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  1. @browri: Please let us know how the new regimen works for you. I'll do the same. Thanks for replying. Some Harvard Med School doc said that COVID was going to be over by the end of April. I'm ready.
  2. I've been taking sr100bupoprion + 15mirtazepine for about two years now, and although they worked reasonably well at first, my depression is back. I've got a pdoc appt coming up in a few weeks, and I'm going to ask her about boosting the bupoprion to the xr150 dose (from sr100) and maybe up the mirtazepine to 30. The whole Covid thing has me down, like it has a lot of people. I haven't been able to see my family in Chicago for most of a year. I know it's depression because I'm just not enjoying things I used to. When I first went on bupoprion it was xr300 and made me half-nuts with anxiety. He
  3. I've been meaning to mention this here for a long time. I've taken Belsomra since 2015. It does work, and I never got tolerance to it like I got with Ambien after a couple of years. It doesn't make me sleep as soundly as Ambien or benzos, but I also read somewhere that the the sleep is more natural. I'll take what I can get. What I wanted to say here is that it affected my dreams in a weird way: My dreams are now full of people. I'm not prone to nightmares, and Belsomra never gave me nightmares. What I used to dream about was wandering around in weird places and alien landscapes, every so ofte
  4. I got an APAP machine awhile back. It's a fancy CPAP that somehow adapts to your breathing patterns, or something. I'm a shitty sleeper, and the mask keeps me awake even though I was on Ambien and clonazepam. Pdoc put me on Belsomra instead of Ambien, and that's been better. I don't get 8 hours, though. 7 if I'm lucky. The current test is melatonin 5 mg gummies 2 hours before bedtime, then clonazepam .5 at bedtime, and Belsomra 20 the first time I wake up, which is usually midnight to 1. (Typical old guy bladder issues.) So far so good. Belsomra is expensive. It was only possible for me b
  5. I tried Sonata years ago. It's a sleep maintenance drug, for when you wake up at 2 ayem and can't fall back asleep. It works and works fast, but only kept me asleep for an hour or so. It was expensive at the time, so I dropped it. Kind of like short-acting Ambien in its effects.
  6. I get 6-7 hours depending on what drug combo I'm taking. When I luck out and sleep for 8 hours, I feel great. Less than that, and I'm sluggish if functional. My real problem now is that I just got an APAP machine, and the mask tends to keep me awake. Still working on that.
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