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  1. I read a lot about anhedonia (something that i suffer) from narshe81 and spokety and I would love to know if they are active now or not in this forum, They are agaisnt antipsychotics (something that ruined my life)
  2. More or less, I told him I was having anhedonia and he said it's normal and it was negative symptoms of psychosis. But I don't believe it because as soon as I took risperidone, I felt anhedonia
  3. I don't know but it is maybe because it's standard recovery time that they consider for a psychosis. Even without being psychotic, I was tired, so maybe it is that. Yes, and akineton because of movement disorder
  4. Hi, I had a first episode of psychosis 4 months ago. I was hospitalized for 1 month and my pdoc prescribed 4mg of Risperidone. Since then, my life seems like nothing. I believe risperidone caused me to be completely flat and i don't feel pleasure as before(anhedonia). I feel no enthusiasm and I don't want to do anything. Even my old hobbies are boring now. I sleep 12h per day and my mental abilities like memory and attention are really affected. My episode of psychosis only lasted 3 days and it was triggered by a very stressful situation Is there hope for a recovery? Someone here who feels the same thing as me? Is it Risperidone fault and I should taper off this evil med?
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