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  1. I hope it helps and you can identify some possible causes! Sleep paralysis is terrifying so I really hope it gets better for you.
  2. I don't know if this is helpful, but I had a couple if years where I was having sleep paralysis a fair bit, and I eventually discovered that if I overheat while sleeping or I'm dehydrated, then it is likely to happen. I have only experienced it a few times since then. It's been years. I make sure I'm well hydrated and not too hot. I also noticed it only happened to me in the day. Can you pinpoint any commonalities like that with your episodes?
  3. I have read that bupropion works more on norepinephrine than dopamine and that stimulants work more on dopamine so maybe that's why. I'm hoping I'll be fine if I try IR.
  4. @mikl_pls, thank you! You are amazing. Here's what we have available (all ADHD medication) in NZ: https://www.pharmac.govt.nz/wwwtrs/ScheduleOnline.php?code=A223101 So I see there are other options for methylphenidate. I emailed my pdoc to tell him about my response to both 20mg and 40mg. He has instructed me to just stick to 20 for now, until our next meeting (which thankfully is in a couple of weeks). He mentioned possibly adding another 10mg somehow so I guess it might mean switching to Ritalin LA which I know we have here in various doses. We only have SR in 20mg (from what I can see. I could be wrong. I get very confused about all this stuff). I think pdoc wants to avoid IR at this time because my response to bupropion was so crazy. I am glad at least that this med is not amping me up (as he said that people who don't need it just get stimulated) and that I am experiencing the beneficial effects I hoped for, just not enough. So now I guess we just keep tweaking until I get something that works well enough. I am a bit hesitant to try an amphetamine. Again because of my horrible bupropion experience. Methylphenidate does increase my heartbeat but without the insane thumping I had on bupropion. So I can cope with it. Thanks everyone for your input and help.
  5. Hey all. I've been taking methylphenidate SR for a week now - 20mg once a day. Today in accordance with my psychiatrist's instructions, I have increased that to 20mg twice a day. My psychiatrist said that if it's not right for me I'll feel high, and if it is right for me I'll feel more calmed and focused. When taking once a day, I didn't notice any negative effects except maybe a headache (could have been something else though). The change was subtle but I noticed I have been able to talk more easily with people I don't know well (or anyone really). More conversational and I just find it easier to speak. I also have had a bit more focus and motivation to do things, but not heaps. My fatigue and sleepiness has felt better although I still feel tired at times. Now today, after taking the afternoon dose (and remember it's my first one), I feel weird. I have a headache. I feel dizzy/drowsy right behind my eyes. Almost like I'm tipsy and I want to go to sleep. I wrote an email to a friend earlier and had to go back and read it again as I found I couldn't remember what I'd written. Is this to be expected upon first starting the increased dose? Will my body adjust or does it not work that way? This is the very first time I've been on a stimulant and I have no idea if this is a sign that it's right for me or if I shouldn't take it. Even writing out this post now I feel a bit scrambled and can't quite feel a grasp on what's in my mind (though I seem to be writing coherently so that's good!). Any information or experiences with this med would be greatly appreciated as I'd like to understand it. 😊 Thanks so much. Edit: I forgot to mention that despite feeling weird I feel super calm. My daughter had a massive screaming tantrum and it didn't bother me at all when normally it would irritate the shit out of me. But I'm really calm and not bothered by anything. (maybe part of feeling sedated?)
  6. Been a while Melancholya. Hope you're OK.

    1. Melancholya


      Thanks so much for thinking of me. Today's the first time I've logged in for ages. Been pretty depressed and lacking motivation for anything. I'm sorry I haven't kept in touch here. I'll write a blog soon. I hope you're well ❤️

    2. echolocation


      no need to apologize, mel. nice to hear from you, i had also been wondering about you.

    3. Melancholya
  7. This is an absolutely valid fear. I still get freaked out when a washing machine moves LOL. Not to the extent of the distress you felt as a kid. I think I have a weird phobia of inanimate objects moving.
  8. Things have been pretty boring here it's brought on an apathy for me so I haven't logged on here much, sorry ya'll. I'm flat but hanging in there! I've been going on long (physically-distanced) walks with music to help pass time in the afternoons/evenings.
  9. I too had this problem on every SSRI I took and I tried a HEAP of them before finally getting into the mental health service (rather than just first-line GP) and was able to try other types. It's such a frustrating problem. I always found them emotionally dulling (which everyone complains about, but I actually liked having a more flat and even mood, just less reactive I guess) and I wonder if it's just the fact that they smooth out your emotions which makes you care about less things and therefore are less motivated. I dunno. I took venlafaxine (effexor) for a while and I don't recall if I was tired or not, I wasn't on it long... the norepinephrine I guess helps it be more activating. Has anyone experienced the tiredness and lethargy from venlafaxine? Aside from @Blahblah I just really can't recall. The only things so far that have helped with lethargy are getting completely off SSRIs and trying bupropion and now moclobemide. Bupropion was too activating and my anxiety shot through the roof, but man I was productive and I just didn't need naps anymore. Now on moclobemide I do have more normal energy levels so I do nap sometimes but it's usually only for 20/30 mins max (as opposed to 3 hours when I was on SSRIs!). I can get through a day now and not feel like I have bricks attached to my feet and hands and a cloud in my head.
  10. Didn't a guy die from taking chloroquine after Trump said it's completely safe and the FDA had approved it for coronavirus? (the FDA had not.) I think the guy may have been healthy. This is something my hubby told me after reading about it online so I can't say for sure.
  11. Not to be offensive but your PM is very odd. It sounds like you wouldn't be offended by that however. Realistically, if governments want people safe and alive, it will be a VERY long time. NZ is in complete lockdown for the next three weeks, and that will probably be extended another two weeks. Data modelling has suggested that any time a lockdown ends, the virus will just spread again and another lockdown will be needed. We may end up with an extended period of lockdown, back to business, lockdown, back to business and so on. But who really knows. If we eradicate it here that would be wonderful, but then the economy...? Our govt is already saying we will be in a very hard recession after all this.
  12. I'd suggest trying to accept that gaining weight during a stressful time is OK, and focus on doing things that make you feel happy and less stressed. Definitely find exercise that you enjoy, as we all know that has proven benefits. But try to take the focus from "don't gain weight" to "look after myself and keep myself happy". If you are less stressed you are likely to do less binge eating too. I know it's upsetting to have everything turned upside down right now but your mental wellness is the top priority (aside from staying isolated). ❤️
  13. This is SO HARD for us with MI. Why don't we start some kind of chatroom - separate from the boards - where we can register with the same usernames we have here and keep it anonymous and chat to each other so we can feel more connected?
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