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  1. My cellphone case is clear because the back of my phone is this really nice holographic(?) blue. Uh I don't know if that's the right word. It's blue but it reflects purple and green too. What book have you most recently read?
  2. You obviously loved your friend very much. It is normal and 100% okay to struggle with it. Everyone struggles with loss. And this form of loss is especially tragic. Give yourself time. Do you think you could benefit from a few days off work? Or do you do best having something to keep you busy?
  3. Yay! All the best with your move!
  4. Raining. And raining. And raining.
  5. Ahh sorry. other than that I have no idea. I have irritability / anger problems too and so far a low dose of sertraline and lamotrigine are keeping me level-ish. Could be better though. I hope you find something to help. Irritability is such an awful thing to experience. I always feel like a terrible person after my bad moods, which of course just makes everything worse.
  6. I suppose some of it comes down to personality type - I am never going to be a tidy person, but I sure could be doing better and it's made worse by mental illness.
  7. Never 😬😬 What's your favourite movie?
  8. No, not all mothers are like that. I'm sorry you have a mother like that. It makes a huge impact on someone to have a mother who is not nurturing and caring. My mum isn't as angry as yours, but she gets drunk and picks on / fights with everyone, so I can kind of relate. Hope you can move into your new place asap!
  9. Mia, this is so heartbreaking. Sending you hugs.
  10. Trump blames everything EXCEPT the actual causes of a problem. (mostly his administration.)
  11. Ah yes, that's a good point too. My husband used to ask (when approached in the street) "are you a volunteer for this cause?". Most of the time they weren't! I dunno but it puts me off when I know someone's motivation is to get paid, rather than being motivated by the cause.
  12. Hubby and I are anime nerds and we just started watching season 2 of One Punch Man. Previously we were bingeing Dark, which is AWESOME and on Netflix btw.
  13. I used to. A lot. At one point I wanted to be a cartoonist when I grew up. But I rarely draw anymore. What's your favourite memory?
  14. There are so many charities and causes out there. I think it's great if you want to give to something that you care about. You're right, it's your money and none of your mum's business. I am careful about donating - if someone comes to my door, or approaches me in the street asking for money for a charity, I don't sign on. I don't like the pressure and I like to take time to make a decision, not sign up on the spot. I also like to have good knowledge of something before I give my money to it. I think right now, hubby and I donate to Amnesty international. But every so often we change to another charity we care about and donate to that for a while. That was a bit of a ramble. I think if you want to donate to a charity you care about then that is awesome
  15. This sorta thing happens to me fairly regularly and I think it's just muscle fatigue. I'm not very strong, lol.
  16. We have a lot in common. I relate to all of this!
  17. I haven't but I think I have looked at this before! If I recall correctly I can't order one in NZ but I'm not sure. My dad used to say "if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is". I guess I have him to thank for my skeptical nature haha. Are they shown to be helpful in clinical depression? Or is it mostly people who have an episode in response to a life event? Sorry my post isn't very helpful! I'm interested in hearing from anyone who has tried one. I wonder if it would adversely affect you if used in combination with medications?
  18. Call me a whingy millennial (older millennial thank you very much) but adulthood is HARD. Or maybe it's just hard with depression. Or maybe I'm a woman-child. I cannot stay on top of the cleaning. Most days I don't want to cook because I feel agitated by the process of having to think about what to make. I cannot organise my house to save myself. We're homeowners for the first time (been a year now!) and general house maintenance boggles me. I literally have no idea who to call to fix random issues. In my daughter's bedroom one corner of the window frame is swollen - obviously got wet somehow but is a window expert the person to call? I suppose it is. Called one anyway. I also booked a gutter clean this morning but it's taken me all winter to get around to it, and we have literal waterfalls in multiple places around our house when it rains. A few years ago I discovered "Adult Children of Alcoholics". I read a bit of their material. I ultimately decided it wasn't for me (it's another one of those twelve steps programmes and I feel iffy about it) but some of the stuff made me wonder about myself. One of the ideas they present is that children of an alcoholic parent don't properly learn to be adults because their parent(s) was/were not emotionally available to them. I went to university not knowing how to use a fucking washing machine. But, I grew up with so much anxiety I often didn't ask questions about how to do new things, or even try to do new things. I didn't show a lot of independence til I left home really. In some ways I still don't. Sometimes I still find myself wanting someone to "hold my hand" through things. Whenever I start a new job, I heavily rely on someone else to help me through it as long as possible before I start doing things independently. I couldn't even use the phone til I was in my late teens maybe? Actually in my early 20s I was too afraid to use the phone at my job. I feel as though I am a child in an adult's body. Anyone else?
  19. Alternating sunny and rainy here. Freezing.
  20. Thanks ya'll for reviving this thread which enabled me to discover this
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