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  1. I posted in January about my issues with insomnia. Just thought I would update this in case anyone else is going through this. It was the Zyprexa that was the problem. I tapered off that and my pdoc had me start on Trazodone and restart my Seroquel. The Trazodone has been fabulous, but I'm back to my least favorite Seroquel side effect, bad dreams. So the next move is to try a different AP. Not sure what that'll be as I don't have my next appointment till this coming Thursday. Thanks to everyone for your concern and help.
  2. I usually take it about half an hour before I go to bed. Seroquel doped me up so much that I would conk out (for a while, till the sugar cravings hit) pretty much right away. So not feeling knocked out is almost a new experience for me. I haven't had a lot of the side effects of Zyprexa that people talk about. No sleepiness, no hunger, no weight gain. Sometimes that kind of scares me because it makes me wonder if it's actually doing anything! I'll see what my doc says and hopefully it's good news. Thanks for responding!
  3. Hi all! So I was on Seroquel for many years, then it stopped working. My pdoc transitioned me over to Zyprexa. It took several months to wean off the Seroquel, and I've been totally Seroquel-free for about 2 weeks now. I'm noticing that despite what "everyone" says, Zyprexa doesn't conk me out at bedtime. Matter of fact I can lie there for hours without falling asleep. I'm taking 10 mg of Zyprexa plus 2 mg of Ativan. I've been taking the Ativan for years to help with my Seroquel-induced nightmares, so that's not a new med for me. Has anyone else experienced trouble sleeping with Zyprexa, or am I just the oddball? Or hasn't it completely kicked in yet? Or is my body still adjusting to life without Seroquel? I'm seeing my pdoc next week and of course I'm going to bring this up with her. Meantime, do you guys have any input? Thanks, and happy new year!
  4. So we've been friends since the seventh grade. (About 40 years.) We've always been friends, but she has always had a "difficult" personality. She's extremely picky and fussy about everything, and she corrects people constantly (but in a very passive-aggressive way) and has a very irritating way of whining/snapping out when she's put out of sorts. So why are we still friends? Because we're both into a lot of the same things. Writing, creativity, baseball, music, etc. We're both offbeat people, both "different". But lately she's become so difficult to be with, that I find myself not wanting to deal with her. Friday we went to an event at a nearby winery. In the 2 hours we were there she managed to (passively-aggressively, mind you) criticize everything from the way I shut my car doors to how I held my wine glass. It was all too much. I found myself lying to her about what days I have off around Christmas, so I can avoid spending time with her. Don't suggest I broach this subject with her. It won't work. We have a mutual friend who has also begun avoiding the difficult friend, but the difficult friend doesn't get what's going on and is always complaining about how the mutual friend "procrastinates" when getting back to her and then makes lame excuses for not spending more time with her. She won't understand. And if I said I just need a break, she wouldn't get that either. Being brutally honest--telling her she's just like her mom, whom she hates--won't help anything. Sorry this is so long. TL:DR: friend has become impossible to deal with. Should I break up with her? Can I do that without hurting her?
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