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  1. Latuda has helped me so much I'd hate to give up the progress that I've made with it. Would it be unwise to ask my pdoc rexulti and to possibly stay on latuda. My OCD is very bad too. I think I've had it all my life it's just that the obsessions and compulsions have changed. I believe this might also be contributing to my depression. Ability which is rexulti's cousin is used to augment antidepressants for OCD so maybe it it's worth a shot. I've heard the vraylar can help more with apathy, cognition, etc. Is this true or is this subjective to the person
  2. I use a 20mg in the morning and 80mg at night. I honestly can't remember what effect gabapentin had on me because I was on some much Seroquel and only got to 900mg of gaba. I find that the higher dose of Latuda is more calming and helps significantly with psychosis and mania/ depression. I have thought about asking my pdoc for Rexulti. At this point my main issues are residual apathy/depression and anxiety/OCD. Do you take the Vyvanse for depression? If so has it helped you with the apathy, anhedonia, etc? I remember when the pdoc in the hospital thought I had ADHD he put me on low dose Ritalin and I finally felt like a cloud had been taken away. I don't feel that increasing any of my current meds would have any benefit since I'm not having any concrete epsiodes. It more like this low level simmering anxiety and depression.
  3. Diagnosis Bipolar 1 with psychotic features rapid cycling Generalized Anxiety Disorder OCD Borderline Personality Disorder
  4. I had been on Seroquel and Seroquel XR for about a year but the weight gain and sugar cravings and the fact it wasn't very effective made me go off of it.
  5. He said 5 pills of klonipin would would be all he would perscribe and at this point that isn't enough coverage but maybe if my daily anxiety managed better it could be enough
  6. My pdoc only perscribes daily benzos short-term or he does them prn
  7. Overall I've been pretty stable for the past couple of months and havn't had any Mania or severe depression and I am feel more stable. I still am struggling with some mild depression and anxiety and times where I feel gone from the world around me. Anybody have any creative ideas on how to deal with this. Thank you Current meds Effexor XR 150mg Depakote ER 2000mg Latuda 100mg Trazodone 100mg
  8. Overall I've been pretty stable for the past couple of months and havn't had any Mania or severe depression but I still am having pretty serious anxiety. I've asked my pdoc for Lyrica considering that I usually don't do well on antidepressants and have tried buspar, hydroxyzine and gabapentin with poor results. Effexor seems to be the only thing that has touched my anxiety but then going from 150mg which I'm on to 225mg could risk destabilizing me. He says he doesn't feel comfortable "using me as a guniea pig" for Lyrica. I really feel as if this could be the thing but I don't know. How should I approach this? Thanks Also any experiences on people being on Lyrica for anxiety would be helpful! Current meds Effexor XR 150mg Depakote ER 2500mg Latuda 100mg Trazodone 100mg
  9. I'm just wondering does anybody feel that they've experienced these symptoms. I didn't even know you could experience negative symptoms in bipolar disorder until very recently. I thought I was just depressed by looking back on it now I was just unmotivated and had a blunted affect. Feel free to share your experiences
  10. Has anyone taken ativan daily? Isn't it considered a short acting medication.
  11. I suffer from generalized anxiety, social anxiety, and intrusive thoughts. I've tried about all the non benzo options and am feeling stuck. I was wondering which benzos give the best around the clock coverage because I don't want to be constantly waiting for my next dose. I don't need a prn but I need something that will keep my baseline anxiety low. I've heard that Xanax IR kinda gives a peaks and valleys effect so maybe the XR would be a good option. Thanks
  12. I have bipolar disorder and anxiety and I was wondering what medications might help me sleep I've tried: Seroquel Vistraril Gabapentin Remeron Ambien IR Trazodone Melatonin My problems involve not being able to sleep, waking up through the early morning, and not feeling rested. I think it might take more that on medicine to make me fall asleep and keep me asleep. My main problem with the 100mg of trazodone is that it takes 1 1/2 hours after I take it to fall asleep and I still wake up throughout the night. I've tried 150mg and 200mg and it leaves a zombie till lunch time the next day I tried ambien for a month one time and the thing I liked about it was that it knock me out in 15mins or less but at the same time I was not dealing with the nightly awakenings I think maybe a Z drug like ambien IR or Lunesta combined with something like belsomra would be helpful. So that the ambien can knock me out and help me calm down and the belsomra can keep me asleep. There is always ambien CR Leave your thoughts down below. Lack of sleep makes my symptoms way worse so I feel as though I need to nip this in the bud
  13. Recently I've been going through a bad depressive episode and am experiencing a return of anxiety. I constantly worry, have panic attacks, and have intrusive thoughts. I have never been on benzodiazapines so any knowledge anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated. I feel as though I've tried many of "non addictive" options for anxiety and sleep, seroquel, vistaril, buspar, SSRIs and SNRIs, trazodone, remeron, benadryl, etc that I feel that using benzos is justifiable. I kind of feel guilty at the thought of using daily benzos because I have an substance abuse history and I constantly keep telling myself I'm going to end up addicted even though I truly have no desire to abuse a medication. I've also been struggling with sleep, when manic and depressed, even when in a normal mood. I usually take my trazodone at 8:30pm and fall asleep by 9:30. If I forget I might as well just forget about sleeping at a reasonable hour. I usually wake up at 2-4 starting at 1am depending on the night. I notice I don't really like that antihistamine grogginess in the morning that I get from benadryl, seroquel, vistral, etc and more than 100mg of traz makes me a zombie in the morning For anxiety Lyrica Xanax XR Klonipin Valium For sleep Ambien CR Lunesta Restoril Belsomra I currently take depakote, latuda, effexor for my bipolar and anxiety disorders
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