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  1. I'm certainly getting a second opinion. I'm frustrated because she keeps on pushing DBT and I did DBT and it didn't help me much. I use the DBT skills and they don't do much. I just want to get better is all
  2. Minus the example of thinking faster yes. She says my euphoric moods are too often and too short (usually last between 3-7 days) The longest it lasted was like 2 and a half weeks according to my friends that ended when they put me on seroquel and stopped the antidepressant I was on. She has really been pushing bpd on me. I'm a difficult patient because I haven't been very respondent to antidepressants or even ECT. My depression is persistent and the longest period I've had without either depression or elevated mood was about a week and a half and i was psychotic during that period. non-depressed or non-euphoric i'd say is about 2 days in the past four years. I'm a little confused by the bpd diagnosis because I dont' have the interpersonal problems most people with bpd have. I have stable relationships with my friends and family and my romantic relationships aren't chaotic.
  3. I'm just wondering if others experience episodes of euphoria that last from a few days to a week. My psychiatrist says that my elevated episodes don't last long enough to be diagnosed bipolar and that they fit bpd instead. They usually, but not always, happen when my antipsychotic is changed or I'm put on an antipsychotic that is ineffective for me. Sometimes they happen when I get put on a new antidepressant but they have also happened just randomly. When I'm in a euphoric episode I experience a lot of energy when normally and literally can't sit still. I once had the police called on me when I was in my apartment because I was running back and forth for hours and making too much noise. I talk faster and think faster. Here is an example from a long time ago when I was really euphoric: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1K7ZKCLxSZOyIFp34OmoSVxoFQMBgDzTwekLXEnl8exg/edit?usp=sharing I also become really impulsive and spend all my money and get into casual sexual encounters and dont' use protection. I also get very little sleep and feel really hyper even when i only got 3-4 hours of sleep a night for days on sleeping meds. I once went almost a week in college before I was diagnosed without sleep. Does this happen for other people with bpd?
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