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  1. Wish I had never taken them. The tolerance is basically permanent along with your dopamine receptors getting desensitized more and more. So far I have tried taking L Dopa (sometimes) and recently started “wild green oat extract” which is an MAO B inhibitor (which involves breakdown of dopamine) but only felt results for a couple of days, then they went away. I will continue to try the “natural” MAO B inhibitor I am taking the min dose. I felt it super strong the first day but it faded. I also don’t like the idea of taking anything long term that involves the dopamine system. Tried Wel
  2. I wasn’t trying to sound hostile, my bad, I was just very surprised. Once you mentioned trying 90mg to 120mg (that’s way above the max daily dosage) I figured I had to ask. I actually have taken these meds for 11 years now - Adderall, Dexedrine, Ritalin, basically all the ADHD meds. Enough to basically DESTROY my entire dopamine system. Now I have a “milder” form of Anhedonia since I have stopped taking these meds, after 10 years or so. Zero motivation, hardly able to feel pleasure or happy, almost complete apathy. I did stop taking them cold turkey for 10+ months now and am STILL
  3. Wait, what? You have NEVER taken anything similar to Adderall before, and yet you are hardly feeling anything from up to 60mg?! Those meds have VERY potent effects on the dopamine system, and you felt almost nothing? Just drinking less coffee? You should have had an immediate response after a single dose or two. Having no response probably means your dopamine system is normal, so why take something to stimulate it (among many other things it stimulates) What are you even taking it for, ADHD or depression? Going up on the dosage is a terrible idea from the info in your above post.
  4. I got chills, feels like my skin is crawling sometimes, and feel weird in general. It feels similar to when I had to get off pain meds (high dose and long term) but obviously 50 times milder. Only a few things remind me of it such as the chills. BUT MY MOOD WAS/IS BETTER? Odd. I also noticed that cigarettes (something I have smoked on and off for 10+ years) actually boosted my mood. Never in my life have I felt such an insane buzz from a simple cigarette... What the heck. Also I have taken mirtizapine for so long I lost track. MINIMUM of 5 years nightly if not longer. Th
  5. So I see the half life is 20-40 hours and was wondering how I experience withdrawal if I miss one dose. Sleep is beyond impossible missing one dose. I have run out a few times recently and EVERY single time I miss a dose I do not sleep AT ALL. My insurance no longer covers it so had some issues filling it... I can feel so tired but my body/brain refuses to shut down. I also take Trazadone and Clonzepam at night so even if I take slightly higher doses of either to try and make up for the missed mirtazapine - nope still get zero sleep. I don’t understand this. Everything I rea
  6. So what are the differences from taking 0.5mg to 1.0mg? I thought I read something say that the D2 blocking becomes higher going from 0.5mg to 1.0mg? I also thought I heard that quite a few things change depending on the dose. For example: does Rexulti’s partial agonist actions on 5HT1a become stronger or weaker depending on the dose? What about D2? Or the dopamine system in general does Rexulti become more of an “anti dopamine” med at higher doses and a “partial dopamine booster” at lower dosages? If so what dosages? I know that’s not the proper wording so another way to say it, I
  7. Yeah, I was surprised to hear him say it’s a “night time only med” when I swore I read a lot of people take it in the morning... I’m really not sure why he said that. Anyone else who takes it please let me know when you take it! If majority of people take it in morning I will probably try that first when I start the medicine in a couple days.
  8. My doctor is starting me on 0.5mg Rexulti, and told me it was a night time only medicine. I thought I read many people here take it in the morning? I originally thought I was going to take it in the morning until he said that. So I’m just curious for those who take it: do you take it in the morning or at night?
  9. I have read a lot of good things about Rexulti here and was wondering if anyone could explain if it has “extra” mechanisms of action(s) that other AAP’s don’t have. Like I see on their website it list it as an add on for depression and is FDA approved for that. Most others don’t have approval for that such as Risperidone. I also read people here saying it reduces their flight or fight response and has helped them a lot for anxiety. So now I’m really curious about this med. Is Rexulti more potent then most AAPS adrenergic receptors perhaps to help anxiety? Basically what does Rexulti do
  10. I had a similar experience on my first dose of Paxil - felt more talkative, happy, etc. It lasted only for a few hours though. Also happened on very first dose of Wellbutrin which lasted only a couple of hours. SSRIS actually start to work (not therapeutic wise) within 30 minutes or so. I remember reading a study or article that showed they started to reuptake serotonin as soon as the medication was absorbed - so about 30 to 60 minutes. So some of us might feel the medicine immediately, even if it’s only reuptaking (for example) say 5% of serotonin after one dose (vs the avera
  11. Also found this on drugbank website that explains how Risperidone works: The primary action of risperidone is to decrease dopaminergic and serotonergic pathway activity in the brain, therefore decreasing symptoms of schizophrenia and mood disorders [3, 4, 11]. Risperidone has high affinity binding to serotonergic 5-HT2A receptors versus dopaminergic D2 receptors in the brain [2, 3]. Risperidone binds the D2 receptors with lower affinity than the traditional, first generation antipsychotic drugs, which bind with very high affinity. A reduction in extrapyramidal symptoms in Risp
  12. Are you still taking Risperidone? If so any update if it’s working? I’m debating trying it twice daily (once in morning and once at night) as I wonder if by the time I wake up a lot of it’s effects maybe have worn off. I felt like 2mg was blocking “too much dopamine” as it seemed to weaken my ADHD med Ritalin quite significantly. Ritalin helps with energy/focus/motivation/attention/etc for me, but if I increased the Risperidone dosage it would weaken those Ritalin effects. So I went back down to 1mg only. Does anyone think it would be a good idea to take Risperidone twice
  13. My doctor had me on 16mg and up to 20mg at one point. I had such a high tolerance and he kept upping my dose. Then he switched me from 18mg Clonzepam daily to 30mg of Dizepam daily. He also decided to go on vacation right after for a month or so. Which 18mg clonzepam (PER DAY) is equal to 270mg Dizepam (PER DAY) according to one conversion chart. So yeah, I had terrible withdrawals and ended up in the hospital, which they wrote me a script for 5mg Dizepam every 8 hours, so I was back to hospital in a couple days..... It was a mess. But the OP only takes 2mg daily and pla
  14. Yup, you’re right my experience is very rare and everyone’s situation is different. I used a horrible choice of words. Benzos (like clonzepam) do work wonders for anxiety. So for the OP my only advice (personally not a doctor) is to try to take the lowest dose possible of Benzos. So instead of the doctor being worried about 50mg being too high a dose of Seroquel I personally think the doctor should be more concerned about the lowest possible dose of Benzos. But it seems the OP isn’t on high dose Benzos which is good. Sorry OP, I for some reason thought you were taking a much higher
  15. Edit: bad way to say it. I’m a rare case just try to keep Benzo dose as low as possible. But like others said maybe just stick to 50mg Seroquel . That’s still a VERY VERY low dose.
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