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  1. Holy crap lol that’s a lot of input. California rocket fuel = venlaflaxtine and mirtazapine. I’ll look at the rest when I can concentrate. I have a commercial driver license and any thing that’s a stimulant would make my license revoked. I’m going to give lamictal and gabapentin a little longer to see what happens. I see the dr in 3 weeks and get her opinion. Thanks for all the information!!
  2. I think I might try viibryd, mitzazapine or rameron. Do these have sexual side effects? I’ve also tried California rocket fuel???
  3. Depressed mood, anxiety, irritability, loss of happiness, loss of interest and decreased self confidence. I have taken a MAOI I don’t remember the name it was a couple years ago. I get a allergic reaction to Wellbutrin so that’s out. I’ve taken many snri’s , but never with Remeron. I can’t take any adhd meds because I get drug tested at work. Yes the only one I can remember is aripipazole.
  4. Sad= nervous and worry all time mad= just always in a bad mood even though I have no problems with money,wife or kids. ☹️
  5. I’m on lamictal 325 and gabapentin 300mg in the morning and 600 of gabapentin at bedtime. Two many to list the last one I was on was viibryd but that made me nauseous although I only took it for 4 days. Two many to list
  6. My problem is I’m sad/mad and idk what what will help?
  7. Don’t mind me asking, but What cocktail are you taking?
  8. 14 weeks. Just started 325 Thursday and hopefully it will start to work soon. Hoping to stay at 325mg
  9. I’m taking it for bipolar/depression. I’ve been on pretty much every antidepressant The only one that worked was Effexor at 250mg, but caused sexual side effects. I’m now seeing a new Dr. who thinks I have bipolar depression and I’m now up to 325mg of lamictal and it seems to not be working the only thing it’s doing is making me forget things?
  10. Anyone taking lamictal for depression, if so does it work, how long before it works and how much do you take
  11. I’m no longer on Prozac. I found a new Dr and she has me on Lamictal, so far so good!!
  12. Yes still stricken with anxiety. He said the recommended dose is 50mg daily. I f I take the 50 after about a week or so I get really bad anxiety and have to take almost 8mg of Ativan to feel ok.
  13. Well I’ve been on PRISTIQ for almost 3 months at 25 mg with no change, still feeling like crap in morning panicked, doom and gloom and for some reason I feel guilty 🤷🏻‍♂️ I tried 50mg for about a week and it made me feel worse. Should I just try to stick it out with 50mg or switch to viibryd? That and Paxil are the only ones I haven’t tried??
  14. I tried buspar with no luck. The dr put me on 25mg of pristiq today. Hopefully it will work just as good as Effexor, without the side effects.
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