti has had a positive effect on my mood though,but it hasn't done anything for my obsessions. If nothing comes of the nozinan,my pdoc's next idea is clopixol,to eventually get me on injections of it. For now i am in anxiety agony.i had a massive panic attack two days ago,and fear another one hitting me at any time. i am in recovery from anorexia and am finding it so difficult to eat when anxiety has just stolen my appetite.My weight keeps going up and down. i am so aware of my heart beating and the adrenaline and cortisol surging through me all the time,and it just keeps me paralyzed in my chair. Ugh. Oh.Need relief. Need relief. Thank you for reading if you have.
  12. Spoke too soon.Woke up a few times during the night and finally gave up and got out of bed at 4 AM.GAH!!!!!

  13. Anxiety spikes&drops&spikes&drops moment to moment.

  14. Thank you so much for all the support and ideas,everyone. i called my pdoc in desperation yesterday and he agreed to prescribe me temazepam 30 mg. i got 7 solid hours! i spoke to him again today and he told me to try and use it as a prn so i don't build up a tolerance,but i don't know...i have my doubts that i will be able to to fall asleep on my own. Anyway for now i am thrilled! Today is a terrible anxiety and OCD day but atleast i am rested. Thank you all again.
  15. They ruled out sleep apnea.My oxygen level was good all night.They just told me i suffer from broken sleep which i kind of already knew.
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