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  1. I wish you were here.

  2. Please come back ❤️

  3. I must be about the only person in the world who doesn't lose weight on bupropion, because I eat like a damn pig.

  4. Depressed again, who would have thought? Of course I am. 

    1. echolocation


      i'm sorry you've been feeling low, mel. it's dark in the pit, but you're not alone. how are you feeling today?

    2. Melancholya


      Thanks so much for checking in. I'm feeling a bit better. Yesterday was hard because I'm sick with a cold. Obviously still sick today but mood has improved. I hope you are doing OK :)

    3. echolocation


      i'm glad your mood is better today. being sick always fucks with my mood, too. neocitran is my saving grace when i have colds. i have been doing alright lately, thank you for asking. :^)

  5. Feeling calm. Okay. Neutral mood. What a relief. 

  6. DJ, where are you? We are so worried. Please come check in ❤️

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