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  1. Developed Tardive Dyskinesia while taking Nortriptyline two years ago, been suffering ever since. Embarassing in front of people I know, it starts the moment I wake up and doesn't stop until I put my head to rest at night. I use my tongue to suck on my gums from between the back of my teeth and suck on the back of my teeth and gums at the top of back teeth, I also suck the front of my teeth right up to the top and suck on the gumline. The more anxious I am the more exacerbating the problem is, the sucking draws a liquid from my gums that gives me canker sores on my tongue, I get sore cheeks from the sucking movement and the roof of my mouth gets sore and raw-- often it's really bad and my mouth is burning. The more stress/anxiety the worse the symptoms.
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