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    Exercising, writing song lyrics and poems and trying my best to deal with this mania.
  1. Love the helicopter ! It is so much fun to fly.....just like driving fast. Until you crash unfortunately. This morning finds me building a website, Contemplating a music video Face-booking like a maniac I haven't slept in 3 days and I have no money to do anything I want. But at least I recognize that. However, I am sooooooo on my way up there. Actually, I'm pretty much there but still fighting for the wheel. I can only hope that I continue to be somewhat in control.
  2. I liken my day to day living with bipolar disorder and several other mental illnesses as being traveling down the road in the car with them, each fighting to take over the wheel. They never let me drive. Bipolar Mania speeds out of control at over 100 miles an hour, darting in and out of traffic, constantly distracted by billboards and the occasional sportscar, always out of control. Bipolar Disorder is always somewhere in the front seat. While driving recklessly, this disorder often gets pulled over or in an occasional accident. At that very moment my anxiety disorder kicks in. Gone
  3. Feeling Groovy

  4. I don't mind the word crazy very much. It has been used forever and people throw it around constantly so it doesn't actually offend me. I would much rather hear that then be told "You have a GAF Score of 35, how do you manage to funtion in public?" My nieces and nephews call me eccentric. I like to go with that.
  5. I'm so sorry to hear you aren't feeling well but must agree with the others. It would be best to call your Pdoc and let him/her know your status. I'm on Lamictal and have been for four years. You obviously need something so please call as soon as possible. Feel better and get back on your meds
  6. It wasn't until I underwent complex written testing at the local psych ward that I was re diagnosed from simply Bipolar I to that as well as GAD, PTSD, and ADHD. Without klonopin I can barely breath the anxiety is so bad.
  7. Thank you all so much for your advice,. You are absolutely right, my week is far too unstable for a blow by blow reenactment. It's a shame but it seems like each appointment day I'm manic and just never shut up. I have started a blog and think that might be a good way to note mood changes and just give him bullet points to find better coping skills. Thank you again
  8. I see my Psychotherapist once a week. During that period of time I have: 1) Gone from Hypomania to Mania to Depression. 2) Sent at least 2 emails I completely regret 3) Befriended everyone at every store within a mile of my home. 4) Gone on 3 shopping sprees 5) Talked so fast on the phone to my Psychiatrist that I think he hung up and I was still talking. 6) Crashed and stayed in bed for 2 days eating peanut m&m's and watching Lifetime Movies (ugh) So my question is............................... How on earth do you manage to cram in all these episodes (at least those you remem
  9. Constantly. I'm told I'm just plain unstable. The doctors have tried a multitude of Antipsychotic drugs and they just haven't worked. I've recently begun Saphris (again). I always take my meds and honestly I go from hypomanic to manic to depressed almost daily. If not daily, I cycle every few days. My doctor says I'm complicated.
  10. I've fallen and I can't get up...................................

    1. Gecko


      OMG I just saw your reponse....I'm so sorry for the delay in replying. I don't often post. Indeed I was speaking metaphorically. Ugly, nasty depression.... but no broken bones :-)

  11. Shopping, Shopping, Shopping! Giving things away Making Commitments
  12. Hypomanic, borderline manic..... not the fun stuff. ugh
  13. When seriously depressed I rarely laugh. However, my husband is wickedly sarcastic and been known to make me smile. If it weren't for him I would more than likely never get out of bed when depressed. But yes, I do occasionally laugh when depressed.
  14. Too Much Too Fast

  15. Thanks guys... And thank you Elvis for correcting my typo It will be interesting to see how it progresses. I'm certain there will be manic moments of posting followed by days of nothing due to depression. And isn't the name great? Sad, but great Best to all and thank you for this site as an outlet and resource.
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