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  1. Try not to let them scare you (yes easier to be said than done). Yeah they sound like they ain't got better things to do.
  2. I never really cared about brexit. It is beyond my control. I actually never voted. There are going to be pros and cons to whether we stay or leave. Whatever. Everyone is an expert. I just don't care as it is way beyond my control.
  3. I never really got any help. I was referred to a therapist, but all they do is give you lame cliche advice like believe in yourself, bla bla bla.
  4. I used to have this problem. Now I just stare at people in the eye and feel like I have zoned out. I can tell it makes them feel nervous because they start to look away from me. Try looking at the their the gap between their eyes lol.
  5. Hi I'm new and I have issues. Not that I care that much about them. I'm harmless so yeah.?
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