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  1. I take the Latuda with food it's simply not doing its job. I'm on so much depakote because it has help a lot with my impulsivity and hostility. One of my favorite meds! The high dose of effexor is mainly for crippling anxiety and OCD. Sadly OCD usually require the higher end of the AD doses. If anything has to go it's the Latuda. I'm interested in trying either Vraylar, rexulti or invega sustenna Question? How well does Rexulti work more mania because I haven't heard anything promising. Only for depression. As for the Lithium. I simply just didn't respond.
  2. I'm looking into trying invega sustenna because I've heard it's less sedating then risperdal has less sexual dysfunction and weight gain.
  3. I'm Schizoaffective bipolar type recently diagnosed. Previously was diagnosed Bipolar 1 w/psychotic features. Dx was mainly changed due the presence of catatonia, disorganization, voices and paranoia outside of mood and cognitive and negative symptoms. Sometimes I look more like a typical presentation of bipolar 1 hypersexuality, smoking, drinking talking fast, grandiose, reckless and other times I look more schizophrenic/ affective thought disorder, catatonia, mute and blank expression, homicidal ideation, paranoia, voices, delusions, mood incongruent psychosis. I don't think that the Latuda has enough of an antimanic effect on me. I'd be willing to try Seroquel XR again because it didn't make me as sleepy or hungry as the instant release version Geodon is off the table because I already struggle to get a 350 Cal snack with latuda once a day. 500 Cal twice a day just for meds would be hard. I like the idea of Vraylar but not so much rexulti because it failed phase 3 trials for bipolar mania and mixed states. I barely made a difference but my pdoc recently got samples of Vraylar so I might give that a shot. My PTSD is pretty much under control. The rage controlled by the depakote. Daytime symptoms controlled by CBD and effexor and nighttime by prazosin. The prazosin actually doesn't make me sleep which is why I'm on the trazodone still. Wellbutrin is also kinda off the table. I have very crippling anxiety. I have 5 anxiety disorders and Wellbutrin can make people kind of speedy. But I've also heard that it works well for bipolar folks because it quite stabilizing, I don't really understand how an antidepressant would be stabilizing for someone with my condition but I'm open to anything. It's also quite frequently as part of smoking/vaping cessation in combination with Nicotine Replacement Therapy Talking about Clozaril I was wondering if a combination of Seroquel XR and Vraylar would be a good option for me because Seroquel helped me in the past(not fully) but I was lithium and not depakote. Lithium was like a sugar pill for me. So maybe this time a around things will be different since I will be taking all XR with depakote. Would D2 and D3 partial agonism of Vraylar along with Seroquel be synergystic like the popular combination of Abilify and Seroquel?
  4. For the past 3 weeks I've been in a mixed episode. Consisting of depressed, agitated, angry and sometimes giddy mood. I'm talking fast, cutting myself, sleep later than usual and waking up late. I'm sexually acting out and chain smoking which are better than my other unhealthy behaviors such as getting blackout drunk and huffing air duster and whippets which I am in recovery from addiction to. I'm hearing voices 24/7 and am paranoid and am developing delusions. My Latuda was increased from 120mg to 160mg but that isn't helping. I'll leave a list of of meds I've tried and what I'm currently on. Failed meds Luvox Prozac Lithium Seroquel Abilify Trileptal Gabapentin I'm currently on Effexor XR 300mg OCD, PTSD, PD, SAD, GAD Depakote ER 3000mg blood level 92 for mania and mixed states Latuda 160mg mood and schizo part of schizoaffective Prazosin 7mg PTSD Trazodone 100-200mg sleep I have a med appointment on the 20th so any med suggestions would be helpful. Also antipsychotic wise I didn't have a bad reaction to zyprexa but even at 5 mg it was very sedating and this was given to me in the height of agitation in the hospital so I don't think that's a long term option Also benzodiapines arent an option for me because I'm in recovering from drug addiction and and alcohol and inhalants work very similarly in the brain to benzos so it would be very easy to get addicted and abuse I was also wondering would clozapine be an option for me since I have failed to have substantial reduction in symptoms from 3 antipsychotics. And I have been on antipsychotic polypharmacy.
  5. So I have been struggling with my schizoaffective more and more the past couple months while my current meds were enough to handle the episodes I was experiencing I still dealt with 3 day psychotic breaks triggered by stress and negative symptoms which are negatively impacting my ability to preform well academically. I feel as though I only get partially better but I've never returned to my true baseline. It's always something whether it's mania, depression, psychosis. The past couple of weeks have been manic and have been hallucinating daily. My doc increased my Latuda to 160mg and while being on it a couple of days my psychosis is a little better and the mania is gone I left dealing with negative symptoms and awaiting the return of psychosis. I was wondering on peoples experiences with using clozapine and it's effects on their negative symptoms, impulsivity, breath through psychosis etc. I've tried Abilify, Seroquel, And Seroquel XR so that's 2 that I've tried and I'm not getting full relief from my third. Effexor XR 300mg Depakote ER 3000mg Latuda 160mg Prazosin 4mg Trazodone 100mg I've tried Trileptal Lithium Seroquel Abilify Luvox Prozac
  6. Yes I do. I'm currently in DBT. It's helping a lot my issues eg. Borderline pd, substance abuse, anxiety, PTSD, and self harm Nothing else has kept me out of the mania and hypomania like depakote has so giving that up or lowering it really isn't on the table atm.
  7. I'm newly diagnosed with schizoaffective bipolar type. previously dx'd Bipolar 1 w/psychotic features. I've been struggling with negative symptoms that I always assumed were depression but I have realized that I wasn't sad I been just numbed. Since starting school in September I've had one psychotic episode that resolved completely but was followed by a depression that lasted about 1 month. Ever since the depression has been gone I still find myself feeling unmotivated, anhedonic, apathetic. My ability to complete school work is barely present. I can't think the way I used to and I find that I'm very sensitive to stress. My doctor says that the only treatment for negative and cognitive symptoms are the Latuda and effexor I'm already on at high doses. With my doctor's recommendation I recently started using full spectrum CBD oil with has helped with the anhedonia and stress but the lack of motivation and poor cognition are still a struggle. I take Effexor XR 300mg Latuda 120mg Depakote ER 3000mg Prazosin 4mg Trazodone 100mg Cannabidiol 180mg
  8. I wondering if anyone has tried gabapentin for anxiety and had any success. I want to give it another try because I only tried it for a week at a small dose. I tried it at 300mg three times a day(900mg) while I've seen people take it up 2400mg for anxiety. Any feedback would be great. Thanks
  9. I'm either schizoaffective bipolar type or bipolar 1 with psychotic features and I've been hearing voices and having paranoia for the past 3 weeks. My pdoc increased my latuda but I highly doubt it will help. Effexor XR 150mg Depkote ER 2250mg Latuda 120mg Trazodone 100mg I've tried Abilify and Seroquel. So that leaves Geodon, Zyprexa, Saphris, Vraylar, Rexulti, Risperdal, and Invega. I basically refuse try Saphris and Zyprexa because of the weight gain. Depakote has already made me gain a considerable amount of weight. I guess the Geodon is pretty similar to the latuda so that wouldnt be a first pick. I really lost right now and freaking out because I used to not notice the voices anymore but they just keep getting worse and worse and worse.
  10. Effexor XR 150mg Depakote ER 2250mg Latuda 100mg Trazodone 100mg Bipolar 1 with Psychotic features Rapid cycler and mixed hence depakote I was wondering what antipsychotics I could take with latuda or if it's worth trying a higher dose of latuda for depression. I was thinking of something along the lines of rexulti, vraylar or invega I can't take lamictal because my doc says I have to stop depakote if we try lamictal but depakote has helped me so much with mania. I've been paranoid and depressed for the past 2 weeks and it's getting worse every day that goes by. Latuda has helped a lot so I don't think it's wise to ditch it all together and I've basically maxed out all of my meds except the effexor which I cannot tolerate over 150mg.
  11. I still find myself very paranoid even when not having mood symptoms or mild ones at that is this what you meant by absence?
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