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  1. I pissed myself laughing at 6!
  2. Hubby brought home flowers for me. Nice psychiatrist was nice. Horrible mood lifted somewhat.
  3. Not sure about mixed but my pain flares up when I'm depressed enough.
  4. What is this wonderful medication you say is activating? I need activation!
  5. This is me. I'm not much of a talker but when I'm writing it's the equivalent of brain vomit. I just wrote an email to my psychologist and I'm pretty sure it was too long. She wrote back "that sounds great, see you tomorrow." LOL.
  6. GUILTY. I totally just Googled for ADHD symptoms.
  7. I played Untitled Goose Game and actually felt that is was fun. Honk honk!
  8. Are you able to clarify what you mean without giving away more than you'd like?
  9. Ugghhh I did not enjoy today. So let's see if I can find the good... I got some cuddles from the less affectionate one of my two cats. My husband made dinner while I rested. I found out a game that I've been waiting to be released for YEARS was finally released, so we are going to buy it.
  10. I finished phase 1 of the proofreading project I've been working on for the past month. I rarely finish things so it was good to get this done. I feel good about it.
  11. The brand hasn't changed for me. I started it after they had already changed it to Logem. So I've only ever taken Logem.
  12. Oh I see! That makes me wonder if I am getting there same effect from Logem as I would get from Lamictal. But lamictal would cost me hundreds (insurance here does not cover ongoing medical issues like mental illness because our govt subsidises medicine hugely). Also bupropion... My brand is Zyban. Interesting to think about. I hope the people taking lamotrigine for epilepsy will be OK.
  13. So I think a branding change happened here right before I started taking lamotrigine. I was given Logem and my psychiatrist was surprised by the brand change (he had prescribed Lamictal). He expressed no concerns about this though. Today I saw this article in the daily news: https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/115711290/taranaki-man-fearful-drug-funding-change-will-bring-back-a-life-of-seizures Basically this epilepsy sufferer has been taking Lamictal, which was previously funded by the govt here, but the change to Logem means that only Logem will be funded and Lamictal will now cost hundreds of dollars for anyone to get. What I don't understand is why is it a problem to change to Logem when both Logem and Lamictal are just different brands of the same drug? The article makes it sound like pharmac are now funding an entirely different drug. Are there differences between different brands of the same medication? I suppose if one brand is cheaper then it must be made up of some different ingredients?
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