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  1. Dear sming, Sorry to jump in here...I noticed you mentioned the derealization, feelings of terror, impending doom, and visual symptoms. I have similar feelings of horror/terror, feeling like I can't accept my current reality or tolerate the way I'm feeling, impending doom, etc. Do you happen to know what this set of symptoms is related to? It seems only a few of us experience this within depression. Do you think it's "just" depression, or is it depression plus something else? Could it be part of OCD? (I have that also.) My pdocs look at me like I'm an alien when I try to describe th
  2. I wish you the best...please keep us posted.
  3. I'm really sorry to hear that. I hope you have some choices to potentially help. I'm sorry. I hope for all of us we can find some answers.
  4. Does anyone find that stimulants are helpful in treating depression? Is is only in the short-term or can you take them long-term? Does anyone do stimulant monotherapy or do you take the stimulant in addition to other meds? Thank you!!
  5. Sorry you weren't feeling well. If you get a chance can you let me know the type of ketamine (injection, infusion, nasal spray) and if Medicare paid? I'm so confused about the different options. Thanks so much!!
  6. Sorry, just want to make sure I understand...when you mentioned that SSDI covers the ketamine injections, do you mean Medicare covers it? I'm on Medicare, being on SSDI, and I don't see any way of affording esketamine IV treatment or the Spravato nasal spray. (The clinic treatments that cost hundreds of dollars.) But is what you are doing something different using the basic ketamine? Thank you for any help!
  7. Hi, sorry to jump in but it was mentioned that Rexulti can help with rumination--is this referring to the ruminating that goes along with depression? Or is there a different type of rumination that accompanies bipolar? (Sorry, it's a newbie question.)
  8. Thank you for your reply. Yes, I'm just trying to find out if they are accepting new patients. I have privacy concerns for both my insurance information as well as my medical history. Thanks for your feedback on this.
  9. Thank you for your reply! I have also filled out insurance information in advance prior to an appointment....but these requests are before they have even agreed to see me for a consult. They haven't scheduled me or even agreed to see me as a patient.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm currently looking for a therapist and not having much luck. I'm still trying. But I also ran into a couple of things and I'm wondering if you guys think these are weird or if they are normal: --therapist who wants your insurance card scanned both sides and e-mailed to them before first appointment --clinic that says they have gotten very busy with requests for new appointments so they put up an online questionnaire for you to fill out if you are interested. You're supposed to fill in what you're looking for, your insurance, those are OK I guess (?), but then the
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