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  1. Is it possible that it could calm my extreme OCD (pure o) and anxiety? Or would it likely make it worse? I also have very very bad insomnia (which I believe is the catalyst to most of my symptoms) Seems like a strange medication to prescribe someone with my symptoms, but I have tried virtually everything and nothing helps. My body is ass backwards. The narcolepsy medication Xyrem (date rape drug) didn’t even make me sleep and caused severe anxiety. I even tried chloral hydrate which didn’t put me out either. I have no idea what is going on with me. Doctors are stumped. I have tried both Adderall and Ritalin at very low doses. On both meds I was able to take a small nap during the day, which was an odd but welcomed effect for me (which makes me think there was ‘something’ to it), but did not help me sleep at night. After trying both, on different occasions, I had to give up after several days as the OCD and other unwanted effects became too strong. Im very sensitive to medications, even at minuscule doses. I was going to pick up the nuvigil today to try tomorrow morning, but found out Costco pharmacy is closed on sundays. I’ve read that provigil and nuvigil both work on dopamine receptors..?? When I tried OTC l-dopa, I went off the rails. I am easily thrown into medication induced mania, irritability and raciness. I’m at a loss?
  2. Does nuvigil and provigil work similar to amphetamine/stimulanteds like Ritalin and Adderall for people with ADD/ADHD? Does it tend to calm them down in a similar way?
  3. So the doctors office called today and apparently they don’t make a 50 mg provigil pill here in the US. They decided to call in 50 mg nuvigil instead. I’m hoping it is more smooth as you had mentioned. The last thing I need/want is to feel manic, anxious, jittery or crazy. I just can’t wrap my head around trying this medication. The only thing that I can think is because I’m paradoxical to everything, maybe I’ll be paradoxical to this. I think my biggest worry is the length of time it stays in your system if it ends up spinning me out. Wish it had a shorter duration. From what I’ve read, it has a longer action than provigil and that was already long! ?
  4. No worries! I was worried before you wrote that! If I put all the a signature with all the meds I’ve tried it would be a mile long! Lol
  5. Seems that this is kind of his thought on it too. Out of the box, but it definitely sounds like a weird choice. I’m easily thrown into manic feelings from medications, so this worries me. Unfortunately nothing sedating has ever helped me? But trying this worries me.
  6. Hi everyone. I’ve been bouncing from one trial of medication to another for the past 4 1/2 years with adverse reactions. Nothing has helped. I just saw a new psychiatrist on Monday. An older gentleman who actually seemed to listen. He was also a longtime professor our local university. My symptoms are treatment resistant insomnia, chronic, severe anxiety, chronic derealization, ocd (pure o) racing, intrusive thoughts (often presenting as songs looping in my head, but a switch can also go off in my head where I obsessively think about something to the point of it driving me crazy) brain fog, depression. My body and brown simply will not turn off. I’m stuck in constant fight/flight. I believe the lack of sleep is the catalyst for most of this (all of this started after sudden onset of insomnia) Maybe it wouldn’t go away with sleep, but I know it would get better. My main goal is sleep, but seems unattainable after 4 1/2 years. I have tried every medication under the sun (well, mostly) The doctor decided to prescribe provigil (modafinil) which seems counterintuitive to me. He was clear that it could go either way. Possible that it could calm me down, possible that it could let me up and make my symptoms worse. Luckily for me, since I am highly sensitive to medication, he is quite conservative and said to only start with roughly 1/16 of a pill to see how I do. Wondering what your thoughts are on this given my symptoms? Seems counterintuitive...but maybe it will help. So confused.
  7. I hope so too cakepop. You’re in my prayers ? My derealization has been so bad too. I can’t stand it.
  8. I have exhausted all doctors regarding the insomnia. Nobody knows what to do with me I feel hopeless. I took 15 mg Nardil this morning at 7:30. I was up all night last night and tried to nap on the couch all morning after taking it, but couldn’t. I’ve had a massive migraine that started after I took the Nardil and had to take ibuprofen. It’s a little better now. I’m trying not to over analyze how I’m feeling, but it’s hard not to. I could feel when the medication hit me. That was pretty intense. I was very dizzy for a couple hours. It’s been 4 hours since I took it and am feeling better. Keeping my fingers crossed. I know it’s said that you won’t feel effects of these meds for weeks, but I’m so sensitive, I feel things right away. Hoping anxiety stays low and maybe I’ll get some sleep tonight ?
  9. This is where I am. I haven’t slept well (at all) since October 2014 which has put me into this state of constant derealization, brain fog, anxiety, panic and depression. Unfortunately all sleeping meds and benzos spin me out. My last hope is that Nardil with help. After that, I’m not sure what’s going to happen. Did you talk to the pdoc?
  10. This is great news! I’m so happy for you!! In theory anything that hits GABA sounds like exactly what I need, but in reality, I am concerned with this, as I have been paradoxical/adverse to anything that effects GABA, including benzos, GABA supplement, gabapentin etc. any thoughts on this? Again, this is awesome!!! I pray this happens for me. Sleep deprivation is my biggest problem. It intensifies all of my symptoms and causes terrible derealization (do you have this?) dizziness, brain fog, confusion, anxiety, depression, all of it. I will see how tonight goes and hopefully try Nardil in the morning. What have been your experiences from other psych meds? Which meds have you tired? God speed to you my friend! I pray you get back home with your family very soon ?
  11. I’m Scared of going completely off the deep end! I can’t find any information as to whether or not I can break the pill up. It has a hard shell.
  12. Thank you cakepop♥️ I’m trying to bring myself to take it. How are you doing?
  13. Thank you for your encouragement! I’m trying to bring myself to take it. I’m on day 21 off remeron and Zoloft. I have actually had a few “ok” days, which is contributing to my hesitation, but I’m far from optimal. I don’t know what has me so scared. Actually I do, PTSD from adverse/paradoxical reactions to medications.
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