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  1. Thanks yes with the Wellbutrin I don’t feel much activation honestly I’m mainly exhausted and before needed bunches of caffeine just to make it through the day so I’m just gonna take it one step at a time I do believe she is going to completely remove the Wellbutrin because I legitimately feel nothing from it.
  2. Yea the Wellbutrin seems to do nothing for me except make me aggressive at 450mg. I will be keeping the lamictal at least for now because I think it works somewhat and she sees no issue with it so we can focus on the other issues but at a later date she may circle back. We went with adderall so if at a later date I need something that lasts longer we can try and get an auth from the insurance for Vyvanse. The Zoloft I suggested because I heard it was good but she also mentioned like Prozac and things of that nature.
  3. Went to the new psych finally. she believes I have terrible adhd and the symptoms the previous docs thought were hypomania were actually adhd symptoms. She’s in the fence if she agrees about my bipolar diagnosis. she wants to make one change at a time so she added adderall xr 20mg the plan is to lower and most likely remove me from Wellbutrin and eventually replace the lexapro with another SSRI such as Zoloft. not sure if she is going to replace the Wellbutrin or not king road if experiments ahead.
  4. I have my issue lies in the availability of jobs such as that and I lack the empathy for most care jobs unfortunately. I do believe I would be great at sales but I think my anxiety is my Achilles heel and plan to test it when I get balanced my job struggles have been for years but I only have recently realized and been diagnosed GaD and OCD I didn’t know I had been having anxiety and panic attacks previous.
  5. Hey y’all I am diagnosed bipolar 2 GAD and OCD and having issues keeping a job sometimes I can keep it for as much as a year but eventually it gets harder and harder to go to work and I dread it while I’m there then I start calling out and eventually either quit or stop showing up. I can’t explain why I do it and no matter what I’ve tried once I hit that point I’ve never been able to keep the job even with CBT and meds. The worst are sales jobs or jobs with long hours at first I’m able to grab the phone and be real into the job but as time goes on I can’t bring myself to pick up the phone or follow up and honestly eventually fake working just to keep it as long as possible before I quit but can’t bring myself to actually speak with anyone. None of it makes sense to me. anyone have any similar stories with jobs? I kinda have to figure this out.
  6. I know that seroquel and abilify are huge absolutely nots for me. Seroquel knocks me out even got a job random drug test pulled on me because they thought I was messed up. Abilify completely ruined my ability to think it was terrible. I’m thinking antipsychotics aren’t my thing. lamictal I have been on off and on ever since I was diagnosed it seems to work for me. I honestly haven’t played with too many meds compared to most of you. Mainly have stuck with lamictal and Wellbutrin. Ive only recently been diagnosed with the anxiety and OCD and the lexapro is my most recent med. my original diagnosis 12 or 13 years ago was adhd with something moods I can’t remember what they called it and then when I got older after I messed up and stopped seeing psychs for a bit and went back my ADHD plus diagnosis was pushed aside for a bipolar 2 diagnosis. side note turns out my psych doctor is really gonna be changing soon I got fired yesterday apparently I don’t make a very good teacher like I thought I did. I made it a month and a half but I am sad because this is the first time I have ever been fired. so I am on the job hunt luckily have some left over refills of my current meds so may be able to limp by until things shake out. But unfortunately won’t be able to get the help I really need until things figure out. the psych I go to when I don’t have insurance or am broke or between jobs is a sliding fee scale one and a part of a group that also does substance abuse issues so it really limits the meds they are willing to try or prescribe. That is another reason I have to find a new psych before I can really test anything. so fun times hopefully I’ll figure something out since I can’t really afford to self pay almost 100 dollars a visit plus meds to see a different doc
  7. Cannot wait to talk to the new doc I wish it would hurry up unfortunately I’ve had some bad temper days and still lack in energy and motivation even with lowering my medicine. For my doctoral work I’m completely dependent on coffee and nicotine otherwise nothing gets done. Not feeling quite myself it’s strange I would say I feel unstable not dangerous or otherwise more so just not where I need to be. Boy wouldn’t this be easier if picking a med was as easy a choice as Tylenol or ibuprofen.
  8. Next day in the saga unfortunately I had to drop back to the 300mg Wellbutrin at least for testing because I already have a mean temper occasionally but I was mad at every little thing and not just annoyed but angry even my wife noticed. so now I’m currently doing wellbutrin xl 300mg lamictal 150mg lexapro 10mg. eventually going to talk to my doctor but my insurance has changed so that changes things but adhd discussion is first order of business but until then coffee and nicotine bandaid.
  9. More to add my dr had told me I can adjust my lexapro up and down from 10mg as I needed. That being said after having a couple days of some motivation no insane hunger and less sleepiness I decided since my lamictal is cut in half let’s try going back up to 20mg lexapro and see if there is a difference so I can figure out what medicine is causing my issues. results were hunger didn’t come back I honestly almost forgot to eat because I was busy. No real extra tiredness. Kind of motivated. The worst part and reason I’m going back down to 10mg is I felt strange kind of like edgy not particularly angry but not particularly patient and way more anxious than normal. So just my thoughts. I also had to sit down and write my next paper for my doctorate last night needless to say summoning up the focus and the will is rough so I did what I always do for school work I made coffee drank half a pot and practically chain smoked while listening to music so loud I couldn’t hear anything else and was able to finish it in 3 hours. Only issue is then I was up 1.5 hours longer than I wanted to be courtesy of the coffee. the more I look at how I’ve always done school work the more I think maybe I am at least ADD self medicating with coffee and nicotine and using loud music to block out other distractions.
  10. Based on some googling If my doc is thinking stimulants I’m kinda tempted by vyvanse with my lamictal from what I have been reading although my lamictal is down to 150mg now like the doctor wanted to try and I don’t feel quite so bad. Only had a half pot of coffee this morning.
  11. Quietly, my wife was on trintillex for a short time didn’t do anything for her post partum but I may have to talk to the doc about it. Also don’t get me wrong I never sleep 12-13 hours more so I make myself get out of bed and spend the rest of the day after a pot of coffee dreaming about the bed yawning and trying to keep my eyes open. On the weekends though I do occasionally squeeze in a two hour nap. Mikl, thanks for the info it has been 10 years since my last head injury and I have practically lived on caffeine pretty much since when I was 12 minus the times I was on stimulants. And I’ve lived on nicotine with the caffeine for about 10 years now. I plan to bring it up to the doc next visit considering I haven’t mentioned it. I think one time I googled about dopamine and had a lot of the symptoms of low dopamine even on my meds but I’ll have to check again and discuss with my doctor. side note I am amazed that I’ve been on 450mg of Wellbutrin for a very short time with full pots of coffee and haven’t experienced racing heart or extreme agitation occasionally my hands will barely shake but they have been doing that for years but honestly you can’t really even tell I have that much “activating” stuff going on. thanks for the thoughts I was just so glad last night to finally eat like a normal person again the amount of food I had to eat to not be crazy hungry was insane and it’s not lack of water because I drink about a gallon a day.
  12. Interesting the lexapro has two good things going for it it helps with the anxiety and counteracts the SD the Wellbutrin gives me interesting this is my second day on 450xl Wellbutrin I took it this morning with my 10mg lexapro but I had taken my lamictal last night around nine ish because I thought it was making me tired and about an hour and a half a go I completely forgot about being hungry. It was strange. Im loving the opinions and stories I hope people contribute more I’ve had the issues for a very long time but haven’t really tried very many different things and my rock has always been caffeine and nicotine as long as I had those two even unmediated I could pretty well function and forget trying to work on my doctoral assignments without another pot of coffee and some nicotine I won’t even be able to open the laptop. No epilepsy around the time I was on adderall I was jumped in the neighborhood and had my head stomped on 5 times my neurologist said there was no damage but my old psychiatrist was afraid saying my seizure threshold is lowered for my couple of knocks on the head. although I have a new psychiatrist now who doesn’t seem to spend every minute covering his ass like the other one so I may bring it up again I honestly had forgotten about my ADHD diagnosis til I posted. That was my first ever diagnosis
  13. Interesting I was great when I was younger on my adderall I thought they took it away because they were concerned about seizures
  14. I mean it might be working I’m not honestly positive like I said I’m still sleepy even after an entire pot of coffee. And we have discussed it but thus far we are playing with dosages we just adjusted up my Wellbutrin and down my lamictal and lexapro and seeing what happens. And my family takes Wellbutrin and experiences that as well but I don’t find it typically stimulating for me. I’m just not sure what I’m supposed to feel honestly. I mean I don’t feel terrible but I have junky stuff going on in my opinion. I just want my dang motivation and energy back and to be able to lose weight I’m so sick of my weight.
  15. Wellbutrin xl 450mg antidepressant lamictal 200mg mood stabilizer lexapro 10 mg anxiety and obsessive thoughts
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