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  1. The brand hasn't changed for me. I started it after they had already changed it to Logem. So I've only ever taken Logem.
  2. Oh I see! That makes me wonder if I am getting there same effect from Logem as I would get from Lamictal. But lamictal would cost me hundreds (insurance here does not cover ongoing medical issues like mental illness because our govt subsidises medicine hugely). Also bupropion... My brand is Zyban. Interesting to think about. I hope the people taking lamotrigine for epilepsy will be OK.
  3. So I think a branding change happened here right before I started taking lamotrigine. I was given Logem and my psychiatrist was surprised by the brand change (he had prescribed Lamictal). He expressed no concerns about this though. Today I saw this article in the daily news: https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/115711290/taranaki-man-fearful-drug-funding-change-will-bring-back-a-life-of-seizures Basically this epilepsy sufferer has been taking Lamictal, which was previously funded by the govt here, but the change to Logem means that only Logem will be funded and Lamictal will now cost hundreds of dollars for anyone to get. What I don't understand is why is it a problem to change to Logem when both Logem and Lamictal are just different brands of the same drug? The article makes it sound like pharmac are now funding an entirely different drug. Are there differences between different brands of the same medication? I suppose if one brand is cheaper then it must be made up of some different ingredients?
  4. It's like that here too (Taranaki, NZ) Today was a beautiful day after some cold rainy ones.
  5. Not listening to it right at this minute but lately I have been enjoying Tears for Fears and Split Enz. (I fucking love Split Enz)
  6. That sounds promising. I wonder about breastfeeding. I'll look around for some info.
  7. Over here our Mi Store has it and calls it a Mi Amazfit Bip. https://www.mi-store.co.nz/product/UYG4021RT/Mi-Amazfit-Bip-Smart-Watch-Onyx-Black
  8. What's NAC? I used to take magnesium to help with sleep and aches. Not sure NAC is approved here, we don't have GABA.
  9. I've been using Daylio to track my moods and it's great because it gives you stats and a monthly graph and stuff. It doesn't track sleep though. Edit: OMG what a dunce. Had a brain fart. I see you are trying Daylio, lol. @argh what's your miband like? Is it good? I've been thinking about getting the 4. I have a xiaomi phone and I'm a bit of a xiaomi fangirl.
  10. There's also research that zinc can improve depression (alongside medication). I used to take it each night. May as well start it again!
  11. Interesting. I've been getting little pimples on my thighs, which isn't new, but now there's heaps more of them, lol. Yay for being sexy. I also have a lot more bruises these days. 🤔
  12. Another Q. If I wanted another child I'd definitely have to stop lamotrigine right? My pdoc did say they prescribe it in pregnancy but I've seen other stuff about it online that seems to suggest otherwise. And in breastfeeding it'd be a no-go right? Hubby and I are happy with just our one at the moment but are open to the possibility of having another kid later (like years later). But I am loving this med so it'd be a real shame to have to come off and go back on an SSRI.
  13. Omg that sucks. And what an insensitive thing for your relative to say. People whose children have medical problems need help the most Good point. At my worst I find it very very hard to ask for help. I have actually tried before, I asked my mum if she could make some meals when I was about to give birth and she just said" you won't need anything like that". That's incredibly hard. My sister is a bit like that. It's draining and feels so tiresome when the help is not reciprocal. In my original post I wasn't referring to people struggling with their own serious MI who of course do not have the capacity to help. I was meaning those who are healthy and fine. You could argue that people probably have their own problems in secret which is true, but I know for a fact that some of my family members could help because I see them helping out others in the family, but overlook me even when I tell them I am not well. Yeah, I wasn't referring to those people. I have friends who I know have MI struggles of their own and I never ever ask them for help. I don't actually use fb for emotional needs most of the time and if I do I lock it down to only close people, so it's really disappointing when my family ignore it. Honestly I've tried talking face to face with my parents and they don't get it. My mother would rather die than talk about emotional problems. I guess that's why she drowns herself in alcohol every weekend. I know I should just accept that my family are useless. And often I do, but sometimes when I'm really desperately depressed I just wish someone was looking out for me. I guess the conundrum is that I want people to help of their own choosing, I don't want to ask in case they feel pressured or don't want to do the thing. At my worst I am thinking, I need help, but I am such a burden. I'm probably just being a bitch about the whole thing. Kinda wishing I hadn't posted this topic.
  14. @Sync in what way is your bite messed up? I'm just curious because years ago a dentist discovered that I have more than one bite, like I can bite together in more than one position if that makes sense? I have a funky jaw. but it sounds like your bite is causing you lots of pain? Oh man dental work is expensive. My hubby's lower teeth are bunched together at the front because of a tooth that grew in the wrong place. I keep telling him he could get it fixed but he doesn't want to spend the money, lol. Ahhh what is it called when teeth are all bunched together... I should know this because I did a short stint as a dental assistant!
  15. @echolocation that was really helpful for me too. Thank you
  16. I feel so crap all I can think about is cutting myself.
  17. But it sounds like they are unable to because you won't let them? Why not just let someone help a little? You don't have to tell them your mental health history. There are few things worse than trying to help someone you love and they won't let you.
  18. Firstly, curly hair is not ugly! It just needs a certain kind of care and not many people really know how to care for it. Have a Google for the "curly girl" method (not just for girls!) and you'll learn a bit. Curly hair shouldn't be combed when dry. If you must comb it, do it in the shower or just after the shower when it's still wet. Anyway, if you Google you'll find more info. You don't have to do the full method (I don't) but you can take any parts that work for you and roll with it. It'll take some patience and experimentation. Also, never underestimate the power of a good haircut. I'm not overweight but I relate with the impulsive eating. I'd start by looking at what you think could be driving your impulse to eat. Is it for comfort? Do you do it when stressed? When angry? To harm yourself? I do it for all of the above. Your doctor might be able to refer you to counselling for it. Otherwise, you could try finding an Overeaters Anonymous meeting in your area, if you are open to that. Are you taking any medications? Some meds can stimulate appetite. Being 16 is a really rough time. Teenagers are brutal. I got picked on for just about everything and my self esteem sucked. Hang in there. Haters gonna hate. Fuck em. What they say is a reflection of them, not of you. Gyms aren't the only way to exercise. A couple years ago I installed an app on my phone called couch to 5k. It got me from no running, no running 5km in about 9 weeks. From there I worked my way up to 10km. It was the healthiest I've ever been and it was free (aside from buying a really good pair of running shoes). But there's also walking which is a highly underrated exercise. An hour's walk each day could really help you. I know it's hard, but try not to focus on weight loss and instead focus on healthy lifestyle changes. Try changing just one thing at a time. If you try to change everything at once you won't be able to stick to it. You could try adding a starter salad to your lunch, or a big bowl of steamed vegetables, then follow up with a smaller portion of what you'd normally have. Foods high in fibre will help satiate you for longer. Just try and change one thing each week. You will face setbacks and that's okay. If you want to succeed I firmly believe you'll need to learn to be kind to yourself. Putting yourself down is very demotivating. I hope this doesn't all sound preachy. I certainly don't have it all together. I think really you'll come a long way by addressing the psychological aspect of your eating problems. Good luck!
  19. You are so fortunate to have parents who want to help instead of ignoring you.
  20. I get that not everyone understands what it's like having mental illness. That's not a problem. But there is SO much talk of mental illness these days - on social media, in the news... Calls to improve mental health services, lower the suicide rate, ask your mates if they're OK, look out for each other, speak up if you're struggling etc. But when you actually do speak up about it you get mostly ignored. If I tell friends or family that I'm not doing well, they'll just say something like "that sucks, I hope you feel better soon". Just once I wish someone would say "can I cook you a meal?" or "can I clean your house a bit?" or "want me to look after your daughter for an hour so you can have a break?". I don't want my friends and family to know what to say or have a magical fix for me. I just want them to offer to help in a practical way. Once I got so low that I actually asked for help on Facebook, I was going through bad PND when my daughter was a baby, and I asked if anyone could drop off a meal. A guy who was only an acquaintance cooked like 6 dinners for us and dropped them off. I was immensely grateful, it was awesome. Meanwhile, my parents, sister and closest friends sent me well wishes and did nothing. My mother comments on / likes anything I post about cats, but if I say a single thing about depression or anxiety she is absolutely silent. I just feel so let down by the majority of people in my life. I hardly even tell my friends or family when I need help now. And then I see more posts on social media about how people need to reach out when they're struggling. How about the healthy people try reaching in for fucking once?
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