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  1. I wondering if anyone has tried gabapentin for anxiety and had any success. I want to give it another try because I only tried it for a week at a small dose. I tried it at 300mg three times a day(900mg) while I've seen people take it up 2400mg for anxiety. Any feedback would be great. Thanks
  2. Do you take it spread out 80 in the morning and 80 at night or 160 at night?
  3. I'm either schizoaffective bipolar type or bipolar 1 with psychotic features and I've been hearing voices and having paranoia for the past 3 weeks. My pdoc increased my latuda but I highly doubt it will help. Effexor XR 150mg Depkote ER 2250mg Latuda 120mg Trazodone 100mg I've tried Abilify and Seroquel. So that leaves Geodon, Zyprexa, Saphris, Vraylar, Rexulti, Risperdal, and Invega. I basically refuse try Saphris and Zyprexa because of the weight gain. Depakote has already made me gain a considerable amount of weight. I guess the Geodon is pretty similar to the latuda so that wouldnt be a first pick. I really lost right now and freaking out because I used to not notice the voices anymore but they just keep getting worse and worse and worse.
  4. Effexor XR 150mg Depakote ER 2250mg Latuda 100mg Trazodone 100mg Bipolar 1 with Psychotic features Rapid cycler and mixed hence depakote I was wondering what antipsychotics I could take with latuda or if it's worth trying a higher dose of latuda for depression. I was thinking of something along the lines of rexulti, vraylar or invega I can't take lamictal because my doc says I have to stop depakote if we try lamictal but depakote has helped me so much with mania. I've been paranoid and depressed for the past 2 weeks and it's getting worse every day that goes by. Latuda has helped a lot so I don't think it's wise to ditch it all together and I've basically maxed out all of my meds except the effexor which I cannot tolerate over 150mg.
  5. I still find myself very paranoid even when not having mood symptoms or mild ones at that is this what you meant by absence?
  6. I personally developed an addictions to inhalants at 13 and Alcohol at 15.
  7. I've reading many articles that debate the concept of bipolar with psychosis, schizoaffective bipolar type, and schizophrenia. They were talking about how bipolar disorder doesn't always follow the stereotypical manic, remit, depressed cycle especially in rapid cyclers or those who have prominent psychosis and if enough attention isnt paid to the diagnostic criteria and too much clinical judgement is put in then the patient may be wrongfully given the diagnosis of schizoaffective or schizophrenia instead bipolar with psychosis. They also said many of the schizophrenia "exclusive" symptoms catatonia, thought insertion, etc also happen in bipolar. I'm bipolar but have prominent psychosis to the point where every episode I've had with the past year involves some sort of delusion or hallucination. Based on some of the symptoms I've have. Disorganized thinking, cognitive problems, rapid deterioration someone might have diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. Food for thought
  8. I will think the reason my was related to psychosis was because I believed it was a certain person in the room with... Like a I had a delusion attached to the feeling
  9. I was wondering if anyone ever felt a presence in the room while they were in acute psychosis. To spare the long story, the presence I was feeling was linked to my delusion that a person I go go school with was deeply in love with me. I would feel his presence behind me when I was showering or when I closed my eyes. Or beside me when I was trying to rest. I would think comforting thought or hear things in my head that I thought were him. This all happened last August when I was in a mixed episode. I really feel weird when I talk about this stuff with my therapist because I feel like I'm the only one who's experienced it. I'm diagnosed w/ Bipolar 1 with psychotic features.
  10. 14: inhalants and self harm 15-16: inhalants, whippits, alcohol and self harm 16: nicotine vaping
  11. Latuda has helped me so much I'd hate to give up the progress that I've made with it. Would it be unwise to ask my pdoc rexulti and to possibly stay on latuda. My OCD is very bad too. I think I've had it all my life it's just that the obsessions and compulsions have changed. I believe this might also be contributing to my depression. Ability which is rexulti's cousin is used to augment antidepressants for OCD so maybe it it's worth a shot. I've heard the vraylar can help more with apathy, cognition, etc. Is this true or is this subjective to the person
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