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  1. Oh! I never really understood memes anyways. Thought they where jokes, maybe I was just looking to laugh.
  2. Bing images, I tell ya what. Never made a meme in my life. I don't have a firm grasp on my humor lol
  3. Feel bad in like a billion ways. I wanna puke. Got nothing to give up tho. I ddnt eat today. I am so behind on today. I'm glad everyone is asleep though. Just gunna keep to myself irl. I feel so sick.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAGENje0zRk
  5. I feel like I don't want to sleep in my bed, feel like buying a new one. I feel like I can't sleep either. I feel unintelligent.



    Funny shows and stuffed animals?

    Not actual taxidermy tho lol

    1. Raspberry


      But is he a qualified cuddle therapist? 

    2. Happy ^_^

      Happy ^_^

      By my estimation, yes.

      Kidding tho! Hope you find the proper cuddles you seek and wish you the best!

  7. Watching dust float thru the light that's peering between the blinds.

    Hope everyone's weekend has been nice!

  8. Hope everyone had a good day! Helped make/ help eat a cookie cake.

    Now I feel like that guy at the end of the all you can eat with a bottle of Rolaids. Nooooooooooooooo



    Update complete!

    Lol happy Friday all!!


  9. Headphones! Foxing - Slapstick. Up next: Joji & Niki - La Cienega. Television: My little pony, the newest favorite bedtime show for child #2 lol. Last one was Troll Hunters. Omg Netflix kills me
  10. Excited for bed!!. I am so overtired lol

    Tomorrow is Friday and that's cool I guess! 


  11. Attended a fundraiser for one of my child's school, it went well. I had a good day today.

    Always more things to do than there is time for. Happy to be home again.

    Wish everyone the best!

  12. Maybe! I thought of putting pictures of myself and the family up but I don't know how sure I am about including them in the stuff I talk about on here. I gunna look up a pic of myself to put up tho! I haven't been on any social media for like 7+ years so this is kinda fun for me. Microsoft paint tho lol
  13. Propranolol three times a day and diazepam twice daily if needed. Best meds I've been on for anxiety and ect. Prescribed to Effexor when I was a youngster and it gave me wild side effects. SSRI and SNRI medications have also given me problems, not good for anxiety. I would advise against fast acting benzodiazepines like alprazolam and lorazepam, too fast too quick. They have a higher abuse rate and I don't know why those are the more common sedatives for doctors to recommend. They are dangerous and highly addictive in comparison to other meds. Beta blockers for sure, there are a lot of different kinds. Do some research on prescriptions you think might work well with you and have a talk with your psychiatrist. There is no way they won't listen to you. After years of trying every med they could throw at me I left my general practitioner to see a psychiatrist. It changed my life. Didn't even need a referral. Side effects exist for anything you could take. Hate how they would get mad when I would stop taking them because they weren't the right fit. Now I don't even have to take my meds every day. They don't always help the way I wish they would, but they are there when needed.
  14. Phenibut? Info here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phenibut Worth a try. Works on GABA receptors and is pretty tolerable. Low doses may cause a mild stimulant effect. It has addictive properties. On the upside it's available without a doctor note. Is a popular workout supplement. Sleep study?
  15. Another day another day! A super busy day!

  16. Congratulations Mr. Giggles! I think your cool and hope you stay with it Thank you
  17. I started cutting at 10. I had a lot of friends going through similar issues growing up and we always had each other there. We got older and self harm became really taboo, my peers got the help they needed or just moved on. They where always there for me when I needed someone to talk with or back me up. The longest stretch without self harming was when I was consuming cannabis and staying close with my friends. Years have gone by and all of that is gone. I've been sober from pot for 5+ years. The people I would rely on for support I kind of pushed away. Wanting so bad to be "normal' that I'd act nothing ever happened or emotionally detached when I would bump into them. All the therapy and psychiatric medicine hasn't helped with the urges to cut. It's really hard for me to talk about all of this. It haunts me every day. I want to stop. Fall and winter are on their way, long sleeves and pants have been my best friend... I haven't harmed for month and it's been tough. Is there anyone else out there who can relate?
  18. Chilling with the children. Just fed everyone dinner and all! Chicken and sweet potatoes with rolos for dessert.

    This is the only social media I use/have so that's gunna be that! Had a good day today and hope everyone had a good one too.


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