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  1. The How to Goodbye Depression technique, has anybody tried it? I need someone to let me know how it worked out for them before I put the effort into constricting my anus 100 time in a day. Also is that 100 times all in one go or can I space my anus clenching out throughout the day?
  2. I can't work out why I'm having sudden random panicky episodes. I wish I could still afford therapy as lately I feel like I haven't a clue what to do with myself. 

    1. Fluent In Silence

      Fluent In Silence

      Floral genitals? It's always unpredictable isn't it? It's not always possible to make any sense of it. It just is, and it's shit. I know that aimless feeling.


  3. I've seen a few small forums use external chat rooms such as mibbit but I don't know much about them. I think its pretty common to use discord these days so that could be worth a shot.
  4. I agree, she was turned away at 16 for this reason. “They think I’m too young to die,” said Noa, 16 at the time, explaining how she had been instructed to complete a trauma treatment and wait until her brain was more fully developed. She lamented the decision, saying, “I can’t wait that long.” She sounds so desperate. I I've seen this in some articles as well but in others it say's her sister has confirmed that she had now been allowed to die at home. Weather that was because of her anorexia, suicide or euthanasia its awful. I've seen reports that family and friends were with her at the time so whatever the case I really hope there is something in place to help them. It has making me question certain things about euthanasia though. I hadn't considered it could be used for mental health disorders, I always thought it was mainly for the terminally ill.
  5. I agree with assisted suicide in a lot of cases but I'm really not comfortable with this. The code for euthanasia states that doctors may honour a patient's appeal for euthanasia provided that the request is voluntary and well-considered, and the person's suffering has been deemed unbearable with no prospect of improvement but she is just so young and I wonder what help if any she received before going through with this. How can they say there is no prospects of improvement when she is still so young? Whilst I wouldn't want anyone to suffer through mental health and suicidal feelings for years on end its almost feels like everyone has given up on a child and if they can allow one person of this age to do it then how many others will follow suit. If you are between the ages of 12 and 16 you do need parental consent to do this and I'm hopeful that no parent would allow it but its so scary to think that there may be case when this happens. "After years of fighting and battling, I am drained," she wrote. It just feels like such a tragic situation that a child can't get access to help and has to suffer with these feelings. I hope her sister and any other family are receiving support.
  6. https://metro.co.uk/2019/06/04/dutch-girl-17-raped-child-euthanised-home-life-unbearable-9806828/ https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/06/05/an-anguished-dutch-teenager-who-was-raped-child-is-euthanized-her-request/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.81307c77eedc I'm not sure if this belongs here but I was wondering about peoples views on this. I can't work out how I feel about it. Its so sad but in a lot of ways understandable. EDIT: Its now looking like she refused help with her eating disorder as more reports being published have stated she died as a result of her anorexia after the state agreed not to intervene with her choice to starve. https://www.businessinsider.com/noa-pothoven-starved-to-death-euthanasia-denied-2019-6?r=US&IR=T
  7. I would have to pay to see nutritionist here. I guess as Dr Michael Mosley 5:2 diet, the blood sugar diet and intermittent fasting have been really promoted on the tv and forums I was hoping it would be an option. I don't need to lose weight but I do need to cut out so much crap. As for things like fizzy drinks I now buy sparkling water and add a tiny bit of squash into it but things like chocolate and carbs I'm really struggling to cut down on. Good luck with finding an exercise routine to suit you, I've dug out a really old Wii so trying to remember how to set that up.
  8. I've been following this thread with interest as my last lot of bloods I was told that my sugar levels were at the high end of normal. Its scary how common PD is. Its 1 in 3 people in the UK. I've tried to cut back on carbs which is hard as its the bulk of my diet and I know I don't exercise enough. Being indoors all day makes it difficult and my physical health issues make me so bloody tired I don't try so I really need to get more motivated and make some effort to change this. I have been researching intermittent fasting but there looks to be mixed reviews on its effectiveness long term. Has anyone tried this or the 800 diet?
  9. Does this mean that if you've had seizures your whole life that they may never be controlled? I've had epilepsy since childhood but was only started medication in my late 20's and I'm still having seizures most nights.
  10. Fuck them. They're will be plenty of people here that will want to offer you advice and support so take no notice of the one arsehole that feels the need to try and hurt you. I've had a lot of help from this forum weather it be a place to have a rant or even just reading random posts have provided me with information. As for the diabetes hopeful with diet and meds it can be kept under control. x
  11. Thank you, this is definitely something I need to try. I've tried staggered sleeping but I've never got out of bed when I can't sleep, I lay there and daydream instead, so I think I'll have to try getting up also I spend a hell of a lot of time on my bed when not sleeping as its the room I use the most so I really need to stop doing that, I've never really thought of it as an issue but maybe that's a huge part of it. Last night I went to bed at 1am didn't sleep until about 8am woke up at 10 when my med alarm went off and went back to sleep until 1.30pm, its only 4.30 now and I'm already flagging. My issue with forcing myself to stay awake is that because all my seizures are in my sleep it means when I'm over tired I will have a seizure or if I have a seizure I'm like a zombie and will fall asleep. I really need to get better seizure control.
  12. This is me but never get hypersomnia. I can't work out how to change my sleep pattern at all. I go to bed at a reasonable hour but I'm still awake at 10am so then sleep until 3pm+. I feel like exhausted all the time but night comes and I'm wide awake and ready to do more. I have a daylight simulation clock although I can't work out how to turn the bird song off so may throw it at the wall soon. Really not sure what else I can do. I spent half of last night doing the 4,7,8 breathing technique but I still didn't drop off. Thank you. Good luck with starting your lamictal.
  13. My Gp wouldn't prescribe anything and I figured they might see Melatonin as a safer option. Its prescription only in the uk but you can buy it online but like you said its not regulated and that was the route I was going to go down. Last Dr told me to talk to my neuro again but he was less than helpful, he also wouldn't prescribe me an antidepressant (apparently some can lower seizure threshold) and suggested I speak to a therapist first even after I explained NHS waiting times are up to 2 years, some services won't see you if you have a long term condition or one they don't class as mild (no history of self harm etc) and I can't afford one privately. I seem to be going around in circles with them. I'm speaking to a different GP on Friday so I'm hoping I can get them to write to the neuro on my behalf and try something to get me to sleep. I do struggle to get meds prescribed as I had a high risk overdose a while back and have never been kept under a mental health service for long, NHS usually see you for a set amount of appointments for CBT then of you go. Its pretty funny how you can be told you're high risk of hurting yourself or ODing but can't get any help to control these things. Do you have delayed sleep phase disorder? I already have a huge light box but I honestly don't think its doing anything. My sleep has been an issues since I was little and only getting worse. My seizures and sleep TC's so I know that's an added problem. I've been doing pretty well with coping with my agoraphobia but you can't really join or interact with the real world if you can't go out in the day when people have 'normal' kind of hours. Thanks for your answers, I guess I need to bed the Dr on Friday.
  14. Does anyone take Melatonin with Lamictal or Gabapentin and have any side effects? I've seen mixed study results on taking it when you have epilepsy so is anyone here with the condition taking it with no ill effects? I'm awake all night and have broken sleep in the day. Its always been this way and I'm not sure what else to try. I can't really function well like this and I'm missing appointments etc.
  15. Unbelievably lonely. I don't know why this has become such an issue lately. I've been lonely for years but recently its overwhelming.
  16. Your situation sounds a hell of a lot more complicated then mine was. I wasn't financially dependant on him but was dependant in a lot of other ways. Its clear you can't just leave but maybe you could try and sit down again together and see what each of you want regarding the relationship moving forward. Its clear you can't just leave so I'm pretty unsure what else you can do. Sorry I can't really give any advice but I hope things work out for you. Its a very difficult, hurtful situation to be in.
  17. Yup this, So much to do its making me depressed. To depressed and tired to do anything. Same thing day after day after day.
  18. Yeah, I don't want to worry you but I agree with this. My ex had a number of emotional affairs and I hated sitting there watching him text and being told I was being unreasonable for having an issues with it. I later found out just how much personal details about myself and our relationship he had shared with others and it hurt like hell. He also managed to always spin it so I came across as massive bitch and he was some hard done by guy who was kind enough to stay and support his crazy gf. One of his 'friendships' progressed to a relationship and he left me for her. If its upsetting you and feels wrong to how you want your relationship to be then it needs to be talked about especially as even though she lives far away there is still the possibility of them meeting at a work event. .An emotion affair can hurt just as much as a sexual one. It should matter to him how you are feeling and he also needs to understand why its making you unhappy and weather or not he is willing to change his behaviour
  19. Feeling odd. I'm not sure what this feeling is but its odd. Kind of uppy and anxious.
  20. It could be worse. You could be a sperm whale with everyone laughing at your name.
  21. What a Udderly random thought!
  22. No a depressed person can not choose to be happy but you may feel a little wave of pleasure by throwing that book at her preferably with quite a bit of force behind it.
  23. It sucks doesn't it? I don't even buy things that I need. I'm just wasting money by shopping to give myself the tiniest bit of distraction and relief from this constant shitty feeling. I hope you manage to get some of your essay done.
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