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  1. Oh my goodness, what a horrible and shocking thing to go through. I am so sorry.
  2. An English course through Cambridge University. Though English is my first language. Do I make that many typos? 🤔
  3. I don't know what dry shampoo is supposed to do because my hair still looks like it needs a wash.
  4. Last week was a heat wave. This week is a cold snap. Go figure.
  5. Headache I cut the most in the period of my life when I was drinking. Please look after yourself. ❤️
  6. I am feeling exactly this as well. Solidarity.
  7. I actually feel quite good. I have henna in my hair and I'm listening to some good music. Worrying I didn't get the henna right to my roots though because I suck. Anyway that's a trivial worry so things are feeling good right now.
  8. I think you should just give him a try It seems you have overall a good feeling about him. You can always do a couple of sessions and then decide to find someone else if you want (though I totally get it can be hard to tell a therapist you're going to try someone else. I am so terrible at that I usually make up a lie, lol. That might be a New Zealander thing though). I look for someone who I feel I "gel" with, I very much use my feelings to assess whether I think a therapist will be good for me or not. I can usually tell right away if they are warm and understanding. I look for someone who is not judgey, who tries their best to understand what I'm saying. Tbh I think an emotional therapist is the best kind of therapist. Unless you are making them cry every session, LOL. (I don't think that would ever happen.) Good luck with your decision Regardless it sounds like you should move on from your current therapist.
  9. I know what you mean. I am like this too. If someone mocks me usually I'm so unprepared for it I don't know how to react and I just get apologetic or embarrassed. Instead of sticking up for myself! I am so glad to hear this
  10. Omg. Tell her to shove it up her ass. I'd love to hear her response to that! I understand how hard it is to make new friendships. I wonder if you could find a way to meet some more caring people. Do you have other friends? Honestly that made me so mad to hear she mocks you.
  11. @notloki @Iceberg thank you both. I don't think I'd need to be on a high dose. My blood pressure isnt affected but my resting heart rate went from mid to high 50s up to high 70s. I know this is still the normal range but I get mega heart palpitations which freak me out. Sometimes my bpm goes up to 111 randomly. Additionally I've started feeling my veins pulse in my arms and legs, and sometimes they get really big and show more under my skin. These are making it really hard for me to be compliant on bupropion and I've already skipped it a few times because I'm anxious. I think a high dose of BB would probably be bad for me.
  12. Thanks so much for replying. That's weird, the website I was reading said weight gain, fatigue and sexual problems can be side effects. I'm asthmatic so I'm not sure if I can have them now. Maybe there is one that is OK for asthmatics.
  13. Gonna leave my husband and run away with a cute mature lady.
  14. Is there anyone here who takes beta blockers? My pdoc said this might be a good way to help with the cardiovascular side effects I'm getting from bupropion. What should I know about beta blockers? Are there any not associated with weight gain? And not associated with fatigue? And not associated with sexual dysfunction? Otherwise we scrap bupropion and try something else. I'm bummed though because aside from the heart stuff bupropion has really helped me.
  15. "find cute matures - find your mature lady". Why does it think I'm gay? And that I want cute matures?
  16. If you want to try a non-medication route to begin with, I found that yoga REALLY improved my restless legs syndrome back when I was taking an SSRI (I had restless legs SO BAD at night). I did yoga that focused on stretching my lower back, butt, and legs. You can search Youtube for yoga videos that focus on those areas. It's an easy and free way to get some relief. I hope it helps if you try it out.
  17. Hot. It's bloody hot here today! All the doors are open and I know it's breezy outside because I can see the trees moving... but the breeze is evidently bypassing my house.
  18. I think people who haven't experienced it really can't get it. Years ago I worked for a guy who pushed me into some really stressful situations at work, and my depression and anxiety were exacerbated. When I told him about it he said to me one day "You do really well, I think really you bring it all on yourself". I think he meant that because he thought I was doing a good job on the outside (which is great, he did encourage me a lot that way), then I was bringing in depression and anxiety with my thinking. I remember feeling so downhearted. He really just had no idea, and couldn't fathom the way I thought about myself. But. Even though I believe people who haven't experienced it can't really get it.... I think there are people who do their best to try to understand. The minister at my church is a very caring man and because he knows about my mental health struggles, he comes and visits me sometimes to check in and ask questions. He said straight up to me "I cannot relate to your experience, but I want to empathise and try to understand". And he makes an effort with me. If we bump into each other in the street he looks me straight in the eyes and asks "how are you?". Not in that way that people ask just as a greeting. He wants to know. And I appreciate that. I wish more people would be like that. I am so sorry about your friend-cousin. This will seem like a rude question but WHY is she your best friend? I feel like you deserve a better friend who cares more about your experience rather than trivialising it.
  19. I just got one for a retirement home. Hmm. I won't be able to retire for another 35 years. Now something to do with ceramics. Earlier an ad for dating. I am married so this makes me wonder what my browsing history has been lately 🤔 Yes. No doubt about it. Nothing here is going to eat you, and our spiders are small.
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