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  1. I've been clenching my teeth for years, and it's never hurt me to bite things. Could there be a different reason for the pain? Because the only thing clenching my teeth does to me is (possibly) give me migraines.
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    This makes me feel better about the weather where I live.
  3. You know how everyone has a migraine threshold? Like, there's a certain amount of migraine triggers that you can handle, but too many and your brain goes "okay, we'll have a migraine on the count of three". Well, I started taking Topamax (Topiramate) and it was working really well for a while. I had 4-5 migraines a week before I started it, and that went down to 4-5 a month. I was about as happy as I would have been if I had gotten a pet kitten. (And let me tell you, there's little I want more than a pet kitten.) But then, my life exploded. My ex turned possessive, I turned someone down really badly, and I was also doing the basic things required of me in life. My biggest migraine trigger is stress. And Topamax, as heroically as it's fighting, is no match for how stressed I've been. My migraines are back, not as bad as they were before, but I'm sure they'll get there if I don't figure out a way to stop stressing. Any suggestions?
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