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  1. Another one for an aged care facility. They know I'm on lamotrigine and am slowly going senile. Also this... I don't know why this guy has a crane in his head?
  2. Mary & Christian, telepathic duo.
  3. I am laughing so hard at this 😆😆
  4. oh that's great. I wondered why it didn't feel difficult for me to stop taking it. I figured it was because I hadn't taken it for very long.
  5. I've had those sorts of symptoms starting medication, so I guess it makes sense you might have them when stopping. I figure anything goes with withdrawal. Are you coping OK?
  6. So cold... And so hot! 12C here when we woke up this morning. Brrrr. Supposed to be heading into summer and we're having a 2nd (mild) winter.
  7. Sad and tired. Would quite like to go to bed and cry.
  8. Being in a small group setting where each person is encouraged to share their thoughts or opinions. That sets me off big time. I am really fearful of adding my "two cents" to anything. This was terrible when I was working, as we'd often have team meetings to discuss projects. My brain would jumble up and I wouldn't know what to say. My husband's work events, where he knows everyone (co-workers) and I don't. I guess I'd be expected to hang out/converse with the other "partners of employees" but that's even worse tbh. In fact, any event where there will be lots of people and I am expected to interact is a trigger for me. Things like church are fine because I can just sit at the back and listen, then leave early before I have to talk to anyone, lol. Sometimes I get in this mindset where I don't want anyone to look at me. So I avoid avoid avoid. I stay at home and avoid things like family gatherings and church etc. Being in unfamiliar places with unfamiliar people. For example, starting a new job. I HATE starting a new job. I know everyone struggles with that but I get so anxious I find it really hard to ask people for help with what I'm learning to do.
  9. I thought he was hot then too!!! And yes it was great what he said about having bipolar disorder at the end. I had no idea. I'm looking forward to his book.
  10. You could try adding aripiprazole. My previous psychologist added that to my SSRI explaining that it gives the antidepressant a bit of a boost and helps with sexual problems. It didn't work well overall for me but it did help my libido some.
  11. Still bummed my friend didn't check in with me. Sad bummed.
  12. LOLLLL I just got one for a dental centre in Thailand. I live nowhere near Thailand but I am having Thai food for dinner tonight... Someone is listening? 🤔
  13. I reached out to a friend early this week and she said she'd check in on me in a few days. She hasn't got back to me so I feel pretty bummed. She still might, maybe I'm jumping the gun. But I feel like I'd rather stop hoping for it.
  14. Ads for land that costs almost as much as our house did.
  15. Oh my goodness, what a horrible and shocking thing to go through. I am so sorry.
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