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  1. "Restore your teeth in Mumbai". That's a REALLY long way for me to go for dental services..
  2. The internet wants me to play Hearthstone Battlegrounds. Fair enough, I'm a nerd. Though not THAT much of a nerd.
  3. There's a dummies book for everything! Please forgive me if this is a totally ignorant question, but is OCD a form of anxiety? I am just wondering why you said you could only treat one or the other. My (admittedly uneducated) reasoning is that treating anxiety would also treat OCD? Again please please forgive me if this is totally wrong. And if possible please educate me Edit: went back and read your post again... And realised I got totally confused 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ sorry. You said depression vs anxiety. I reckon you should be able to find a way to manage both.
  4. I had to Google this ya jerk. Anyway... Needles.
  5. Auspost is the fucking antichrist.
  6. Feeling calm. Okay. Neutral mood. What a relief. 

  7. Free tarot reading. Well, tbh, at this point I'd give anything a try. Now and ad for a pretty dress on a very slim and very beautiful model. <<body dysmorphia intensifies>>
  8. Here to complain about how much I complain. I'm a dick.
  9. I think there's some types of food that give me some form of reflux, but I am not 100% sure. So yeah I am feeling gross after some food.
  10. That's pretty cool. I would change browser but I use Chrome to store all my passwords D:
  11. How do brave rewards work? I've only just heard of brave browser.
  12. A company called Butterfly wants me to have a whole body ultrasound. OK? Why?
  13. I'm slowly reading The Institute by Stephen King. I am super interested in reading American Psycho. I found the movie fascinating.
  14. I'm really confused by the BallPark Pouch. I don't understand at all how the pictures relate to the product, lol.
  15. Another one for an aged care facility. They know I'm on lamotrigine and am slowly going senile. Also this... I don't know why this guy has a crane in his head?
  16. Mary & Christian, telepathic duo.
  17. I am laughing so hard at this 😆😆
  18. oh that's great. I wondered why it didn't feel difficult for me to stop taking it. I figured it was because I hadn't taken it for very long.
  19. I've had those sorts of symptoms starting medication, so I guess it makes sense you might have them when stopping. I figure anything goes with withdrawal. Are you coping OK?
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