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  1. Yesssss! *fist in the air punch* Positive feedback at work is such a mood booster! Good on you for doing those things despite feeling yuck. I hope you start to feel better real soon. Lol this made me think of my father in law. He goes to the dentist so rarely that when he does, his dentist has died and he gets a new one 🤣🤣 I'm glad you got a friendly maid and glad your pdoc will be around for a while!
  2. That's great, it feels good to create and complete something you are happy with Well done!! I really ought to get back into exercise. Today I got my daughter ready for her kindy visit on time and she enjoyed herself. Leaving kindy also went really smoothly.
  3. Awesome. I so relate with that feeling of wanting to leave early. That's exciting!! Good luck
  4. That's awesome. I'm glad your son had a better day! Getting a kid somewhere on time is a massive achievement 😂 It's great to having stimulating work. And it's also great to not be in zombie mode.
  5. Tired, dreading the rest of the day, counting down the hours until I can sleep again. Climate change anxiety is back. It's 1pm and I already over ate and made poor food choices. Basically hating on myself with the limited energy I have left.
  6. With depression we tend to focus and ruminate on the shitty aspects of life. But if we look harder we can find good things. If you're up for it, let's share what went well today/lately. I'll go first. Today I showered and dressed and put make up on. I went to the coffee shop down the road from my house and the guys there are getting to know me; we have some enjoyable chats. What went well/is going well for you?
  7. Does lamotrigine basically increase glutamate @argh? Or level it out or something? (I realise it's probably not that simple...)
  8. I was under the impression that lamotrigine and abilify don't cause a loss of sex drive? My previous pdoc had my try abilify to mitigate the sexual side effects of my SSRI, and now I'm on lamotrigine because sexual side effects was one of my biggest complaints (aside from SSRIs only partially helping).
  9. Holy shit. I fainted in my third trimester (so fell over) and it was the most terrifying thing that ever happened to me. Glad you were okay!!
  10. About 50% of the time. Plastic bags have been banned here, yay~! What was your favourite childhood toy/teddy?
  11. Thanks! I'm not worried about it being serious. Was just something I noticed that had me wondering (lamotrigine must be helping a lot because I am not anxious over any of this stuff anymore!) I had some skin itchiness/tingling around my eyes when I first started but haven't had any of that for a while now. Is your skin sensitivity ongoing? That sucks if so.
  12. I found this today, it's a sort of tech website but they have a 'good news' page. It helped me feel a little better about the world. Hopefully someone here will find it comforting or helpful in some way. https://futurecrun.ch/goodnews
  13. Soooo is it pretty common to have increased bruising on lamotrigine? Cos far out I am getting a lot of bruises from God knows what. I've got one on my arm that's pretty sore and I can't for the life of me recall hitting it or being slammed into. I've also got a really dark one on my leg! They must be coming from the tiniest things. Or would bupropion be a more likely culprit?
  14. I reckon just start one. These boards have been around so long that I'm sure the same questions / discussions happen regularly.
  15. A Wise Boys "chicken" burger (an amazing vegan burger I had recently during my time in the big city). What languages do you speak, or are learning?
  16. I feel kinda sick - think I ate too much dinner. And my shoulder/neck pain seems to be back.
  17. Welcome! Everyone here is really rad. Don't hesitate to ask any questions. You'll get really supportive and helpful responses
  18. It looks like with each decade eyebrows alternated between being thick or thin, at least in the 2nd half of the 1900s.
  19. I am 100% with you!
  20. Not really a pic but a screenshot of some text that made me laugh 😁
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