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  1. In East Tennessee, it's balmy and sunny. Hot, but not unbearably. We're all eagerly awaiting the rain from Florence..everyone on the coast please stay safe!!
  2. Tricky buggers! I'm very new to psychiatric medicine so I'm trying to learn all I can from research (and the help of these forums). Did those symptoms ever decrease for you on their own or did you have to adjust your amount of Seroquel (or quit it entirely) to bring your heart back to normal? So far it seems to be doing much more good than harm, but for right now one of my triggers (re: the hypochondria specifically) is rapid heart rate. I start questioning my heart health and getting panicked even if there's no real cause for concern. I know I can "unlearn" or at least minimize triggers over time, but I wanna keep my heart healthy too. P.S: I did end up calling my prescribing doc (who's also my GP), to get more information and see if we should change anything up or if this is normal, so waiting on a callback there. Hearing folks anecdotal experiences helps a ton too though.
  3. Very true, ultimately why I sought out therapy and eventually medicine. I could only do so much on my own. I definitely feel you on doing things you regret and the familiarity of the unhealthy..hang in there and don't beat yourself over the head for what you've done and how you coped in the moment. Relapses are sometimes (and often I find) a part of recovery! <3
  4. Forlorn about my romantic relationship matters + the fact I have very little friends, anxious about how my body is reacting to new medicine; but also better than normal. Way less emotionally volatile, which is great! The depression doesn't feel so deep, nor do I feel like I'm on the edge of hypomania for now. Kinda wondering if starting medicine was worth it, if therapy has been worth it (or if I couldve improved more on my own had I somehow "fought harder")..pensive and introspective I guess. I just hope everything helps and it doesn't get worse, yanno?
  5. Second post on this forum (woohoo!), but, I was wondering if anyone has any advice for smoothing out a relationship between two bipolar people. My fiance and I have been together for nearly three years now, engaged for almost two of those years, we're both under the age of 25 (but over 18), we live together, and we're both bipolar. She has Type I and I'm just recently diagnosed Type II. Both our diagnosis(es?) have been in the past year, and we've both been trying medicines (her first, then me as my dx came months after); she is presently unmedicated. We both see the same psychologist but different prescribing doctors/GPs. We do not presently do any sort of couples therapy, our therapy sessions are separate and confidential. Our relationship in all it's years has always had very rough spots that we stick out because we genuinely love each other and care for one another, and want to see each other grow/be apart of each other's lives. However, our MIs (bipolar, ptsd, possible schizo-spect disorder on our end) have nearly ripped us apart for good many times. We took an almost month long break after our most recent big falling out, out of desperation to try and amend ourselves and our relationship. Being apart for a bit seemed to help, but we seem to have fallen right back into the "cycle" of our relationship. The extreme highs and lows that are no doubt also attributed to our bipolar. Does any have any words of wisdom or advice to think about/keep in mind when trying to keep the relationship afloat? We genuinely do love and care for one another and want to make what we have at our best work. It just seems to get more and more difficult. Hopefully meds will help even us out, we know we need to work on ourselves to help the relationship. Anything is much appreciated! -P
  6. Hi all! I'm brand spanking new to the forums and I already have a question..is it normal for one's resting heart rate to steadily increase while starting Seroquel? Or should I be concerned? I'll admit I'm a bit anxious of it, though being a hypochondriac certainly doesn't help. I think I freaked myself out a bit today reading about how it can cause long QT syndrome and such. My FitBit (god bless that little watch) has tracked my heart rate steadily increasing since I began taking it (9/8/18), and I take half of a 25mg pill (so about 13mg) nightly before bed. I'm 5'8 and hovering around 108-111 lbs. Yes, I'm very underweight and that's actually part of why my doctor prescribed Seroquel, so it could help me gain weight (and raise my blood pressure). If it matters any, my only non-MI related diagnosis is ulcerative colitis, and I've been fighting that battle for ~2-3 years before it's finally recently gone into remission (before the Seroquel). I take no other medications at all and only supplement with a mild daily multi-vitamin. From previous tests my heart has been perfectly healthy, and my electrolytes/blood work have come back normal. Normal RHR for me is in the mid 60's to low 70's. Highest recorded RHR on my FitBit so far is 77bpm. I'm aware this is still perfectly within normal range, but isn't my body's normal. So just trying to gauge when/if I should be worried and talk to my doctor or ride it out. Seems like even the slightest of physical exertion shoots my heart rate into 100+bpm. Thanks much!! -P
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