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  1. On 100 mgs of loxapine and still sleeping poorly.Ack!

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    2. gabagaba


      Sorry you have trouble sleeping as well,even on zyprexa,jarn.It's dreadful isn't it.

    3. jarn


      It is so frustrating.  I hope you can solve your insomnia issues!!!

    4. gabagaba


      Thank you.And i wish you good,restorative rest as well.

  2. i am not familiar with those meds,but thank you so much Iceberg,i am going to do some research and ask my pdoc about them. Thanks!
  3. Well,i am still not sleeping.i got an hour and a half last night.My anxiety has been overwhelmingly intense,three days of panic attacks.OCD is horrible.Getting ordered around,intrusive thoughts,worst case scenarios,nonsense. So i just talked to my pdoc and we are stopping the nozinan because it has had absolutely no effect on me.i was so optimistic about it because it is so similar to chlorpromazine.Ah well. So,he increased my loxapine back up to 100 mgs in the hopes it will get me some sleep.The thing is,i don't know how he is writing the script.If it is for 100 mgs at bedtime and that g
  4. i am so sorry you are suffering.i empathize as i have yet found something that will even touch my OCD.i hope you find something that helps you.
  5. Thank you for reminding me of that book.i haven't read it in years,maybe time to pick it up again.
  6. That is helpful,thank you.i tend to fight the thoughts and that i do think that intensifies them.
  7. Thank you for your reply,and i am so sorry about your struggle with OCD. Yes,i need to remind myself that the panic will indeed pass.It is so hard in the moment though.i listen to my OCD all the time and i talk back to it too.i like your idea of self talk with compulsions.That could help me if i am out somewhere worrying that i left the stove on. i am having so much trouble not allowing my OCD to control me.i can cope ok for the most part with the compulsions,but the intrusive thoughts,the simple product of those misfiring neurons,is something i am having a terrible time with.
  8. Of course you're making sense...."thoughts are just thoughts".i have got to remember that.My pdoc always tells me that when i get some horrific thought to tell myself it is simply a misfiring of neurons. i am trying to do this,it just still really can overpower me.
  9. Over the past,i would say three weeks the way my OCD has been manifesting is in commands i get to do this/don't do that.Maddening,but not as bad as what i am experiencing at this moment.Got in the door from the store and almost immediately went into worst-case-scenario head.Too late in the day to call my pdoc,trying to remember what he would say about my fears,but it is so so hard.The intensity of these fears and the resulting anxiety are unbearable. i just started taking clonidine a few days ago and have found it works incredibly well for the physical manifestations of my anxiety,but at
  10. Thank you so much for all your help. i wish i had a couch to sleep on or an actual bedroom.i live in a bachelor apartment,i can see my fridge from my bed.i have to watch t.v,in my bed because there just isn't anywhere else to put it.My sleep hygiene is terrible. Thank you for sharing that noise generator site! i do journal as soon as i am up out of bed and it does help. i think something will have to be done about my night meds as they just aren't helping. Thank you again.
  11. Lunesta is zopiclone,no? i was on zopiclone for a long time but it decided to stop working,i take temazepam now,but it isn't working as well as when i first started taking it.
  12. Awake at 1:53 AM after about 3 hours sleep. Yesterday i googled "fear of sleep" and discovered that i fit the criteria for somniphobia.Talked to my pdoc/tdoc about this and he is trying to work with me on it.He told me to at least try and rest with my eyes closed,maybe with the t.v. on or music.i told him i had tried one night listening to youtube sounds of a thunderstorm as i find thunderstorms very comforting somehow,but it didn't really work very well.i told him how when i go to bed and close my eyes my head assaults me with disturbing images and terrible memories.He suggested i listen
  13. Praying for a clonidine miracle.

  14. yes,i took 1200 mgs of gabapentin in the hopes it would have an effect on my OCD for quite a long time.i didn't notice it having any effect on me at all. Thank you for the suggestion and i'm glad it works for you.
  15. Thank you....yes,it really is a shame i can no longer take chlopromazine.It was great for sleep,anxiety and ocd.
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